Kennedy Says Hi…

I can trace all my anxiety and current mental problems to when I got my smart phone. In truth Arrested Development started this but what really crippled my mind was in a subliminal message I saw at my local Park Place mall. I know that probably sounds edgy and even a bit paranoid but I have been thinking a lot more clearly lately and have had some really wonderful #confirmations in regard to the Futhark, etc. So maybe things are turning around.  I have been sleeping and its been great. All the same this is a difficult topic to discuss for many reasons.

It started when I was cold texted by a stranger named “Kennedy” from Wireless Wave in my local mall. Kennedy had some kind of deal for me. I have no idea if I went down there that day or when but when I did she was working. I vaguely remember thinking it was unusual for someone to personally text me from their own phone. So I was surprised she was actually a “real” person. I told her straight away that I had already tried to get a contract with another company and didn’t qualify for a phone or an actual plan which was why I was using Bell’s pay as you go. She assured me with a sales pitch she could definitely get me a phone. The first thing I noticed was that on one of the advertisement display screens was a computer prompt with her user name and employee I.D. which read: Kennedy Madge SGHI33; she ignored me when I brought this up and went on about the promotion.

The second thing I noticed was that the name “Kennedy” really suited her. An androgynous name for an androgynous corporate drone. She definitely had a “neat” hair cut, her appearance was tidy but there was something altogether evil about her. … Probably one of those girls that was known for relentless kicking boys in the nuts in grade school; trying over and over again to understand how such instantaneous pain works. That might sound funny but the motivating sadism characteristic to that type of girl is anything but. I studied her face and decided she could almost pass as a teenage boy. Except she was far too tall. I was sure of it, I hated her. This was an immediate and definite realization and so while I was talking to her I numbered her gematria in simple on my flip phones calculator. I got 108. I questioned if that was right. I was being rude so I tried to focus on what she was saying. I tried to remember any 108 associations and couldn’t think of anything… I lost track of what she was talking about. Suddenly this horrible image comes to mind that Kennedy has a dick. Why would I think of that?!

“I’m sorry our system is saying you will have to pay a 500$ deposit…”


I knew this would happen. That’s exactly what I said I was already dealing with! It felt like I was being humiliated. Like I was being toyed with. Something set me off! I was about to lose my temper. I asked myself is this actually happening? This dumb bitch named Kennedy of all names; cold-called/texted me, has me physically come down to the mall, tells me all this shit about what an awesome phone she can hook me up with, -all to waste my time. She tries it again. The same thing. I got really pissed off and told her how much I hated her. I dont remember exactly what I said but I remember saying: “Your number is 108!” What!?” “You’re number is 108!” 

I walked outside and remembered her name and employee I.D. was on the screen. So I went back in and told her I was writing that down. She made a made a mean face and fiddled with the computer trying to get it to go away. I was so furious about the situation I went and got drunk. At some point I remembered that she cold texted me from a real phone number-?!… So I sent her a text telling her that she was a daft mannequin and reminded her that her number was 108… Then I texted her a line from the Johnny Cash song; ‘When the man comes around’. I cant remember what line. Probably; “No shalom, no shalom…” because I assumed it was a another “Ashkenazim conspiracy”. Then the police showed up.

She actually called the police. I am awestruck and tongue tied. I am drunk, I cant make sense of how this situation got this fucked up. Somehow I knew this situation wasn’t my fault. This was totally unfair! For some reason I end up preaching about how the Quran is also a good spiritual text and how Hijab’s are a legitimate religious habit. The Police Officers deescalate the situation and I am told to just stay out of the mall. I will be an Alcoholic for the next two years trying to forget what exactly I saw that day.

So why did I suddenly think she had a penis? Why did I get so up set? Here is my explanation: Somewhere in the mall was one of those “loop” advertisements. Telus is only a few paces away and they have those sort of things all the time. The advertisement was of a baby boy being dunked under water. The baby had goggles and blue shorts. This part is difficult to discuss but I now believe there was a subliminal image spliced into the loop. Something about how the bubbles splashed and how the water inflated the baby swimming trunks created an obscene illusion. I am an intact male so I recognized what was being portrayed and it was gruesome! The thing is I dont think I consciously noticed this at the time. I am also inclined to believe that the only reason I can remember this now is because I viewed it as a reflection in a mirror. As I said Wireless Wave‘s advertising screen immediately in front of me had Kennedy’s employee information so I dont think it was coming from Wireless Wave. The other bizarre thing is I did end up getting the phone. I dont remember how or why but Fido Solutions did give me a Galaxy which I still have.

