What is this place?

This Blog is in loving memory of Sharon Marie Tate.

(January 24, 1943 – August 9, 1969) 

I have a pretty unicorn that I ride in the fall time. She’s also my math tutor. Her father once ‘drove’ my mother and I to the hospital. Which makes her sort-of-like my sister; Even though she was almost my mother. I bet no one in the history of all the world ever had a math tutor or Unicorn as pretty as mine. Never for the first and certainly not the second.

In fact I would be willing to bet, that even the smartest mathematician never even ‘got’ to keep a unicorn; let alone one that taught math. I am such a spoiled dummy, having my cake and eating everyone else’s too. And lining up for seconds…

I love riding her but sometimes she runs so fast we end up in another world. Just for while; Lucky for me its never for very long. Just long enough I guess… Just for a second.

For her to trample all the filth… and gore my enemies with her ivory tusks. To stamp and to crush. When she bites she doesn’t know how to let go. She is worse than any war horse and runs a mean streak 8 miles long. In less than a second.

Oh my lovely Unicorn, Oh my beautiful warhorse, my wicked witch of the west, my Queen of the South, no matter where in the ‘Shadow-front’ I lose myself, She is always there to sing the “song of the primes” and then I remember and I wake safe and sound in my bed, in less than a second. My favorite nightmare to dream…

Any second now; I’ll wake up.

-Starless Golightly


*The background picture is V838 Monocerotis in the Monoceros constellation.*