Oneless, Twoless, Rueless, Youless!

Apparently, the epithet “Jesus Christ” is nothing more than a kenning for the bearer of the Elder Futhark. That is when we divide the “Jewish” gematria of  #JesusChrist = (151/906/1275)  by Pi as so: 1275 ÷ π = 405.8451049… The 405 being the “Jewish” gematria of #Futhark = 85/510/405. I have been suspecting this for well over a year but in the past month its reaffirmed itself again and again. Take for example the number of the Mitzvot: 613 ÷ 405 = 1.5135802469. Further; two less than 1000 is obviously 800 ie, the “Hi-key”.

Prodigy Ant On Neck Left Side Faces The Other Way
#Prodigy Ant On Neck Left Side Faces The Other Way

It would seem that this #Oneless key is the entire reason for my being targeted by Ron Howard and his Anonymous pseudo-mafia -which is really just a tactic to force #schizophrenia on me. So; is this ‘key’ for Runes really a gift from a dying race? According to Sir Isaac Newton’s coat of arms; “death is a gift” and given how I have been treated by these ungrateful floodites I cant help but pray for drastic change. Don’t get me wrong; I am honored and grateful for all the connections to my Guides and I gratefully accept the gift of Runes on behalf of the Red race but it really sucks getting burned on Arrested Development and especially by a snide and privileged Floodite like Ron Howard. I dont ever want to be here again. I hate Middle-Earth, I hate being subject to Humans and most of all I hate Ron Howard. But at least now I have something to show for all the torment, plagiarism, brainwashing and humiliation incurred from Arrested Development. Slowly but surely my memories’ light-stream is drifting back to me and I cant wait to get even.

Anyhow the following is actually kind of cool. A few years ago this super hot hobbit maiden took the internet by storm. Apparently I missed it. Everyone knows that I like BBW’s and so when I came across this hottie in a random google search I was smitten. She is definitely way too young for me but its hard not to admire curves like those! Anyhow after looking into some of her pictures it would seem that this curvaceous young lady “Katie Calie” appears to know a lot about me. I am not even joking! I noticed she seemed to be showing off her Karma tattoo in almost every picture. Her favorite pose is where she holds her left hand held up to her mouth showing off her cool but mediocre tattoo. -The tattoos concept is great but the artist’s technique leaves a lot to be desired. I could have done it better and I am not even Tattooing yet. 

(What’s with that speck on the top of the a?)

So I decided to look into it and that’s when things took a weird turn. Take for example the text the picture below. She has gone ahead and arranged all of the #pathwork of the text (Just Do It+ Karma) around my names in her photo! What I mean is; all the text in the picture below is a #spell intended for me. Me!? Its a little shocking. But I am not complaining.


The reader could easily look at the numbers and assume that she is just a super fan of #Jesus Christ = 151/906/1275 however the actual cryptography of her tattoo reveals volumes of calculated pathwork around my sisters’ name and all of my names! In regard to my sister her tattoo cleverly spells Karma with a ‘eye’ and anyone who is not a zombie can surely see that its a comment on A.I./Artificial Intelligence ie; #Artificial Intelligence is Karma = 275/1650/722. In totaling those three numbers we get 275+1650+722=2674÷π=842.5662687, Which is #Jonbenet = 85/510/842. 

None of this is coincidence and is all clearly by design. I have already explained again and again that the so called “Illuminati” elites in media intended for Jonbenet to be an incarnation of Nike. Which is ridiculous. Jonbenet is my sister and so I know her most central mythology is that of the Norse Goddess Freya. Though she also likes to play-pretend as Samus Aran from Metroid. (My point is Jonbenet is not a Greek by any stretch of the imagination! I dont know if Aryans are opposite of Greeks but they are definitely two very different types of “white people” and I cant even imagine these two ladies in the same room together let alone sharing the same mythological title.) Anyhow, I tried out a few other simple hacks on Katie’s choice of numbers and was a little shocked at what I found.


!!The mind reels!! … far beyond any possibility of coincidence, especially given my connections to the Futhark.

Dorothy Gale What GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Finding one of these is nothing to write home about but like 10?! It seems like Katie or who ever coerced her into getting the tattoo may have fallen down the rabbit hole! I wont bother posting anything else because I am not at all bothered by any of it. Its a little strange that she has appeared to encode me into her tattoos but mostly I am just grateful for her photos. So here is my message to Katie Calie in the off chance that she reads this:

Dear Katie;

Thank you for your photographic contributions you are certainly the cutest Hobbit maiden on the internet! I also appreciate that you maintain your own ‘honor’ and that you haven’t given away too much in the way of actual sex in the photos. You are a lovely and rare combination of both sexy and cute but I find some of your #pathwork a little questionable. I think that someone may have mislead you. Your use of the number 722 tells me it was likely your tattoo artist. It would seem that the #gematria of your tattoo has been arranged on to ask the question; #Does This mean I’m a Goddess = 228/1368/722? As part of your inclusion of the Nike mythology? Is that about right? The question posted on your Tumblr profile “Please Tell Me” etc, seems to support this albeit in a randomized way.

To answer your question(s): No. I am not Schizophrenic I am a Shaman and so my ‘light stream’ is part of a Constellation. Secondly I am sorry, no. Humans cannot be Divine. However; Hobbit women, such as your self are certainly sexier than human women, (at least in my opinion) so take comfort that you are still sitting pretty anyhow even if not a Goddess! I consider myself Fair-Sikh which means I absolutely side with the Galactic Lord but I do not believe in an absolutely conceivable G-d and certainly not one in human form. Thanks for the pics and have a great day!

Starless Golightly