Christian names equal slave names.

This simple string of math is the final nail in the coffin for my conspirators and proves that the content of Arrested Development was intended as a personal insult against my intelligence and character:


In English that is: #Richard Horn (Jewish) divided by #Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Jewish) = 1175.

The number 1175 comes from adding up all of the gematria in #Richard Horn =116/696/363 = (116+696+363 = 1175). Where as 983 is the Jewish number of #Fetal Alcohol Syndrome = 223/1338/983. I have already written about how Anthony Pavlapovich of GoodHomePainting abbreviated my Christian name from #Richard Yellowhorn to #Richard Horn on my checks and T4’s from 2007 to 2010. Obviously I should have insisted on the original name but I was desperate for work and didn’t think it was that big of deal since I was set to change it anyhow. This numbering of #Richard Horn put me in symmetry with #Ron Howard = 116/696/1272 which would have made it easier to “program” me by putting in his exact territory. Its rather obvious that this is just an outline of simple mathematics derived from gematria and could never prove such thing as a physical diagnosis. But this #pathwork does shows the intention that the name #Richard Horn was meant to be a kind of choke chain designed to subliminally align me with the title #fetal alcohol syndrome. That is; it was set up to convince me of such a thing by way of subliminalism. Everything within a writers work is deliberate which means that the author of these curses was actively attempting to control me.

I dont mean to imply to any readers that dividing ones gematria in such a manner will automatically reveal something about who you are. I know this because I am a fairly smart guy who clearly doesn’t suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and more than this #Richard Horn was never my real name and so the math would only indicate a kind of false positive or mental block something called a binding spell in the “craft”. My point in recording this is to outline exactly how measures were taken against me by Imagine Entertainment (Ron Howard, Brain Grazer, Mitch Hurwitz) as well as more recently comedian Sarah Silverman to impede and interfere with my life through subliminal ploys in media. I am also reasonably sure that my ex-wife Manithya Sudevi (Sarah Stephanie Landry) also participated in this campaign as well.

It would seem one of the main reasons why I have been targeted by the Ashkenazi tribe is because I am Blackfoot. The Jewish stereotype is that of a neurotic, obsessive compulsive who over-thinks every details and cant leave well enough alone and this situation certainly indicates this stereotype is true. Its clear that to extrapolate from the name of someones tribe that they are your automatically your enemy and then set about making real life decisions based on those potentials amounts not only to discrimination but also a delusional paranoia. Thus is Jewry. Jewry is a practice of weaponizing words and annexing and altering relevant vocabulary to debase any opposing arguments which go against the Jewish one.

My new Nazirite name may appear ridiculous to people now but once the lights come on and the general public realizes what’s been going on there are going to be some drastic changes. Just imagine that suddenly all the antisemitism was somehow justified and made sense. All of this could have been avoided just by being nice or even just ignoring a tribe with an unusual name. But no, because we are playing by Jewish rules this had to happen I suppose you can guess what happens next.

Lastly I just wanted to also show case the bad hand that Dylann Storm Roof was dealt in regard to existing stereotypes in the 1993 movie Dennis The Menace:

I commented on the video so Youtube may have blocked it from being displayed. Anyhow the explanation is as follows #Dylann Roof (totaled) divided by #apple (totaled): 1559÷496=3.143145161… !!!! That is: #Dylann Roof = 124/744/691 (124+744+691=1559. #Apple =  50/300/146 (50+300+146=496). This “proof” is a rather unfortunate coincidence. The movie Dennis the Menace came out a full year before Dylann Roof was even born 1994 but it still indicates the prevailing cultural pressure that he would have been dealing with. Maybe having a bowl cut wasn’t the most well received hair cut for him but we all have the right to self determination and be an individual and its pretty clear that there was a persuasion working against him just as I have been saying all along. Even the Video is 1:24 seconds long. All this makes it clear that the subliminal effects of these curses were effective in driving him insane.