An open letter to Helen Page.

I have tried to keep my posts as balanced and reasonable as I can and in doing that I have refrained from talking about the most central of my lingering suspicions. There is an under lying pattern in the so called “narcissistic supply chains” defining the orchestrations I describe that reveal why I have been targeted by media. I know these patterns are deliberate because they are obviously blind attempts designed to encroach upon my most secret fears; things which I have never told anyone. The most obvious motivation for these curses being that my Blackfoot tribe has been targeted by a group of Ashkenazi for very obvious potentials existing in language. This may seem like an unlikely reason to target a group by conventional standards; but the Jewish stereotype is absolutely this petty and paranoid. Jewish psychology or at least its stereotypes are prone to over-thinking and over-analyzing. This is something widely remarked upon even by self identifying Jews and indeed its part of what makes their comedy so consistently hilarious. But this is no laughing matter and my treatment has gone far beyond that of reasonable and healthy opposition. This Jewry has been used to impress upon me symptoms of schizophrenia, OCD not to mention a host of gender related attacks as well.

In the plainest of terms my personal concept of an earthly hell would be marrying a Jewish Lesbian and thereby be forced to constantly deal with the meddling of her Orchish in laws. For an outsider looking in its difficult to see how Ron Howard/Imagine Entertainment was able to grock this from me but its true. I can think of no worse fate than marrying a nagging manipulating Jewess Orc-Oligarch who slithers off to convene with her lesbo-mafia cronies at every available opportunity; to shit talk me or else tell them all how inadequate and ugly my genitalia is. This angle is my secret fear and the program I describe is intended to disguise itself in its own schizotypal unlikelihood. I fully understand that at first glance this situation appears quite impossible after all why would a Lesbian marry a straight man in the first place? But however outlandish this possibility may sound I am already dealing with Jewish conspirators who have already treated me as a slave and so it seems only fitting that they would bring to life my secret fear in any way they could. However unlikely that may be. There have even been some rather pathetic attempts to convince me that I am some sort of ‘lesbian in man’s body’ as well… But guess what? That’s called being male.

The most central of my fears is actually something worse. My actual nightmare; my deepest, darkest fear is to wake up to a world without women and more specifically straight women. This remote possibility is my “worst case scenario”. This is in part why my blog memorializes Sharon Tate and Carol Wayne because its my way of pointing out that life gets progressively shittier the less women there are. Imagine a world where all the women suddenly disappeared and all that was left was men and the closest thing to a woman was gay men and drag-fags. Shameless counterfeits of something sacred. Cheap and laughable knock offs of the illusive feminine magic that can never be re-created with surgery or make-up. Personally I have nothing against those who cross-dress but there is simply no substitute for a real woman and I will openly scoff at those who try because its futile. Every wonderful Vagina is just a little bit different, perfect in its own uniqueness. I admit I have personally inspected a post-op tranny’s junk in a totally non-romantic situation and I shall say nothing of it; instead will only stress how lovely genuine women are and how grateful I am to look upon them. I had a look and I am sticking with what works.

I dont have any problem with Gay people as a Tribe and indeed I have a healthy respect and fear of their operatives who work in secrecy but I dont want to marry a lesbian and especially not a Jewish one. That’s the bottom line. That’s my personal “off” switch. Jewish Lesbians are a “No Deal” for Starless… My preference is unconflicted, straight, heterosexual females. I naturally speak neutrally as per my Elvish persuasion and so I am sorry if anyone ever thought I was playing the pronoun game by referring to my lovers as partners but I am and always will be straight. My experience has taught me that heterosexuality is the most important part of my romantic relationship. Stability is the foundation for a happy and stable household. I am not accepting anything less and if this is discriminating then I am fine with that. I am frequently told that I am an Asshole so I can deal with any resulting static. I like boundaries and borders because they represents agreements and order. I am not interested in trying anything new or jeopardizing my hukam with some non-commital, bi-sexual halfwit who doesn’t even know what the Bible is for and therefor lacks the spiritual fortitude to properly reconcile it to claim her Ankh. Errm! I have been there, I’ve dont that and yes; I even have the T-shirt hanging on my wall.


Through out this process I have had this overwhelming feeling that Ron Howard is attempting to turn me into a misogynist by creating the false-positive that I am some disgruntled homosexual by exploiting specific #pathwork in gematria. He has created a funnel for my anger using the gematria of a Jewish woman whom I briefly went to middle school with. Her number is prime and her image has proven exceedingly difficult to scrub from memory. Again this was orchestrated through Arrested Development which used to be one of my favorite shows. Perhaps I am not explaining the complexity of this mechanism but it has some approximation with that. I fully understand my Nazirite #pathwork is double-sided… I dont need to be continuously reminded of it. Yet this persuasion has gone to such incredible lengths to weigh on my thoughts the likes of which would have driven any normal person to suicide. To give a local example of this interference and trickery last year the Rainbow Crosswalk in downtown Lethbridge was vandalized with black paint.

pride cross
Wow! When my Christian name #’Richard Yellowhorn’ is divided from the gematria of #’Black Paint On Rainbow Crosswalk’ it equals #Jesus Christ. 2662÷1758=1.514220705. Huh… I wonder what that’s supposed to mean.

