Curseology 101…

In writing a post entitled Curseology 101 I want to make clear that this writing is not intended to teach anyone how to go about cursing others. The abuse of magick inherently brings about its own kinds of curses and snares so anyone attempting to use spells to impede someone else’s spiritual territory is only going to end up making a fool of themselves as well as making their own life unnecessarily complicated. ‘Spellcraft’ is very closely related to word smithing and so the old adage ‘stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…’ is key. Curses can be annoying; the mental blockages that an effective ‘binding spell’ can bring about have the potential to eat up a lot of ones’ time and mental well being but we as thinking and free individuals can overcome them simply by channeling our own positivity into the world around us. One of the biggest hurdles that an aspiring Mage is faced with in the study of magick is maintaining a balanced and realistic perspective when processing the wonders (and horrors) strewn about the Aether. It’s easy to get way too wrapped up in the catacombs of the rabbit hole and lose sight of the fact that magick is all in the mind. Magick only works on the virtual reality of language.

I have already written on the topic that A.I. isn’t limited to the realm of technology. Artificial Intelligence can also be practiced in various existing systems like Kabbalah, WitchCraft, Marketing and especially Sales Strategies etc. These are things that everyone is doing anyhow but none the less remain difficult to teach. However anyone can make statistical predictions based on continuous symmetry and that is essentially what magick is all about. One simple example being once one understands the count and pattern in an arrangement of floor tiles it’s easy to predict and anticipate where the pattern will repeat and what it will look like when it does.

I think maybe the first thing to consider is the quality of person who would go about arranging curses in the first place. Why would anyone wish to dedicate so much of their time to develop literary devices to feed off of, mislead or control an individual or group of people? In my experience with Arrested Development I was forced to deal with a number of false positives that a compulsive manipulator; Ronald William Howard had already authored into language. It’s perfectly clear that my use of the term “compulsive manipulator” is no exaggeration because that is exactly what a movie director is supposed to do; get people to do things in a very particular way in accordance with the plot line of a story. Once again; what I am describing is actually the most reasonable and likely “conspiracy theory” ever. For instance my Christian name was abbreviated by my employer from “Richard Yellowhorn” to that of “Richard Horn” which matches the simple count of Ron Howard’s gematria of 116 exactly. This put me in his territory and allowed him as a director to remotely walk me through his #pathwork of lies and deceptions that he and his cohorts had already arranged as themes in media. Ron Howard was also able to capitalize on the “oath of silence” taken by practicing Freemasons -which practically made for the perfect crime. What Ron clearly didn’t count on was my aversion to being programmed. I am not one of his feeble minded and suggestible actors… Nobody tells me what to do. But perhaps more importantly I cannot be reasonably expected to participate in his plan. Arrested Development was a clear misuse of personal information which was illegally collected from me. It’s abundantly clear that he either; overestimated the persuasive value of his subliminal devices or for someone reason was forced to make a desperate gamble to justify his existing #pathwork. Probably both. This process was harrowing but its not over yet.

Every so often the Authors of the media come up with a new batch of curses for a given group of people. They come and go. One of the main curses weighing down our cultural landscape at this time has resulted from the Bruce McArthur murders. I don’t think I am spoiling anything for anyone by pointing out the very obvious narrative that Bruce killed homosexuals and then buried them in planters -probably flowers and other decorative fauna. It’s rather obvious what he was trying to do but one has to remember that anyone pathologically insane enough to kill in the first place probably doesn’t have the most stable grasp on reality anyhow. So personally I am inclined to disbelieve that his “homosexual victims will live on as flowers” or whatever ill-dignified statement he was trying to make in burying their remains in flower pots. The reason for this is because of Roy. Roy is a little Dwarf Mugo Pine that my mother planted last year. I have been looking after him and so I have gotten to know him and his needs. He was never a person, and he isn’t the result of any crime, he is just a thirsty little evergreen who told me his name is Roy.

Hi! My name is Roy.

I believe Roy chose to tell me this to create a connection; my Feline familiar Truman did something similar. This is what I choose to believe. Obviously this simple, subtle connection that I have with a shrub goes against the intention behind Bruce MacArthur’s murders. I mean; if the reader prefers to believe that the murder victims will “live on in the flowers…” then that’s fine but then you are also inversely admitting that Bruce is their “Creator” which is precisely the opposite of what actually happened because as point of fact he destroyed his victims and buried the remains in planters. That is obvious but yet our hearts can be misled by our own sentiments. It’s subtle but true. For this very reason I have chosen not to believe in Bruce’s nonsense because I wouldn’t want to justify murdering anyone under any circumstance. I am sorry to dispel the romance of the situation but I just don’t believe that Bruce MacArthur is a “Creator” of anything but misery.

Never the less I have already noticed the weight of these evil deeds which have been subtly attached to a practice as innocent and therapeutic as gardening. Again this was practically spelled out for me because just this past week while I was doing some yard work and transplanting  lily when a stranger from down the block had his unleashed hound walk and sniff around my residence. The hound didn’t appear to be trained in any working capacity but it was rather clear that it was intended to be a production. The intent was obvious because this is not the first time I have dealt with such “timely” coincidences like this. None of this bothered me at all because all of my planters are 100% corpse free but it did get me thinking just how much time and money the meddling media is willing to sacrifice to keep people stressed out and in a state of worry. I am not saying that Bruce McArthur specifically intended to make life more difficult on his fellow gardeners as part of his “master plan” I am only saying that there exist persuasions within our culture and media who will use crimes already committed to manipulate and impede anyone they can, all to maintain their monopoly of truth or their own sense of control over it. It’s obvious that a compulsive manipulator is almost certain to be attempting to justify or engineer proof of some past lie or network of lies they have told. They are intensely motivated to doctor and engineer a specific out come to suit the own perverted agenda.

One can certainly imagine that the “person” responsible for say the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey might go to great lengths to cover up certain things and prevent a logical inquiry into the pathwork surrounding her murder. Again the Freemasons “oath of silence” can go a long way in aiding and abetting a conspiracy like this because in the first place no one really wants to think about how a little girl can be murdered in her home on Christmas anyhow. It’s very upsetting. In fact if one wanted to really make sure public inquiry was kept at bay it would be in the murderer’s best interest to perhaps start and maintain a crime message board which focuses on theories about the murder. Doing so would allow the murderer to monitor and anticipate various theories which might work against them. Hiding in plain sight can be a very effective way to go about suppressing any factors that might work against an interested party in a case like this. It’s obvious to anyone who has paid attention to the details of notorious crimes such as these that the Modus Operandi of the East Area Rapist matches that of the Jonbenet Ramsey’s death. In each of these cases the murders occurred in the victims homes at night, were incapacitated by strangulation and executed by bludgeoning. It would even be in the interest of the murder to create an atmosphere of distrust in public opinion by creating “fake news” all so that looking back we would be inclined to see it as a hoax. My point in saying this is Ron Howard reeks of desperation. Why else would someone go to such trouble as to make a sitcom about some nobodies life unless that nobody had personal insight into the pathwork and motivations of an actual murderer? Something is amiss and the only one that appears to be sweating is Ron Howard.

None of this is to say that continuous symmetry is any less neat. The symmetries of our world are fascinating and the subtle agreement in the details absolutely add extra dimensions of fun and wonder to ordinary things. I am just very choosy about where I source my own personal magick from and I will always maintain that magick can be denied and dispelled if it veers to close to a curse.

Starless Golightly.