My Enemies Runed…

A lot has happened in the past week. I almost confronted my homosexual cyber-stalker Levi Cox at his Catwalk hair salon. He was with a client so I dropped off an envelope I had prepared with his name written in Runes on it… So as to say I “runed” him. As it turns out “Zillah Noir” (Shadowless Noir) is Levi Brayden Cox; a gay-fag who is friends with my ex-wife and Hindu youtube personality Sarah Stephanie Landry aka Swaroopapriya.  This confirms everything I have been suspecting and writing about for the past 5 years. Surprise-Surprise! The conspiracy was real. It would seem Levi has been targeting me because he believes “Jesus Christ” is supposed to be gay; when in fact just as I have already written in my last post the epithet of “Jesus Christ” is just a kenning for the Futhark.

There have been all sorts of people through out history who have falsely concluded that they were Jesus Christ. Its well known that “Claiming Jesus” is practically the go-to realization of almost every other schizophrenic. I have even heard of a few people admitting to this realization after taking high doses of LSD. It would seem that the homosexual persuasion wrongly correlated the gematria of “Jesus” and “Closet” which both sum to 74 in simple and made all sort of assumptions about my sexuality through an epithet. Its such a stupid theory because they didn’t even have actual closets in the days of the Bible. Yet people like this are apparently “equal” to me.

In reality ‘Christ Consciousness’ is very closely related to the concept of Centralisation described by Owl-cat and renegade intellectual Celia Green. So when David Icke temporarily concluded he was Jesus Christ the Son of G-d“; he was actually describing a specific phase of enlightenment and obviously lacked the vocabulary and time to describe the potency of this specific type of Centralisation to his audience. I have always known that “Jesus Christ” is not a truly historical name anyhow so my own situation seems a lot less profound to me than it might actually be; which is hardly my concern anyhow. Once again; I have already wrote in my previous post the name “Jesus Christ” encapsulates the Futhark in gematria. Whats’ more is the Futhark also encapsulates my Nazirite name as well. So it would seem Sir Issac Newton absolutely did arrange this. Its really happening. When we divide the Jewish number of #Futhark = 85/510/405 by its own simple gematria we get my Jewish gematria:

405÷85 = 4.764705882

#Starless = 113/678/476

To be clear I am by no means claiming that this Runic-realization is exclusive to me alone I am only stating that the Blackfoot Confederacy is without a written language or alphabet. So it would seem Sir Issac Newton has chosen me as the Rune Bearer for my tribe. Its actually quite clear to me that many people were already aware of the “Oneless” key used to count Runes; Lisa Peschel author of ‘A practical guide to Runes’ has show cased this in the Rune arrangement on the cover of her book:


Whatever problems I have going right now I am just so grateful for the gift of Runes and to have someone like Sir Isaac Newton back me up like this. Its been a horrible and destitute path thus far but I am honored beyond words to legitimately be allowed to have access to the Futhark.

One of the more troubling realizations I have had though out this process is just how pathetic homosexuals are. I feel bad for supporting them in the past. I almost feel as though I should repent especially to Pastor Steven Anderson. Levi Cox is a shallow, husk of a human being, an incredibly self involved, manipulative narcissist who could possibly be a sociopath. I suppose he could say the same about me but I am the Rune Bearer for the new world so in my mind that’s more important than whatever status he believes he has in life. Even still I am still shocked how much time was spent trying to “force gay” on me. Once again; the conspiracy was real! In my last conversation with “Zillah”; Levi was really sucking up to me by complimenting my tattoo and ended up asking for a truce… After all this! What a total piece of shit! He even sent me one final pic of this illusive “Zillah”.

“is it time for a truce? i swear to you im not ron howard or tarantino or any celebrity. i did delete my blog.”

One of the most annoying characteristic of the homo-tendency is the belief that absolute predictions can be made about an individuals sexuality based on markers in language and specifically names and their corresponding numerology. I noticed this bias in the Lowes job interview where I was obviously denied employment by a homosexual manager Adam because I was straight. In auditing the pathwork of the job title I discovered that I had never been considered for the job and the interview had been only been arranged to impress upon me that “Jesus Christ” is dogmatically a homosexual and that my pathwork indicated that I am some sort of closet gay case who had no idea what I was actually representing. Further if we consider the homos use of the term “Pride” its easy to see that this is a strategic encroachment on the Lion totem used by the house of Judah. Anyone familiar with Biblical doctrine knows that Jesus Christ is considered the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” which makes their use of the Pride association obvious. Further in much the same manner that Crip and Crib can be used simultaneously if we flip the ‘P’ in “Pride” we get “bride” which is obviously reminiscent of the Revelation; so their exist all manner of these microscopic associations giving rise to these false positives which appear to support the perversion of moral doctrine. Any spiritually evolved person knows that “Pride” is a horrible slogan and pitch for a movement demanding tolerance and equality because not only is it classically one of the seven deadly sins but its also a very annoying personality trait. 

