Abort. Retreat. Deny.

Hey there;
I just got your message “Beware of Andrew Scheer” which you or one of your lackeys deliberately left in the search field on my website and before you embarrass yourself any further you need to understand that my website and my mission is 100% legitimate and no amount of lies or Orcish-machinations will ever change that. You are totally out of your league. It would seem our Monarch; Queen Elizabeth II has backed me by signing #Elizabeth R on her first ever social media post (Go ahead and look into for yourself; the msg is a lot different than it appears.) She is indeed a brilliant and wonderful lady. Resign.
Once I have finished grieving the loss of my cousin Lucas Ellis as well as my friend Keith Flint I promise I will be back on social media to torment you further. You will just have to be patient because its been a pretty hard week for me and I need some time. If you were smart you would quit now because if someone as important as the Queen of the civilized world is willing to call one in for me, then you need to take stock of your political agenda and seriously rethink what moral ground you think you’re standing on. I am demonstrably not trying to “toot my own horn” but the harassment has gone on long enough and for you to try to take advantage of my situation only speaks to the dearth of your own character. Resign.
You made a point to alienate Natives from your politics from the get-go and I wont forgive you for it. You made a point to base your political platform on the sustained abuse of fossil fuels and I wont forgive you for that. You made a point to sell out your countrymen to the Globalists agenda and I will never forgive you for that! You and your self-servative cronies only offer teeter-totter politics and we are way past that now. I am planning on building pyramids and laying the foundation for an eternal civilization and you are only perpetuating war and poverty by playing the marionette to oil junkies and identity pirates. Resign.
You just dont have it in you to be a leader Andrew. Its obvious you lack the #centralisation that’s necessary to maintain form in the face of adversity if you ‘re political angle is pestering me. I dont even have a job because Lethbridge is a discriminating dump: https://theunicornnightmare.com/2019/02/09/lowes-corporate-witchcraft
If I had job I wouldn’t have time to torment you because I would be doing a tattoo apprenticeship in my free time… Think about that. Its clear you are already sweating and cracking under my pressure, that’s much is obvious because anyone who would invoke the #JesusChrist/#Schizphrenia curse reeks of fear! Resign. If you try and push my buttons again then I will actually get mean. Think about that. Resign.
Seriously tho’ the line “Beware of Andrew Scheer” is hilarious in how pathetic it is because thee Mohammed bin Salman has already threatened to “cut me up” like he did Jamal Khashoggihttps://theunicornnightmare.com/2018/10/28/i-have-new-fan . That makes your threats seem like child’s-play. To reiterate; you are totally out of your league if you think you can intimidate me with my own line. I cannot be intimidated. Resign.
-Good day;
Starless Golightly