Hey Jewed Begin…

I just finished reading Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom which is alleged to have been written by Sylvia Plath. I had already been assured by Sylvia that it had been arranged to mislead its reader into a kind of false spiritual realization. I was actually warned before I ever bought the book not to trust it and after verifying who the mystery woman is at the very end of the story I am certain the writing has been hi-jacked by Orcs. Anyhow; I know this writing is not 100% hers because she pointed out this simple division that proves, at least to me, that the writing has been heavily distorted:


In English that is #Celia Sells Flowers totaled divided by #Ronald William Howard Jewish equals #Rune-Bearer totaled. I admit that the name Celia is never mentioned in the story but Hieroglyphs as well as Ron both are. There is also a distinct Northern theme through out this, all too brief writing and this fits with current themes in Americanized media wherein the ominous North has been constantly “villainized”. I site both Game Of Thrones as well as His Dark Materials as examples of this “Anti-North” propaganda which has clearly been designed to work against any realizations about climate change or Canada’s importance in the worlds future. All together its just way too timely and way too coincidental for the story to be authentically Sylvia’s. Ron Howard is the king of over-thinking as well as meddling and so this tells me that the context of this particular ‘Rune Bearer’ division has been Orchestrated and is either a binding spell intended to smoke-screen the Futhark or some other diversionary tactic intended to mislead. But I have already secretly known about the Futhark’s count for almost two years. I just haven’t felt like writing about it until the situation with Levi Cox.

Its not my intent to ruin any of Sylvia’s magick either because some of this writing is truly prophetic. I will always love Sylvia. I am only pointing out the very obvious alignments which indicate this writing has clearly been skewed toward some ill-fated subliminal program similar to what has already happened to Amy Winehouse’s work. Whats more is the story bares a strong resemblance to the narrative with in the Clams Casino video “I am God” which quite literally brings to life the likeness of Sylvia Plath and Celia Green as my two “Heavenly Creatures”; Mukey and Brie. And this was exactly the reason why I know the mystery woman’s name is intended to be Celia. Ron Howard is obviously attempting to force his own closed lesbian loop on me by hi-jacking Sylvia’s unfinished work. The flavor of these distortions has “Ron” written all over it especially in regard the the video. I am sure Sylvia would encourage the reader to see what ever it is they would like in the story but…


I am inclined to believe Ron actually intended for me to write some kind of “Starless Op-ed” stating exactly that how ‘Ron Howard “Runed” Sylvia Plath forever…’ and would likely arrange for it to be my most well received writing and stand as a hilarious example where Ron and his cohorts were able to frame me for their delusional paranoia/OCD through this Illuminati pathwork that only one person in a billion might notice. In truth I probably could write a funny Maddox-style article all about how my personal phantom menace ruined something as wonderful and sacred as Sylvia Plath and its lighthearted paranoia would work to both elevate Ron into someone kind of evil genius as well take the reality and sting out of some of my other articles. Even I have to admit that this would almost be funny if it wasn’t for Sylvia having actually commit suicide…

This alone is the central reason why I can write this post despite all the the reasons not to. I know that Sylvia has my back and its also the reason why I have stood beside Pelle Ohlin. I understand that that Black Metal isn’t politically correct and is not always appropriate. I especially take offense to any gore and misogynistic themes that are present in the Metal genre but the main reason why I stand by Pelle and will continue to is because of the scripture: “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent…” -Revelation 2:5  No mortal Christian would ever suspect that this passage could be weaponized to exploit suicide fantasy but; from the perspective of a writer remembering a previous life this passage can be read as Biblical instructions to kill oneself. Especially given that the preceding line is: “Never the less I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” -Revelation 2:4 I used to read this passage over and over and wonder, really wonder; ‘Is Jesus telling me to repent by killing myself?’ The suicide fantasy caused by this scripture only got worse after I read Lord of the Rings and after Arrested Development I thought about ending my life almost daily. But lucky for me I had a series of realizations which were ‘just enough’ to show me that Pelle Ohlin was the Lamb and that Ron Howard is pure evil. Had I not studied Mayhem’s lyrics or read Pelle’s suicide note I would have surely jumped off either of two bridges. The Lethbridge High level or the Lions Gate in Vancouver. I have already written about how the Gollum narrative in LOTR’s can be weaponized to support suicide and this is especially true in regard to the divisions between the dimensions of the bridge and my Christian name. These are precisely the kind of details only Ron would notice and exploit.

Arrested Development was written to drive me to suicide by jumping off of a very accessible bridge. 

Its very reasonable to assume that Pelle saw the alignments existing between the movie Rosemary’s Baby and the actual Sharon Tate murder(s) and performed ritual suicide (1991) so as to neutralize its potential for mind control and shield anyone who might get sucked into Roman Polanski’s satanic Kabbalah. The awful thing that followed was that four years later Jonbenet Ramsey was murdered on Christmas Day 1996 (Which is precisely Sir Isaac Newtons Birthday) and Pelle’s sacrifice was almost erased and forgotten. Sharon Marie Tate is 167 in simple whereas the simple of Jonbenet Ramsey is 166 which shows these murders are certain to have been arranged around a common purpose even if they occurred decades apart.

I admit that on the surface Pelle Ohlin looks fairly Satanic and it doesn’t help that Sir Isaac Newton has the appearance of Satan especially considering his coat of arms. But Sir Isaac Newton is actually thee Lord of the Rings; who even a scientist would be forced to admit is the actual Lord of Light. Its true that I cannot understand The Principia, its also true that I never knew Pelle as a person and that Slain is only an “imaginary friend” but what ever the case He saved my life. Nothing Ron does will ever change that. The media has tried to spin this situation all sorts of ways by implying both he and I are closet homosexuals but the fact is innocent people were clearly murdered according to Satanic Kaballah. Pelle was the Rune-Bearer of his tribe and he has arranged for me to be the Rune-Bearer of mine. All of this makes perfect sense except for Ron.

Starless Golightly.