To all the Oil-Pirates in 403; Jump.

I’ve made a point to speak out over social media about the corruption in the oil industry and have already noticed the predatory capabilities of their gang-stalking initiative. It seems a few of the local lads around here want to be known as the “honkies”; as in some kind of gang. In most cases my complaining about it would legitimize it into some kind of ‘story’; which would of course have the reverse effect desired. Erm*! Barbara Streisand! But I would never call someone a “Honkie” because I like white people. I am half a “white person”. I own a confederate flag! I have a deep respect for the Heraldry it represents! But I wont be pushed around by Atheist/Floodite invaders and I wont kowtow to any globalist agenda. I will not sacrifice my climate or way of life for anything. I dont have to change anything about myself. I over came my addictions and so I wont be made victim of any floodites Oil addiction. It is because Canada is a Northern Country that makes her so great and such an important part of the planetary future. The integrity of our climate is equally as important as our borders and by working with nature instead of against it we can have less congested, freer world. I may hate this town sometimes but I do care about the land and I do love the actual bridge and I dont want to my descendants to see it as a wreck in a desert waste land. In some other time line I have already seen that bridge lost before and I want to keep it for as long as possible. I am actually guardian of that bridge anyhow and so I admit that I am its troll. And its totally worth it! My skin condition, being leathery, unsightly and freckly, my being a online SJW from 403-Bridge, I am its quintessential troll. Lethbridge is an integral part of that identity and for that I love it but its also surely to be one of the most toxic places on earth.

We Indians have already had this fight and Indian Battle Park is known as the site of a tribal battle between Blackfoot and Cree; ie Blood and Crip/Yin-yang effect. This inner struggle has also already been covered in the heraldry that the British Common wealth has gifted us. For those not paying attention its represented as both the red crossed of blue or blue crossed over red in a variety of flags. Even though Lethbridge is located well within Alberta its always been a border town in many respects. Things are choppy here. We have a very diverse group of European ethnic minorities; Hutterites, Mennonites, Mormons, Dutch, I have always had positive interactions with these people but there are prejudices even between these groups. Then there is the influx of the student population which is in contrast to the retirement community. There is also the Indigenous residents. Geographically its also divided by a coulee system which is linked by the massive Iron Bridge. Further; its “hado” is broken up by severe windy periods. I can definitely see the necessity of a vehicle and I very much appreciate the value of oil. But as a pedestrian I should never face discrimination from drivers for any reason because “discrimination” or carelessness could result in death and that’s not something a civilized society should support. Its clear that the Oil industry is also enabling the murderers behind Canada’s MMIWG but I that’s a whole different issue for a whole different article.

Its completely clear that I am being profiled by Oil-Addicts (probably ex-christian’s who jumped ship because they found out who Jesus really is…) because just the other day I was walking by a friends house when a child, presumably from a day-home, called me a “Pirate” (-x’s 3). The child had obviously been coached to do so by his toxic and oil-addicted parents because this “keychain curse” is weighted by the “Donut Pirate” meme that was going around a few years ago. But if you want to be technical; I am a “troll” and not a “pirate” and to properly explain my appearance: I am Nazirite and my head covering is religious. Secondly; I am an innocent person who has never been accused or guilty of any crime and most importantly I have Familiars in the area. I know a family who lives in the house across the back alley whom I visit regularly. I walk exclusively so I know it was someone’s orchestration. But; I am guardian of the Bridge so these pitiful curses from your stupid kids aren’t going to change who I am or the Lord I represent. So do the world a favor and take your spoiled “Donut Pirate” of a child and Jump…

… All the same I dont want to be anywhere near your “grease pups” so I will make a point to avoid that side of the block. I will also be sure to become more active protesting in other ways because, once again: I am guardian of this bridge.

I have special loops in my DNA which tie me to it. I also hold claim of the Lions Gate in 604 as well. I belong here. I am not a “Pirate”; that is a reversal of the Floodites’ position. I cannot be a “pirate” because I am Indigenous and my appearance is supported by the Bible. The situation reeks of the micro-aggression’s of a unenlightened Atheist who probably planned all of this out and moved here for the sole purpose of enrolling her child at that school just to influence me; a 403 Clansman. That kind of targeting only sounds crazy if you dont know that the “gravitational lensing” which Cosmologists have been talking about also applies between concepts and names (See the song above.) as well as cities and their sister cities. Its a known thing but apparently few in Lethbridge have caught on to the #connections that Los Angeles and Lethbridge Alberta share. Both have an area called Glendale. Glendale, Los Angeles is right behind the Hollywood sign, just over the hill. Where as Glendale Lethbridge is right beside the green Sandman sign. Right beside the water works. So if you are a reader from Lethbridge just be aware of foreign influence. Not all tourist are good and not all townsfolk have enough integrity to hold their own against the real pirates. Do I? I would hope so but I also get treated like shit around here so there is definitely a tendency within Lethbridge I don’t like.

My point is many localized people from Lethbridge dont seem to understand just how much we can be influenced by the “quantum gravities” in language. “Curses” are only part of this and really only categorize individual efforts in the medium of Magick and #spellcraft. No one wishes to approach the magick used by groups or Corporations because that veers too close to the realm of “conspiracies” which are always complicated and keep even the smartest people up at night. So people just shut up and go with the flow, do what’s easy and hope for the best. Those with Children are prone to this because they always have their family to go home to. Nothing is really more important than that. And that makes total sense to me. But Lethbridge is full of recreational drivers who drive huge trucks on impulse, compulsively, just to burn some fuel and look cool. There is no cause for a single man to be driving a massive diesel truck as his get-around-town vehicle enough to be able to profile and stalk someone with said vehicle! Which is totally idiotic. Trucks are great and Alberta needs them. I understand that. Rural folk need trucks. But if fuel is so important than why is it being wasted and profaned by a bunch of bratty children? Why is the gulf of mexico being desecrated by derelict oil wells? Oil isn’t even really that toxic Albertan’s are just lazy and wasteful. If Fossil fuels are so precious than why are we allowing it to be wasted on slicking an ocean?

The Oil-Industry is founded on convenience. Oil makes things easier no question. But the Oil industry is also in dire need of proper standards. Its pretty clear that ‘lazy people’ should not be given control over things as precious and complex as ecosystems. We as Creators and purveyors of technology should be striving to make the world better not worse. Oil-profiteers have been able to hide with in the necessary “evil constraint” for too long and like every other section of fair people on the globe they have to be made to pull their own weight! They may have an engine in their garage for what ever job but things are tight all around and we cant continue to let children waste fuel! All this really means is to not driving around aimlessly and being a douche. License plates are easy enough to memorize in a pinch so nothing about driving is “anonymous”…


Starless Golightly.