Goodbye Nike Winehouse.

Goodbye and Good riddance.

The following is a documentation of my own personal “conspiracy theory” which accounts for the harassment resulting from my own reconciliation of the Bibles “Jesus Christ” epithet and its inherent connection to the Futhark. As a point of fact I could go on and on about the Jonbenet Ramsey murder, the #significance of the numbering used in the 9-11 tragedy, the significance of the Sharon Tate and Carol Wayne murders (and what ever others might be) but these are all secondary to the prime motivator driving these conspiracies. All of these have been orchestrated by fake or non observant Jews to maintain a religious monopoly over christian and gentile consumer culture. Its clear as day! In my case its clear that Amy Winehouse’s estate has been used to hi-jack the mythology of Nike and support the LGBT initiative; and there is nothing far-fetched about that statement once the reader understands the time line and orchestrations surrounding my personal experience.

I have already written how aspects of my writing were harvested from a Mac-mini I bought in 2007. Shortly after I purchased a program called Writers Cafe and began organizing a story from various writings about Elves on a planet apart from earths. The planet could be called Venus Prime, but I also called in Gaia, in truth the details couldn’t possibly matter since it remains unpublished and would only result in a my word against they’re silence scenario. My point is; writing about Nike made me the perfect sucker for a pseudo religious theme in media. Since I described each character candidly on my computer those spying were easily able to ascertain and hash out renderings of my thoughts in media. Ever wonder why Amy Winehouse went from a such a pretty Jewish girl to a crack addicted skeleton seemingly over night? Why would someone so talented, brilliant and pretty throw their life away like that? Well if you know what I know then the transition begins to make some sense.

For all my utter disbelief and aside from how ugly things have turned out one thing I do know to be true is that Amy had a heart. She really was a gentle and nice person who cared about others and wanted to share her genius through her lyrics music. She is actually the only reason I dont absolutely hate the Ashkenazim. In her lyrics we find all sorts of clues about various topics; her song “Sum Unholy-War is certainly the most obvious showcasing her use of Kabbalah but if one is paying attention then one can see that all of her work is in some way self symmetrical. Her albums Frank and Back To Black initially appear unrelated but they are in fact complete and polar opposites reflecting a change-over in her psychology and the result is an kind of unintentional symmetry between the two albums. Under the heading of Kabbalism in lyrics; Amy’s Frank album obviously carries the association of Element 87 Fracium/Fr on the Periodic table and perhaps less obviously the chemical symbol Fr carries the simple numerology of 6-18. This is a notable number for a number of reasons but the closest of these to scientific fact is it almost the Golden Ratio which is 1.618033. Such is now common knowledge because of the internet but 618 also happens to be the address of my cyber stalker; Levi Cox Catwalk Salon, also notable the Jewish number of Levi Cox = 90/540/1087. In pointing this out I am in no way implying that both Amy Winehouse and Levi Cox entered into some ridiculous agreement by way of conspiracy to program me with a homo agenda; I am only showing how numbers can be used to direct/connect the over all flow of ideas and information and so Levi Cox was naturally the most obvious candidate for this obsession because of his existing numerology. “Location, location, location!”; has always been the very foundation for any successful business and in terms of actual real estate selling a property numbered 101 Main street will always be more lucrative and may be even easier than selling a property numbered 4110 East Meadow lane. One has sales and retail written all over while the other number is less memorable and its address is less centralized. Exactly how the gravities of each particular number effect the human mind are not always entirely obvious and likely never will be.

What is obvious is that at some point after Amy’s passing the LGBT’s recognized and made use of the Kabbalah and cryptography in her lyrics. Her final Album entitled “Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures” makes it perfectly obvious that this homo-persuasion deciphered her clues in Kabbalah and began orchestrating various alignments in media and word spells in the form of entries on the site The mysterious name #Diane Lorraine Pope = 177/1062/519 (with a combined total of 1758) has been peppered across the internet and especially on the A simple google search of the “Diane Lorraine Pope” will yield all sorts of bizarre results all of which are of course word-spells. I knew from the first time I read that name it was a rendering of my character #Nike Ciastrofiss 177/1062/592 because I had plainly written in the character profile of my writing program that my Nike was a based on the actress Carly Pope and this was confirmed when I noted that the combined total of #Diane Lorraine Pope = 1758 precisely the Jewish numbering of my Christian name #Richard Yellowhorn. The situation clearly showed that my information as well as ideas and preferences had been harvested and were being used against me by non observant Jews. But who would possibly believe such a thing. I could hardly believe it myself.

Further still is the association between Amy Winehouse and someone named Iordanka Petzanova. Even from the first time I saw what Amy Winehouse looked like I was a little taken aback at how much these two looked alike. From what I remember Miss Petzanova was prettier but I could see what Amy’s promoters were going for and it was precisely that which made Amy’s presence so shocking. The loud Jewish girl with a big voice had Nike written all over her. Just consider how unhealthy it would be for a man to see a pop-star and begin reminiscing about an incredibly similar looking girl he only saw in passing in grade school. Thus is called a “slippery-slope” and is certainly deliberate.