In a creepy sort of way this situation makes sense. The “trans” sales associate offers me a smart phone and arranges an obscene image to be shown to me relating to a baby… ? It was a trap which didn’t work. I am sure of it. I think it was an attempt to plant a seed in my mind and corrupt my spirit. I feel molested. Like I said the image they put in my head was so horrific its taken me this long to recover from. I was an Alcoholic for a few years because of it.

I know what I say sounds unbelievable after all what could possibly motivate a corporate entity to insert a perverted subliminal image into a advertisement featuring a baby? I have thought about this a lot and I will refer to reader back to the prevailing Jewish tendency inherent through out this ordeal; I believe the advertisement and its suggestive image was intended to have a pro-circumcision effect, as I already stated speaking as an intact male I recognized that something was amiss in that ad. It was gross. Its been very difficult getting that image out of my mind. To be honest I had never really thought about circumcision previous to this. The whole thing makes me not want kids. If I had to guess I would say it was an Israeli made CGI effect designed to “forcibly” impress upon the viewer the value of circumcision. Its the only thing that makes sense.

This is a totally reasonable conclusion because the Bible is full of stories about circumcision. Once you notice this the Bible becomes really difficult to read. Oh sure there is David and Goliath, and Noah and his Ark, Psalms are always nice but almost everything else is about circumcision! I have always thought its weird to have to stop during spiritual study time and question; why am I reading this again? Some dude just circumcised himself and then the woman through the cuttage at someone else’s feet!? … I think that was supposed to be dramatic…-? In fact anyone who reads the Bible and actually thinks about it knows circumcision is used synonymous with enlightenment… and it doesn’t stop there. This association go on and on.

The fact that she was somewhat “trans” also supports my thoughts on the situation. Why else would I suddenly have this horrible image that Kennedy had a penis. She mostly looked like a woman. If you like Jennifer Connolly’s eyebrows… (I am not comparing the two because I think Jennifer Connolly is gorgeous. Kennedy was far from it.) Like I said she was definitely neat in her appearance, her hair was nicely kept but she absolutely had an androgynous look to her and not in a pleasant way. When Natalie Portman shaved her head for Vendetta she was still waaay cute. I even helped my ex-lady shave her head and she was still waaay cute! In contrast if Kennedy would have shaved her head she would have looked like that evil-elf on that one episode of the Smurfs who invited them over to his house and then forced them to be slaves once they got there. Like I said there was something evil about Kennedy. The whole things struck me as some kind of social experiment to see if I would defile my phone… and could you imagine the level of control a corporate entity would gain if I did? Say if I went looking for what I saw in the advertisement? Which I never would because I am a straight man who likes older women… not enfants!

The whole situation had to have been a set up! Why I conclude this now is because I believe my current problems with the faggot cyber stalker Levi Cox and the Corporate mannequin Kennedy Madge may be related. In the first place I see it in the numbers of their names:

#Kennedy Madge is Levi Cox = 226/1356/1737

Even if Levi wasn’t the one to actually dress up in drag as “Kennedy” the line still works as a #spell. 1737 is notable because it bears similarity to my own personal cyber stalking troll; #Zillah Noir = 124/744/737 who I have already shown to be connected to #Levi Cox = 90+540+1087 = 1717. Just like I already wrote in my last post when my total is divided by his total we get a decimalized of 737; (1267 ÷ 1717 = 0.737914968…) This kind of number symmetry is used extensively in advertising and marketing and it supports my claims about what is going on and how I have been tormented. Once again; there is a persuasion attempting to “force gay” on me and it has only succeeded in trying my patience. So at this point after all the crazy shit that has happened I have to wonder was Kennedy Madge actually Levi’s puppet?

Looking back at the apparent employee I.D. “SGHI33” it almost seems too coincidental. Had I not seen it on the fucking computer screen itself I would think I got it wrong. SG are obviously my initials of Starless Golightly where as HI is rather obvious. 33 is a #gay number used extensively in freemasonry. At the time it seemed petty to write down her information, it didn’t help that I texted her until she called the cops on me. But now, looking back I am so glad I did! That sales call was a set up to burn me with some kind of subliminal weapon! I never would have thought my mind would torn up like that from such a brief instant in a corporate advertisement. Unfortunately I still dont know if it was Telus or Fido but the great thing is the Lethbridge Police Dept should have record of that call. They would have collected Kennedy’s information because the officers actually came over to my address and saw with their own eyes that I was drunk, mentally unstable and under such stress that I began preaching the Quran.