Given that my Nazirite name “Starless” carries a “black” association and that I am also a professional Painter I couldn’t help but feel like this was some sort of set up to target me. I have nothing to worry about because I didn’t do it but I already deal with racial discrimination as it is! So to live under the added pressure that persons unknown are obviously attempting to frame me for a Hate-crime is incredibly stressful to say the least! I am certain that vandalizing public property for the purpose of discriminating against homo’s would rightfully be categorized as a hate-crime so this is by no means an exaggeration on my part and it would be rather easy for a racist investigator to falsely conclude it was me who did this. Once again; I have a healthy fear of the Orchestrations of the LGBT-mafia. There is nothing far fetched about my saying this was a set up either and I site Jussie Smollett as a prime example of this treachery. Lucky for me nothing came of this but this phase in my life will surely be one of my worst memories… That’s what I think of when I look at a rainbow… Orcs orchestrating channels of misery.

I think the vast majority of the Rainbow tribe have been abused by other closet-homosexuals attempting to appear straighter than they actually are and therfor harbor a generalized and predictable resentment for the status quo. In my experience Homosexuals often have difficulty with victim-bias and wish to see all straight people forcibly converted to their orientation and politics just to knock them down a peg or two. Misery loves company after all and its also pretty obvious that their idea of a utopia involves the dismantling and dissolution of the straight persuasion and this explains why the homosexual agenda has been so relentlessly promoted in media. Our world is over populated and the future is looking bleaker with every news article and from the perspective of a covert dictator (Ron Howard) the promotion of a homosexual agenda actually makes some sense. Homosexuals know first hand that sexual shaming; “outing” as its called, can be a powerful psychological weapon and these psychological tactics can easily be channeled into a kind of motivating tendency to control the heterosexual population.

This is exactly what the Rainbow tribe has failed to understand; no amount of brainwashing is going to undo 1.7 billion years of evolution. Its not going to happen. I am never going to look at two men kissing and not shudder. There is of course no reason to be rude but I am straight and more than this I have personally been victimized through media by a Hollywood molester for being heterosexual. So I am double-charged against the homo-polarity… -or what ever you want to call it. My life experience has also made me a very angry person and so I admit I was probably in the running to do something like “Dylann Storm Roof“. Ironically the main thing that stopped me was that as the First-born of my family I already carry my sisters chakras because she commit suicide… So I dont want to be weighed down any more than I already am and especially not with the mangled and desecrated rings of a homo victim… That would be real schizophrenia. That’s the only reason.

This program of perversion has been following me because I have previously written about an Elvish variant of the Nike mythology whom the “Illuminati” have unfairly appropriated as a “Dike” simply because it rhymes. This was confirmed in Arrested Development season four; which I am now told has been edited but I have the original copy. That’s what this whole thing is about. Persuasions with in the media have desperately sought to convince me that Elves are homos and that in my writing about Nike I was actually writing about a a trans-gendered Jewish/Greek lesbian. By writing about a Greek Goddess Ron Howard deemed me a trespasser and I must admit that a Blackfoot Native American should have a very good reason for appropriating the Nike Mythology. Which I do. Its obvious that the most effective way to do away with a poorly thought out piece of writing is to not read it. But its obvious that not only did Ron Howard read my private writings but was also profoundly affected by it. Indeed it was so unforgettable that he went to incredible lengths to beg for it through his show because his interest in the rainbow agenda compelled him to acquire it!

Homosexuals and especially Ron Howard desperately want to be validated with some representation of immortality and so the film Orcs of “Hollywood” have set about trying hi-jack my Totem through intimidation and orc-orchestrations to convince me of their perverse agenda. I have since retired this story because its so troublesome. I consider it to be memories from another life and its frustrating beyond belief to have someone like Ron Howard constantly gnawing away at and coveting something integral to my earthly identity. Constantly accusing me of being a closet homosexual (or closet lesbian) etc. He is undoubtedly the Biblical “Accuser”.