I know I have pointed out this similarity before and I am going to keep all this writing up until Miss Petzanova personally contacts me to take this shit down. This whole process has been incredibly corrosive to my mental health and writing the truth is my most effective means of therapy. Last I checked Miss Petzanova was some kind of therapist so I am sure that even if she doesn’t approve of me mentioning her she would understand from a professional point of view. Why I bring this up is now that I have confirmed that Levi Cox is the central figure behind Zillah Noir its obvious that the use of “Noir” is also a subliminal ploy to intended to imply “No-Ir”… as in No Iordanka” this is a very reasonable assumption because the LGBT’s inversion of  Pride/bride is already aligned with her Album Lioness: Hidden Treasures and once again this is all a strategic encroachment on the Lion totem historically used by the House of Judah.

Whats more; these associations tie in with the “Jesus Christ” tendency already laid out in the Bible. In a way it could be argued that this is the fulfillment of “prophesy”. But I dont think this would help my state even if people did believe me based on a religious tenant because: I dont think prophesy manifestly coming true is a good thing. There is no good reason to crucify someone for his beliefs whether that be literally on a wooden cross in #Golgotha 85/510/243 ; or through the weaponized psychological reminders of victims like that of Jonbenet = 85/510/842 perpetrated by the media. I admit the limits of my personality approach the “white knight” stereo type. Its a result of my upbringing. But in my mind this is by and large the best “fatal flaw” to have if I had to pick one. No one is perfect and I’m not pretending to be but “Pride” seen from this view is truly disgusting. Its not my imagination either because Pride/bride seen in light of the Bible tells as story… One is tempted to consider; “I have sacrificed my Pride for you…” if that is so I am not amused or impressed by these serpentine hyenas masquerading as “Lioness’s”.

These currents have really made me take stock of what my motivations are. I mean obviously I dont want to have anything to with a maggot like Levi; but if we have crossed paths than I must be doing things to show up on his radar. I was tempted to blame my current misfortune on Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiff’s but I cant really be sorry for that. Its not even my favorite story by Truman; that would be A Christmas Memory. Besides Truman only looks like my favorite writer because I have a Cat named after him. Truman the Feline is a very vocal stray Cat who has forced his way into my life and now I can’t imagine life with out him. At first his name was “Sticker” but his voice reminded me so much of a certain Brussel sprout I had to name him after one. Not that its anyone’s business what I name my cat much less who I choose to read.

Being stalked and harassed by an obsessive creep like Levi Cox has really opened my eyes to the dark side of human obsession. Its forced me to look inward at my own behavior and make an effort to break free of my own fixations. I dont believe I am a Narcissist but narcissism itself is marked by the old ‘it takes one to know one’ psychological exchange, its very similar to the “slippery slope” which is the only high point in the accusers territory. Almost all of the “games” played by the narcissist work on an element of reversibility and these types of curses tend to blur the lines of causality enabling the accuser to always get the jump on the accused. I suppose everyone is guilty of being biased especially in sticking up for family or friends but the levels of manipulation I experienced approached dangerous and desolate territory. I assume nothing of the readers spiritual beliefs but I would liken such horror to a situation where one is being led to believe that his own destiny is an absolute path and that path is everyday becoming more like his worst nightmare. Imagine the disappointment of find the christian “G0d” was actually just a really just annoying movie director and he was going to force you to marry a Jewish Lesbian… who had been racially charged and entitled to force feed you various recipes of her families Ashkenazim Poop Souffle as part of a social science experiment she is working on for her Doctorate on the Jewish lesbian dominance in media through Pride (or Poop…) I cant remember which. How do I say this? Obviously, they want to ‘Goys’ to do the work. So for them to play on this unlikely angle actually makes perfect sense. Its a Crucifixion after all!

beer coasters; beermats; pivni tacky; bierdeckel

I have never claimed to know anything about Miss Petzanova. But in truth I can empathize, my identity was hi-jacked by the Richard B. Riddick caricature and though I didn’t dislike the movies; being mirrored is not a pleasant experience. Seeing ones self in “fun house mirror” robs one of the luxury of enjoying the present moment in an undivided and unconflicted state. But this isn’t even really about her. Its the principle of the thing. Just because someone comes from well to do Jewish back ground it does not mean I am subject to them in any way… As in the case of Levi who was using Kabbalah on me before I ever changed my name! I dont care how Jewish you are or how great your Illuminati-Kung Fu skills are, I will not subject to Ashkenazim Hyenas! But the most important thing to take away from this is; if you enter my house, uninvited, to cause mischief and defile my food, YOU WILL BE SORRY! 

Currently the last communication I had with Levi as Zillah only a number was sent:


I didn’t immediately know what that meant because at this point nothing would change my conclusion that Zillah is Levi but it eventually occurred to me that 1408÷1717= 0.820034944. Reading this number in its lone and desperate immediacy it was almost as if he had triggered some kind of safety buzzer or silent alarm to show that he was not working alone.

I find the 8200 association difficult to believe coming from a pathological liar like #Zillah Cox = 110/660/911-?… but even if untrue its use as a ploy is telling of further confirmation that I am right about Zillah Noir actually being Levi Cox. Clothing insanely embarrassing situations under the guise of “international espionage” that the 8200 association brings to mind are certain to be the most likely ploy of every other narcissist caught in an embarrassing web of lies wherein the intrigue of a captivating spy drama is always preferable to most obvious and simple of truths; in this case that Levi is an obsessive narcissist whose grasp of Kabbalah is scarcely better than any dabbling gentile. But if this is true then Levi is certain to be the most pathetic example of 8200 and Israeli intelligence ever (and that’s including the fictionalized Zohan) especially to have had his own ass literally handed to him by an uneducated Blackfoot from Lethbridge Alberta of all places!

I hope Levi becomes the joke of Israeli futurists for years to come.