In a truly fair world homos would be forbidden from owning property and voting exactly because of situations like this. Levi doesn’t have a soul in the way that a g-d loving, moral person does. Its all reversible to him. Its clear he, like Ron Howard, spends all his time obsessing and over-thinking issues that have nothing to do with him. To make this crystal clear: I have never even spoken to Levi ever. I am not even sure that I was ever introduced to him by my ex-wife. Yet he has clearly spent countless hours obsessing about me. What’s more his pathwork shows that he collected all manner of intelligence on me. Not only that but he tried to frame me for a hate crime by having black paint splattered over the rainbow cross walk outside his hair salon. pride cross

The most infuriating part of all this is that my court date is on Wednesday the 17th and I am the one being charged! Even though he threatened me first. Obviously I cant discuss the details yet but if it actually turns out that I am going to be charged for being a victim of cyber stalking and real life harassment then I as the Rune Bearer will openly declare war on all homosexuals in Canada. That is; I will prophesy against them and there will likely be mass killings once they find out that what I say is true. I dont have to be nice or “Christ-like” because that isn’t in my job description. My concern is with runes; not some ill fated mission of altruism and philanthropy. After being harassed in this manner for over ten years and treated like a slave I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!

I had already previously written a letter to the Lethbridge City Police Department about the crosswalk which was all but ignored. Even still; I am the one being charged. The officer who arrested me (and not to mention pointed a tazer at me) even asked me: “What would you have done to him if you were able to meet him?” -Which is a ridiculous question to even ask! Given that I had already prepared the envelope it was clear I had no intent of actually causing physical harm. I only wanted to bring a decisive end to my harassment. If the law enforcement officer cant see that then there is clearly something wrong with his understanding of what a crime actually is. Its key to remember that laws in themselves have never prevented a single crime. However a strongly worded letter, personally delivered at a completely unexpected time will absolutely have the effect of preventing any further harassment. That seems obvious but the question was asked by someone who is considered “law enforcement”.

The situation is already in #Levi Cox = 90/540/1087 favor because I am being charged under my former christian name of #Richard Yellowhorn = 208/1248/1758. The significance of this is when the Jewish gemtria of my former name is divided by Levi’s we get a very telling number:

1758÷1087 = 1.617295308… Not only is this almost the Golden Ratio (1.618033…) but it’s corresponding letters in simple gematria are as follows: A.FAGbiec… This in itself is a curse. A way of drawing energy from me and labeling me a “fag” in his own pathwork.  Whats more is that its clear that there is at least some deliberation in this because if we divide the numbers the other way:

1087÷1758 = 0.618316268…

618 is also the address of the Catwalk Hair salon. Plus this is almost the same number. Further still, given that the name “Yellow Horn” is a tribal description of the Golden Ratio it confirms the deliberation of number stalking! All of this together is far too coincidental for any of this to be by chance. Once again; this is exactly why Homosexuals should not be allowed to own property. Further supporting this is when the totaled gematria of my legal Nazirite name #Starless = 113/678/476 (=1267) is divided by the total gematria of #Levi Cox = 90/540/1087 (=1717)

1267 ÷ 1717 = 0.737914968… That’s the Jewish number of #Zillah Noir = 124/744/737!!! This makes it perfectly clear Levi has been Number-stalking me, Cyber-stalking me, harassing me in real life, as well as illegally entering my home to leave insects and smear the heel of my church shoe in cat feces from my litter box etc… Soiling my church shoe sends the message of Shitheel = 86/516/245… And when its Jewish gematria is divided by my Jewish as so; 476÷245=1.942857143; We are left with 1942 which is the Jewish gematria of Danny Petzanova 178/1068/1942 and I have maintained from the very beginning that this is what this whole conspiracy is about! The media has even used the image of Amy Jade Winehouse = 178/1068/2348 to continuously remind me of this because Danny and Amy even look alike! Amy even had a “Monroe” piercing which mirrors Danny’s beauty mark! This makes it obvious that this was all very much a Jewish conspiracy especially because I have denied Christianity and have chosen Sikhism. Again; as the Rune-Bearer I have been profiled and targeted because of the religious implications and potency of my beliefs. Just like Dylann Storm Roof I am being covertly harassed because of my psychological profile. The type of harassment I have experienced mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia!

