Illegal Entry and the “data-mine” that followed.

This writing explains how Levi Cox broke into my house to tamper with my things as well how he threatened me in an email as Zillah Noir. I had already previously spoken to Law enforcement about my situation and nothing was done. So as to prevent further break-in’s and being “wiped out” as the threat entailed I turned up at this place of work with a letter addressed to him. The following is my statement leading up to the occasion.

Before I describe how my home was illegally entered and my belongings were defiled its important to note that my situation has been going on for than 10 years. My harassers have been targeting me by playing pranks or leaving ominous clues in variety of ways. I would also like to point out that not all of these clues or messages have been ill-dignified because it seems to have been a variety of different people and not singularly group. There have been a few “anonymites” who have just wanted to play and or leave inspiring messages written on post-its and so those nice people should know that kind of things is neat and fun. But one must at the very least stand defiant against the Isfet. And so this is a description of the evil that stalks me. The “Ill dignified” meddling I speak of often starts as a “game”. This sort of thing happens all the time and often begins when one finds a water proof box containing a notebook with the names or pseudonyms of those who previously found it. I have only found a couple of these in Alberta and only in Waterton I will speak of. Most of the ones I found were in and around the Vancouver area. Mostly its just hikers who want to get an idea who else is visiting their favorite spots and their poetic comments about the view at sunrise or sunset at that spot. One contained instructions on where to find a book. That may sound benign but if the person reads the book then the orchestra-tor has just literally programmed that player of the game with a set of rules. After all who would really consider a book recommendation from a stranger who refuses to divulge their name? So there is an inherent risk in playing these “games” because you can never fully be sure who is actually behind it. Obviously the “game” is rather popular among compulsive manipulators and those with Narcissistic tendencies or control issues. My question was naturally; why do persons unknown want me to read that particular book? What’s their angle? 

An astute observer should already be wondering about the inherent potential for luring, and other such mechanations and devices within this blind communication “game”. These are what has been termed “Narcissistic Supply Chains” and can be broken down as such; An unknown person believes they are smarter than you and wants to impress upon you various things in the form of clues and cryptic messages however they are unwilling to share their identity, and any clues you leave in response which deviate from their desired path are either ignored or rejected because those responsible for orchestrating the “game” are following a formula to engineer a specific outcome. 

Its actually the stupidest “game” ever and one which leaves a window open for deviants and molesters to influence and interfere with those unfortunate enough to be playing it…. Contrary to what most people would think; if the unknown person wont share at least a fair rendering of their true identity there is no big “mystery”… its just yet another molester trying to molest you. Both Mustard and Molesters have this capability. Don’t let’s be silly! But seriously; #mustard can molest its victims in a variety of ways and sexual abuse is only the most obvious part of it. Its quite clear that Compulsive Manipulators are constantly thinking of new ways to harass their targets because that is exactly what they are constantly fantasizing about. Their mind is naturally inclined to imagine themselves in situations where they can exploit the innocents of others and fuel their own delusion of grandeur.

In the weeks and days leading up to my attempt to confront Levi Cox at his Catwalk hair salon I noticed a few mean spirited pranks had turned up around my house. I noticed on two separate occasions my vegetable soup broth had been opened and replaced in the pantry which is unrefrigerated. Both times I had stored new items in the pantry because I had yet to buy all the ingredients for the soup I was making and each time I went to make soup I found that the seal had been broken. This was hugely inconvenient for me and for a time I thought my younger brother was for some reason trying to give me botulism. Eventually I numbered the situation and noted that its gematria bore a familiar number.

#Vegetable Broth Open = 192/1152/1240

19-2 is the number of my legal initials but I realize this isn’t proof in itself and in fact would only support the idea that I am a double with one of those self made vendettas. Its quite obvious to me that this was in fact the point; to get me to question my own sanity and memory. It seemed strange and annoyed me but I had nothing to go on so I just continued to assume my younger brother was for some reason trying to give me Botulism. After what I have experienced this didn’t seem like that big of a deal and more than this I wasn’t even really sure how to go about asking or even confronting someone about this so I just put it on the back burner. Then on a particular Saturday I was getting ready to go to a Messianic Jewish church when I found that the heel of my dress shoe had been smeared with Cat feces. At the time I didn’t think much of it and just wore my red sneakers to church but once I got home I got to thinking about who did it. I asked my brother who knew nothing of it and I believed him. So I numbered the most obvious details and found that the term “shit-heel” appeared to be the motivating phrase.

Shit Heel = 86/516/245… This word works as a #spell for a number of reasons. In the first place when the Jewish number of my name #Starless = 113/678/476 is divided by #Shit-heel in the Jewish cipher of 245 as so:

476÷245= 1.942857143…

We get the number 1942 which is relevant because its the Jewish gematria of #Danny Petzanova = 178/1068/1942 which my harassers have used in clues time and time again. Over and over! The second thing that is notable about this term is that when I calculated the gematria of #Shit-heel on the very first like term listed below was the name Melissa.

