Burning the Bridge; “Since the flood”…

My local radio station 98.1 The Bridge has broadcasted a personalized radio ad which capitalizes on a tragedy that has recently occurred in my life. To be specific the ads formula uses the slogan ‘Genie in a bottle’ as its start off point and then tangents off into a super-specific description of learning a “horrible life lesson”… as per the old gimmick; “it’s not like such-and-such occurred”… I am sure with a little research I can find out which female radio personality it was and then proceed to publicly shame her. The ad is no doubt a response to Keith Flints Suicide and my tweet that prompted it. There is no use denying this because these types of taunts have become a regular occurrence in my life since Ron Howard made Arrested Development to make fun of my life and convince me I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

One would expect that I would be powerless against such attacks because of the inherent “plausible deniability” and indeed I have spent many hours wondering how I might respond to the ploys that have already been orchestrated against me. And though I would love to glue whoever is responsible to their chairs to bite off their nose and set them ablaze as a testament to my forgiving and generous nature, I feel this might rob you of descending the steep and rocky path of humiliation that now lies ahead. Perhaps the lesson here is; “Don’t celebrate too soon” because I have actually been kind enough to overlook the hidden meaning in The Illumineers hit song; “Ophelia” whose #pathwork has been carefully arranged around pedophilia and specifically Jonbenet Ramsey. This is absolutely undeniable when the gematria is examined because “Ophelia” even sounds like ♪”Pe-do-philia” when sung. The song is probably the most blatant attempt to celebrate pedophilia by the music industry to date and my treatment by your marketing staff has convinced me to set my will against you, your industry and your entire race. I keep telling you faggots about the “three fold law” inherent to the practice of magick which allows me to reflect the angular momentum of magical attacks back at source and it’s true that this attack is not on the Bridge radio station directly but it will certainly be enough to illuminate your staff and ruin the bands career. I plan on making this central to my awareness campaign in the coming months and years or until the band retreats to living under a rock for fear of being reaped.

Jonbenet Ramsey’s gematria listed below is of course the names full count; and includes the accented letter é which the calculator www.gematrix.com counts as zero in simple.

#Pedophilia = 95/570/226 (=891)

#Ophelia = 66/396/153 (= 615)

When we divide #Pedophilia’s total by the name #Ophelia’s total we are left with the Jewish gematria of #Jonbenet Ramsey:

891÷615 = 1.448780488

#Jonbenet Ramsey =166/966/1448

Here’s the video with the lyrics:


Do you see now?

I hope for your sake it was your intention to hand me free ammunition because as per the consequence of the “three fold law” you have surely ruined a bands career. Do you really think an American band would continue to play live if they were proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be pedophiles? Especially considering the exploits of the “Reaping Gunmen” of the Route-91 Harvest Festival fresh in the collective imagination? You see; I actually lost a little sister to suicide and so the Jonbenet Ramsey murder case has always haunted me even still I would rather be a positive guy and “live and let live” but it always seems like whenever I am ready to move on you Orc-maggots are there to ruin it for yourselves and strike another low blow on behalf of all that is vile. So know that this is your doing. Your malice has forced my hand.

You can also be sure that I will explain it to the Illumineers as well as their record company and even promotional channels that it was you who convinced me to go this route. That it was the bitch-female radio voice at CKBD-FM “98.1 The Bridge” of Clear Sky Radio who was instrumental in outing them as pedophiles. I am actually not that spiteful of a person but my mercy has its limits and unfortunately for you I am fresh out. This could of course all be avoided if you were do-right human beings but since that is apparently beyond your abilities I will proceed to chip away at your platform and ruin you industry in whatever way I can. So please for your own sake keep your second rate marketers occupied with things other than me. Or I will have to smear your clear sky with a big, black, stack of smoke and you will weep in the ashes as I dance them.

Why don’t you hang yourselves too because I have only just gotten started.

Starless Golightly.