Needless to say a lot of strange things have happened which have constantly kept me on edge. Too many to possibly write here. For example my elderly Cat disappeared from my house when she was very close to death. We dont have a pet door so that means either she somehow let herself out in the middle of the night or my meddling, gay-fag stalker took her. There was also the Caterpillar that turned up on a carpet in a garage when I was living at 136 15th st N –in the middle of winter! There was snow covering the ground outside. It was too cold for it to even crawl on the carpet! Which means someone put it there while I slept. The caterpillar is significant for two reasons first I used to have a phobia of large caterpillars, –this one was only little smaller than my pinky finger. Secondly, in Arrested Development Season Four the sit com that made fun of my life there is a scene where the character Gob and the magician Tony Wonder are lying on a bed together contemplating a homosexual relationship when suddenly Tony Wonder yells “CATERPILLAR!”. The show itself is known for its off the cuff and random humor but even for the show this scene didn’t fit at all! It was totally arranged around my phobia! That actually happened! This is real. I am facing charges for being the victim of harassment. I am facing charges for standing up to my stalker and cyber-bully. Basically I am persecuted for being a heterosexual with Sikhi spiritual leanings. 

The House of Judah has forgone its Pride to the LGBT’s and since my spirit animal is feline; the Sikhi path is absolutely the correct one for me. It’s a Sikh wedding custom that upon being married every man takes on the title of Singh which means “Lion” and every woman takes on the title of Kaur, which means “princess”; That to me is the perfect religion and no amount of meddling on the part of Jack-Jews is going to convince me otherwise. Its my personal belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. The reader is free to disagree with me but that is what I believe.


*The following is the letter I had already previously sent to the Lethbridge city Police Department outlining how I was framed for the vandalization of the Pride Crosswalk.*

“My name is Starless Betide and I am a professional Painter from Lethbridge. I am contacting you regarding the incident where our local Pride crosswalk was vandalized with black paint (June 15th 2017). I have some very important details which may be of use in determining who is responsible. Just so there is no misunderstanding I am straight however upon hearing about this incident it crossed my mind that it was me who was actually being targeted given that I am a painter and because my Nazirite name arguably carries a “black” association. I have already contacted you about interference like this previously and after seeing how the Jussie Smollett case turned out I got to thinking about this one. It strikes me as odd that the gentleman in the video (see below) “#DevonHargreaves” was (somehow?) on the scene minutes after it happened and not only does he appear shifty as fuck while being questioned but also when the Jewish gematria of #StarlessGolightly (my online name) is divided by his Jewish gematria we get: 1097÷1776=0.61768018; the number 6-1-7 is key because it’s corresponding letters are obviously “crip” for “f-a-g”. So its a sneeky way of telling me I am a Fag. Further the number 617 also carries with it connotations of Satanism; the gematria of #Satan = 55/330/232 (55+330+232=617). Why this is potentially relevant is in regard to the Rainbow Bigfoot stickers which have been legally applied around town. So far as I can figure the Rainbow Bigfoot theme comes from the movie “Harry and the Henderson’s” which is coloured rainbow on the movies cover; further the gematria of #Harry Henderson = 172/1032/891 and again: 172+1032+891=2095÷π=666.8592116. This comes from the fact that “Pride” is one of the seven deadly sins ie; Satanic. Interference like this has been happening well over 10 years and I am currently off work due to stress.  Just so we’re clear I consider myself Fair-Sikh. I have included a link to a post on my blog which contains even more relevant information regarding the incident. All gematria can be verified at

Initially I believed I was being harassed by ‘Ash’kenazi Jews for being ‘Black’foot because of the conflicting potentials in language but now it would seem the Crip-Homosexuals are also targeting me for being Blood; a totem which originates from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s ie; the Mean Reds. Its likely they have wrongfully assumed I am some kind of fascist Nazi. However being Nazirite is a legitimate reconciliation of Biblical doctrine.

The following is the link to the youtube video covering the incident:

The following letter/post is also relevant as well:



The Following picture is of the BigFoot stickers currently stuck to the light post in front of city hall. City Hall is arguelbly the most central point in Lethbridge. Given that my totem is that of Blood, and I already been humiliated on Arrested Development for my unsightly pores and acne prone skin; the significance of the colours Red and Orange bound with a steel band should be obvious. 


It would seem Levi’s influence and pettiness are quite unprecedented. How much deliberation actually went into this scheme I cannot even begin to speculate. I only pray that it end as soon as possible.

Praying for Justice;

-Starless Golightly