 Results By Jewish Gematria
Word Jewish Gematria English Gematria Simple Gematria Searches
Melissa 245 468 78 1225

Melissa was the name of the woman whom I cheated on my ex-wife Sarah Sudevi Landry with. That occurred more than TWELVE years ago! Since it was totally impossible for my ex-wife to illegally enter my home to soil my shoe I knew I was dealing with a stalker or someone who had access to a vast store of my personal information and contacts. But the thing is I dont have any contacts on social media. This meant someone had been personally speaking with my “friends” and ex’s to gather intel on me. Someone had illegally entered my property to play these devious little games with me and I was furious! I am an innocent person who keeps to themselves and so I was outraged because of this.

Finally I found that Beetles had been placed in the handle of a tote bin in such a way that they could have only been placed there. The bin was under a stool with no visual means of having fallen there. Apparently the Beetles were unable to crawl up their plastic walls and there they remained trapped until I found them. I looked them up and so far as I could tell seemed to be a variety of Larder Beetles otherwise known as Dermestes Lardarius.

Dermestes Lardarius = 211/1266/894

The number 894 was immediately notable to me because it is exactly one value more than the number 893 used by Yakuza who practice a form of finger shortening called Yubitsume. So the Beetles seemed to be alluding to my finger tattoo. To state the most obvious of facts; I am obviously not Yakuza. My association is termed “Gokudo” which is a Japanese term used to describe the “Extreme Path” that the Swastika represents. The difference between these two groups has often been hazy. However one obvious distinction is that given that Gokudo is already considered the “Extreme Path” reckless activities like gambling are naturally frowned upon. Most of this is completely unknown to most westerners but this is exactly why Buddha and his various incarnations are sometimes represented with having swastikas on his feet. The symbols being an indication about his having walked the “Extreme Path”.swastika

So at some point during pride month I am downtown and see one of my “friends-?” paintings on a poster for a production called “The Pink Unicorn”. I correctly assumed that it was another ploy by the LGBT to target me and decided to ignore it. But after seeing it a few times I did look into it and when did I saw it was being performed as play which written around a book by an Elise Forier Edie about a parents experience raising their LGBT child. It was written in the nineties and so even if it was mirroring the Unicorn motif that I use for my website it was well established well before. Plus my “friend-?” was showing her paintings there so I decided to forget and ignore it. After all; it was Pride month and Unicorns are cool. Mimicry is most often a kind of flattery so if there was a angle it didn’t really bother me. But, I did notice one peculiar detail…

The Pink Unicorn = 177/1062/654… and when we total that as so: 177+1062+654 = 1893

1893 bares an obvious similarity to the aforementioned 893. Secondly its simple numbering 18-9-3 obviously spells the initials: R-i-c… The production was put on by a woman named Ashley Thompson whom I briefly attended my grade 10 year with where I was forced to use my Christian name of Richard Yellowhorn. It seemed too coincidental to be real after all why would a former drama classmate attempt to subtly call me out for reppin’ what only appears as a Yakuza tattoo? Besides that my “friend-?” was always nice to me and definitely wouldn’t care about any of my tattoos. I was seeing definite signs being pointed at me but the individuals associated didn’t seem to have the means or motivation to truly be behind it. It had to be someone who was actually organizing or creating the promotional materials for Pride fest.

That’s when it became clear that Levi Cox was behind these real life orchestrations. Or at least the ones in Lethbridge.  Also supporting this was Levi was friends with my ex-wife Sarah Sudevi Landry which would explain how he was able to make use to the parallels shared between the term #shit-heel and the name #Melissa on a site that I use regularly. I had already written a letter the Lethbridge City Police Department alerting them to the suspicious cryptography behind the Vandalism of the Pride Cross Walk which is directly in front of Levi’s Catwalk Hair Salon. Its obvious he was behind it. So rather suddenly all indicators point at Levi Cox and this was confirmed when I audited his gematria for any connections to my harasser Zillah Noir.

The problem was I had already spoken the Law enforcement officials previous and they did nothing. The letter would mark the third communication I had with the Police Dept complaining of covert harassment. Which in itself is admittedly rather unbelievable and unlikely. Each time I walked away getting the impression they thought I was wasting their time. So what exactly is one supposed to do in such a situation? Patiently twiddle their thumbs waiting to be framed for another hate crime? … like the paint splashed on the pride cross walk? Am I really just supposed to be okay with an obsessive faggot breaking into my house to defile my food, soil my church shoe with Cat shit and leaving bugs for me to find among my personals? This break in occurred well after I had already posted comments on social media about the black paint on the rainbow crosswalk and so it struck me as a desperate attempt by the guilty party to implicate anyone but himself. As I said; it would be completely insane to even consider the possibility that my angry ex-wife broke into my house, smear the heal of shoe in Cat shit and use #numbers to point at my guilty pleasure; Melissa.

There has to be consequences for breaking into someones home. What if the faggot combed his ass hairs with my toothbrush? The mind reels. I understand that Levi is a devious and clever faggot but the laws should not protect the guilty by default, and that is exactly what is occurring. Levi Cox is a abusing his status as a privileged Jew to manipulate and harass a lone and disenfranchised individual who likely has Asperger’s Syndrome; me.