Living with the fact that I have wasted my own potential writing a story that I will never publish is incredibly regretful. This dearth of being parted from a guiding force even if mythical and imaginary was used against me through the Biblical Cain and Abel narrative. I can only imagine being forced to actually be in the same room with a film director let alone having to answer to one. I have dubbed this persuasion the “Ziontologist’s” because they are neither true Jews but nor are they merely gentile Scientologist’s. Ron Howard clearly considers himself something of Hollywood’s royalty and has taken it upon himself to suppress me and my ideas on behalf of potentials which only truly exist in “La-La-Land”. Again; I refer the reader to the ridiculous Blackfoot vs Ashkenazi prejudice I have already described. It is also apparent that this tribe have “self-referenced” to a point of delusional psychosis and are causing horrible mental anguish to targeted individuals (Dylann Storm Roof). Ron Howard is very special kind of bigot who spends all of his time worrying about potentials that have nothing to do with him! His people dont even rightfully have claim to “America” -which is not even its true name. “America” is supposed to be called the “The Elvish Territory of Natland”/T.E.T.O.N., ie “Teton Sioux“. Natland is of course an approximation of the mythical Atland/Atlantis described by the Ancient Greeks(Its almost as if there is some unseen heavenly connection between these two tribes… I wonder what that could be?)

So Ellen Page; I am writing you this letter to ask; Are you happy? Are you satisfied now that the world straightest man has grievously suffered at the hands of your most cunning and formidable Orcs? If not, then how much more must I endure at the hands of your Orcish counter parts? When can I be left alone? I am a fairly creative individual who’s productions can surely enrich the world in many ways and yet I am always at the mercy of forces attempting to engineer me into some rainbow tool to further your tribes dumb agenda. I am getting really sick of this and perhaps its time I begin openly campaigning against your Rainbows. I have already claimed my “patch” for my personal coat-of-arms by killing your #Rainbow Serpent (I am also permitted to wear Newtons Crossed-Femurs). If you like I can use the Bible to make your people so terrified of these colours you will wish your mortal eyes had never looked upon the spectrum in the first place. Tolkien often used a reversible constraint to create his villains; Sir Isaac Newton was the basis for Sauron. Like wise Jesus was for Melkor… If you like I can become as relentless in my resolve as Morgoth Bauglir himself; “and upon all whom you love I shall weigh as a cloud of Doom, and it shall bring them down into darkness and despair. Where ever they go evil shall arise. When ever they speak their words shall bring ill counsel. Whatsoever they do shall turn against them. They shall die without hope cursing both life and death…” This is no exaggeration either and if you would like to see a straight army fighting for its earthly survival it’s only a prophesy away.


“And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of Lions…” -Revelation 9:8

This letter represents a turning point. I am currently preparing to “come out” as the monster that your tribe has created through all its meddling and treachery… but guess which tribe ends up being the Orcs? Guess Ellen. Slowly but surely through the abject cowardice of media these prophesies are being brought to life. I know that your people have meetings discussing and analyzing my every move… I know whats going on. I know when someone recognizes me because it can be detected by very obvious visual “ques” called “tells”. Danny Bonaduce recognized me in Vancouver’s China town and so did Tegan or Sara on Commercial drive, -and wow did she ever give me a dirty look! I know exactly what I saw. I know precisely what a fuming cunt looks like and she was it. And for what? What is the source of such automatic and instantaneous prejudice!? Is it because she knows her people are spies who have pried their way into my most private thoughts by reading my private stories which I have not even published? Because its clear that someone was very threatened by the potentials that these PRIVATE writings represent? She was quite obviously poisoned against me and couldn’t hide her indignation upon seeing me. Thus would seem to be the case.

Throughout this process I could not help but noticed the inherent pathological insecurity that Homosexuals are constantly compensating for. Your histrionic nature needs constant validation that your life style and orientation is acceptable. But rather than source this security from your own experience you have instead sought to steal it from mine. If its religion that you Rainbows are so bothered by then I will stress the point that the Bible is meant to discriminate against everyone and especially me. Are you aware what the Bible says about those who are not circumcised?

“And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.” -Genesis 17:14

I will ask you again Ellen; are you happy? Does it please you to know that I burn as well? I was already so ashamed of my complexion that I would cover my face from cameras and now after Ron’s program I have no face online whatever. I avoid standing within four feet of strangers because my pours are so ugly. Once again; are you happy? Its certainly not my intention to preach to you. Instead I am only pointing out that the Bible uses the readers faults against him for the purpose of charging him. Its a harrowing process once you figure whats going on. The Bible is full of terrible realizations for evil men but it even holds hard lessons for good people. Even still I am grateful for it. The Bible tells everyone they’re doomed and are destined for Hell… In the eyes of G-d; All of us are bundles of sticks… Each of us burning in his own respective Hell. The inherent architecture of the Bible is designed to divide the readers mind and channel this thought energy into what are hopefully positive directions for the individual. It builds up every possible personality type and then deconstructs them in some way. The Bible is my double sided sword and the Quran is my single edged Kilij. Both of these books are a holographic reflections of the tribes governing principles and I am far from perfect but I am none the less grateful for both.

Its not my fault that your tribe has rejected these spiritual gifts and weapons. Nor is it my fault that the “golden fleece” escapes you. Its not my fault that your insecurities constantly gnaw at you. As I already said; in this life everyone burns. Get used to it.

-Starless Golightly.











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