The reader may think this wasn’t such a big deal. You can almost hear that quintessential Jewish mom; “So you saw a babies penis in an advertisement at the mall… Big Deal!” But as I said this subliminal weapon had a corrupting effect. It was incredibly difficult to get that image and sequence out of my mind. Maybe a trained professional like a Doctor might be able to get on with things but I am not a Doctor! There is even the possibility that there is a demographic that might have liked it… To me it was like having a cigarette put out in my eye… It was not only disgusting in was excruciating. I avoid looking at my own penis now because of it. It caused horrible mental trauma and I will never stop punishing those responsible! Shortly after I had a “day horror”; –what I call a series of invasive thoughts which occur in a waking state. The vision seemed to be brought about by the Alien creature in the movie Prometheus (2012). It has something to do with hundreds of penis shaped tentacles being squeezed through my pours. I have taken LSD, mushrooms, 2cb, 2ci, DMT, etc and I have never had such disgusting visual hallucinations like that. Not only was it a putrid image but it made me feel like I was filthy; like an incredible case of “Body Horrors”. I wanted to commit suicide for a long time just to make it go away.


Why I am writing about this now is because I believe Levi Cox and his pervert goons are meddling with me precisely because I am innocent. Its clear Levi has some kind of control issues and is likely dealing with some kind of pathological obsession in regard to me. This is no exaggeration because of my connection to the Futhark. Levi believes “Jesus Christ” is dogmatically a homosexual and is having difficulty accepting the fact that I am straight and that numerology in and of itself is meaningless. #Pathwork can be interesting but just because a number has a “gay” or sexual association it does not automatically imply an absolute condition! Apparently Levi’s concept of faith is riding on Jesus being homosexual… that is; Levi’s personal concept of a savior is that of a homosexual prophet who demonstrates to Christians that the last word in every religious debate is ritual sodomy. Levi is completely fucked in the head and has taunted me in an email as recently as yesterday. Which is probably a rouse to make me question my concluding that Zillah and Levi are the same person. So I have to wonder if Levi and Kennedy are connected?

Could Levi Cox pull off masquerading as a woman? I doubt it; as I said the relevance of that association is in regard to its use as a spell. Before I ever crunched those numbers to get 1737 I kept thinking that the Kennedy situation was somehow linked to my troubles with Levi Cox; so that number only confirms my suspicions that he is “wearing” her numbers through corporate #magick. Which I admit sounds a bit paranoid but after what I have been through it makes complete sense. Orcs are conspiring to corrupt me. I keep saying this; the conspiracy is real! Consider the following line:

#Kennedy Madge Say’s Hi = 189/1134/1149

Why this is relevant is when we divide 1149÷189 =  6.07936507…

The number 607 is notable because when my phone was cut off because I couldn’t hold down a job due to stress Fido Solutions billed me 607.00$ dollars even though my plan could not incur anymore charges beyond 300$ So that was actually Kennedy saying “goodbye” and not “hi”… as her employee I.D. code suggested.

Ofid_0693 - kidneystab

Once again; this was all a set up which failed miserably. They probably only gave me the phone expecting I would look up horrible porn which would allow them some form of leverage. Similar to the way ransomware is sometimes used. In saying that I dont mean to imply that anyone whose computer has been effected by ransomware deserves it; I’m only pointing out that its obviously a ploy to gain some kind of leverage over its user. This situation is somehow similar. Whats more is Zillah’s “real name” is alleged to be #Halli Brown = 114/684/1130 and first on the list of terms with similar gematria down on the site is:

 Results By Jewish Gematria
Word Jewish Gematria English Gematria Simple Gematria Searches
Wife Of Lord 1130 678 113 693


This is clearly an intricate conspiracy to “force gay” on me by way of mind control and there would be no reason for anyone to believe a thing I say unless it was for my connection to the #Futhark. Things would likely get much worse if it wasn’t for my Lord looking out for me. I suspect but cannot yet prove that the local messianic church The Joyful House of Prayer is working in conjunction with Levi Cox and his “faggot-christ” agenda. To me; its all very clear; the local Rabbi; #Sidney Speakman = 156/936/785 is trying to rail road me, the Rune-Bearer, into worshiping #Yeshua = 79/474/704 which is analogous to the #Goldencalf = 79/474/156. At first I was tolerant to the idea of Yeshua only because I have no intention of playing any kind of “religious figure” but after all that’s happened it just seems like more lies, more manipulation etc. Its almost as if they keep hinting at a chance with “Amy Petzanova” a completely fabricated mix of “Amy Winehouse” and “Iordanka Petzanova”. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have associated these two names together in exactly the same way I have already associated Levi with Kennedy.

Thus is being crucified.

Praying for it to all be over…

Starless Golightly.