Finally; and perhaps most importantly Levi threatened me first. Once I was sure enough that Zillah Noir and Levi Cox were connected I sent Zillah an email written to sound as though I had been drinking and looking for trouble mostly because I wanted him to respond right away:

“Are you still up? Or fid you winely kill yourself like you meant to…” 

No punctuation to close, plus a spoonerism that screamed; “I am drunk and looking for trouble…” I thought this might be a bit too obvious but I wanted to get things done. He didn’t respond right away as I had hoped. But his responses were spot on, he admitted to the website etc.

“yes i’m still here starless ; ) Oh I’m not going to kill myself and miss White trashmerica being wiped out in fact I’ve never felt better; ) how are you these days??”

What exactly did he mean by #White Trashmerica? I looked it up on and the message was obvious.

White Trashmerica = 180/1080/1429 … and just below it as the first entry of like terms was:

Word Jewish Gematria English Gematria Simple Gematria Searches
Lord Jesus Christ 1429 1200 200 2718


This cryptic reference is absolutely a threat because this group had previously tried to convince me that I am and incarnation Jonbenet Ramsey. According to this faggot view the “marriage” described in the Revelation is describing the fusion of Jonbenet Ramsey with the incarnate Jesus Christ into a single being. According to this faggot theory the “bride” being burned is alleged to actually be “Jesus Christ” burning as a faggot in sin… Its why the Trans thing is being so relentlessly promoted and I want to make absolutely clear; this is what Levi Cox believes. The blasphemy that Jesus was a pedophile is nothing new. This was covered in the Coen Brothers movie The Big Lebowski where in the antagonistic character named Jesus is made to go door to door admitting he is a sex offender. It was a decent show even if it now works against me in a subliminal way. Its important to note that I am not writing this to convince anyone of anything. I am only show casing the particulars that are motivating my harassers arguments. My “faith” is one forged in the fires of hell and I dont need social acclaim or even anyone to believe me. I have the Futhark and so I know this will all turn around.

Further supporting my conclusion is the likeness shared between #Futhark = 85/510/405 and Jonbenet = 85/510/842.

It would seem that the Jonbenet Ramsey murder was arranged with the intention of smoke-screening the realization of the Futhark; in what ever capacity that might have entailed. The events of 911 even bear the association of Haglaz and Isa; the two most scary runes to get in a Rune reading… That’s for someone else to write a book about. I am only pointing out that there exist groups of both Christians and Jews that have a vested interest in my beliefs and how this plays out. Its the whole reason why Arrested Development was made about me. Arrested Development was created to make me feel stupid and convince me I am a trans-queer version of Jonbenet. Which is ridiculous! I may be likened unto to a Triad but I am not my sister! That actually happened and I didn’t fall for it. I am a Shaman and Rune-bearer of my tribe. The bottom line is; in that last communication he was not aware that I knew who he was and so because he had already broken into my home I took his threat very seriously. So to summarize; here is my cyber stalker living right here in my own town insulting me, implying terrible things about both me and my dead sister… and threatening to “wipe me” out.

He is lucky to be alive.

Since I couldn’t count on the Police to protect me from my homosexual Cyber stalker; –who happens to believe I am an incarnation of Jonbenet Ramsey; I sent Levi a letter addressed to him in Runes. This communication told him that I had “Runed him” as per the #Futhark. It also had the effect of clarifying to him that the epithet “Jesus Christ” is a kenning for the Futhark. The letter only appeared as a threat. I deliberately wrote the message to be wordier and more winding than it should have been. I wanted him to gloss over it read the last line and panic. Which is exactly what happened he skimmed through the letter and only saw the last line and panicked. Levi then proceeds to call the police because someone he has been cyber stalking has found out and has apparently threatened his life. The police get there to find an awkwardly worded letter which almost qualifies as a threat and proceed to arrest me on principle for something that Levi started. I didn’t mind spending the night in a holding cell with out a lights-policy because I knew I did the right thing. The police wouldn’t help me and so I had to handle things. Its just like I told the arresting officer; It will all be over soon!

Given that Levi had already attempted to frame me for a hate crime by arranging the rainbow cross walk to be vandalized; I believe I was very reasonable in how dealt with him. Why I mentioned using a hammer was in relation to Thor’s mythological hammer Mjölnir; elemental Thorium is number 90 on the periodic table and because this has all occurred in Lethbridge = 90/540/240, it seemed only fitting. The communication was only intended to appear as a threat at first glance but closer reading will reveal it to be a spell intended to shake things up… I am taking a gamble, so to speak; so maybe we Gok’s do gamble. Thus is what I call a “Data-mine”Levi has mined my data to be used against me, and so I have “Data-mined” him in retaliation. That’s a “BabbleShip” move originally written by someone in my Hacker group. -Thanks DCCowan for showing me how its done.

Life probably sucks for Levi right now given that he is a G-dless faggot whose compulsive meddling and precarious manipulations are finally catching up with him.

I didn’t even get to confront him. I cannot be reasonably expected to be okay with being threatened and broken into and meddled with can I? But if this is how you want it then…


Starless Golightly.