The beetles were the last straw.

I have never presumed to bother my friends in any capacity about my horrible experience with my Christian name nor have I tried to rally any real life support for my humiliation experience with Arrested Development. I have a touch of Asperger’s and so I already know that my interests are very narrow in the first place and so it would futile to try and explain my problems to those who already have their own. No one wants to hear about my problems, I understand that, but it would seem my “friends” have sided with this Orc persuasion and work Malcraft against me even now. Its a bit of a depressing realization but it comes as no surprise.

One decisive situation occurred 16 years ago on Canada Day; my “friends” and I were walking back from the Canada Day festivities at Henderson lake. All of us had been drinking and when we were approached by a group of 8+ sober “jocks”, everyone froze. The aggressors separated me from my group by circling around me in a horseshoe type formation. Since I was the only one willing to stand my ground the aggressors made clear that I was gonna get fucked up.

I turned around to see my friends shrinking away from me, slowly inching down the street. It was clear my “friends” had no intention of helping me. The main bully began talking in such a way so as to fire himself up, yelling obscenities through his gritted teeth etc. If at any time through this process I was scared it was then. Out muscled and out numbered I decided I wasn’t going to passively take a beating and pulled out a small knife I had from my pocket. My only intention in doing so was to make a hasty escape. I have a number of years experience in various martial arts and so I know that a knife is really only good to make a quick and uncontested exit. That’s when one of the guys who had circled behind me brained me with his skateboard. Anyone of my “friends” could have stopped him or at least give me a heads-up but clearly my safety wasn’t an issue. I saw a bright multi-coloured flash splatter like molten metal across my optic nerves and I got a tingling sensation down the back of me throat as if I had swallowed a patch of steel wool and had it stuck there. The one who hit me was “kind” enough to hit me with the wooden side of the actual board and not the metal “trucks” which hold the wheels. In an instant I was “out on my feet” scrambling through back-yards, hiding under cars trying to evade my attackers. At no point did any of my “friends” do anything to help me.

The main aggressor was someone I had recognized around town and was known for being a violent body builder with anger problems (roid rage; as its called). There was simply no way I could beat him one on one even if the situation was fair. I am sure my “friends” would contend that pulling that knife was a horrible idea but it was either that or get stomped and gang beaten by an ultra aggressive wolf pack who actually knew the meaning of “team work”. All while my “friends” high tailed it to safety no doubt. In that situation I knew that A) I was dealing with violent jocks who were determined to cause physical violence and B) that my “friends” were not in any position to defend themselves let alone me. I obviously made the right choice because no one else but me was hurt and I was still able to escape in relative safety. That knife did exactly what it was supposed to; terrify my attackers into making the first move and because its handle had a ring on it I was able to grip it even while I was knocked out. This alone kept my attackers at bay while I ran. I eventually reconnected with my “friends” later that night and I remember they behaved as though I was the violent one, presumably because I had pulled the knife. Apparently If I had not been there everything would have been a perfect hay ride complete with gourmet hot chocolate and free hand-jobs for all. It really was too bad I was there to ruin it.

I already had experience with being beaten by multiple attackers previous to this and I know that I am no Bruce Lee. When you are forced to fight off multiple opponents in a real “street-fight” situation there is no “fight”… its all defense. You might get a lucky shot in but chances are its going to be balanced by the unseen guys who keep sneaking behind your back to stomp you in the head or kidneys. I was really lucky. Once again; I was able to escape even after being struck over the head instead of ending up in the emergency room or dead…



In writing about this now I want to make clear that its not out of anger or even resentment. Lesson learned. My “friends” showed their true colours that night. I understand and have memory of being a small and weak “creature of the forest” but this was truly pathetic on their part. Everyone has their limits and so I consider it a lesson and given whats already happened I have to cut ties with this group. They didn’t have my back then and dont have my back now. I found my Ka Tet. I know who my real friends are now and my Guides have made it all too clear its time for me to move on. This decision isn’t the result of any grudge. Things change, people change and my life experience demands a new set of rules. Its time for me to move on. I dont want to be part of any social scene and only ask that I be permitted to move on and develop myself in peace.

In total honesty this writing is in regard to particular female who I believe is aiding my ex-wife to channel her curses. I dont hate anyone who was there that night not even my attackers. Things could have been much worse. But someone in my circle has been working witchcraft against me and after what happened to me with Arrested Development I absolutely deserve to move on. So I bid thee fair well; may the three fold law enlighten you.

Your now ex-friend;

Starless Golightly.