Lowe’s Corporate Witchcraft.

Attention Lowes Lethbridge;

My name is Starless Golightly and I was recently called in for an interview by a gentleman named adam who is acting manager of the Lowes Lethbridge Alberta location. adam made a strange double-sided comment in the interview and on a hunch I audited the #pathwork of the job title #Lowes Peak Paint Associate which revealed that the interview was intended to communicate a “#Crip message” about me and specifically the title of my blog. I am certain about this angle because my personal totem is that of #Blood. All Blackfoot are Blood and this is not the first time I have been targeted for this totem. I have also been targeted by a group of Ashkenazi Jews because they believe the Blackfoot namesake to be a reversible slight against their name. It’s not. The #pathwork makes it perfectly clear that I have been profiled by Lowes and that the interview and #jobtitle was nothing more than a petty binding spell conjured against my identity. I am sure you know what this is about even if you end up ignoring this message…

For your information it’s a very, very, very bad idea to make# Crip signs and curses part of your company policy. The “three fold law of return” is a cosmic certainty and if adam knows was good for him he will repent of this corporate witchcraft with an apology. Not only does it amount to low level gangsterism but it also amounts to a new kind of discrimination based on numerology. He probably thought that because I am Native I am uneducated and blind to the #tetragrammaton and there for the curses of witchcraft. Thankfully my lovely Unicorn mare #Carol Wayne has neutralized adam’s ill-conceived curse which he foolishly put on my name. So no harm no foul… this time. But I cannot promise that Edward Durston does not already have plans to use the proverbial #GigaTonTripHammer on adams skull. Edward doesn’t like adam’s sort of people if you get my drift… He says they’re all histrionic and petty “Orcs” because of how they Orchestrate situations exactly like this one. Edward is an incredibly dangerous demon you can read about here: https://theunicornnightmare.com/2018/06/30/the-murder-of-carol-wayne-and-column-seventeen

For my part please consider this letter neutral and my invoking of the three fold law is not a threat but merely a description of Karma. Regarding Edward Durston take that as a warning; he is not dead. In closing; I am actually happy I didn’t have to waste my time working for someone so analytical and petty. He should get some help.

Enjoy your corporate slavery! Assholes.

-Starless Golightly.


Thank you for your response Lindsay, I floored through reading your letter the first time because I was mad but now that I have read it a second time I can see that you are probably a good person and I should have been less snarky in responding. Anyhow just for the sake of communication I am going to walk you through binding spells associated with the Job title and show exactly how they relate to my names. All of this can be verified on the most common ciphers on Gematrix.org

#Peak Paint Associate = 185/1110/635 (Simple/English/Jewish)


The first four numbers of 2021 in the sequence above is the Jewish gematria of my Christian name #Richard Patrick YellowHorn = 286/1716/2021.

Secondly 1267 is the combined total of the all the gematria of my Nazirite name #Starless = 113/678/476 (S+E+J) =  113+678+476=1267.

Also the simple gematria of the job title 185 is the Jewish gematria of my Christian name #Richard 61/366/185.

Further the combined gematria of the jobtitle: 185+1110+635=1930; this is a familiar number because 193 is the simple gematria of #Iordanka Petzanova;  A woman whom the producers of Arrested Development used to manipulate me… (It’s all explained on my blog) I never knew her but I had a crush on her in middle school. This seems to be the go-to number used by my conspirators presumably because it’s prime and also because Iordanka is ridiculously pretty and therefor very memorable to the subconscious. “They” have used this number over and over again. It’s a pretty fucked up situation. I can see why it’s hard to believe but that’s why I keep such a detailed blog.

The Job title has also been tagged with “Peak” to catch my attention as click bait because I have previously worked for a company called PEAC Painting in Vancouver. I also have 17 other notable divisions with the permutation #Lowes Peak Paint Associate = 259/1554/1700 that directly connect to my other numbers. I haven’t included them because this is enough. What’s more is the company job code 1517152BR is very close to my Social Insurance number. I also know the significance of BR.

All of this together is far beyond any coincidence and indicates that Lowes is working with my conspirators to ruin my life bit by bit. Over time; situations like this equate to a ‘death of a thousand wounds’ and the program is intended to impart symptoms of schizophrenia and OCD. I have thoughts about suicide almost daily since 2013 and I have had difficulty maintaining a job because of bouts of depression and anger issues. Given that my phone bill is going to collections and that I am unemployed without any prospects these petty curses have infuriated me beyond belief. It’s discriminatory. It’s mean and it’s also very isolating and sad. So for a snide prick like adam to deliberately deprive me of the exact job I am looking for while I am penniless and picking bottles is almost enough to put me in a psychotic rage… the job ad is still up too and probably just to burn me. I want a settlement. I want and apology and I want adam fired.

I will also be adding this into letter to the same Blog post.

Talk to you soon;

~Starless Golightly


Peak Paint Associate


Job Description

Seasonal AssociateLowe’s has seasonal openings for Assemblers, Receivers/Stockers, and Customer Service Associates (CSAs). All employees are expected to provide excellent customer service by greeting customers, responding to customer inquiries, and assisting them in locating, selecting, demonstrating, preparing, and loading merchandise. Additionally, each role has specific responsibilities, for example: assembling merchandise (Assembler), distributing and stocking merchandise (Receiver/Stocker), supporting check out and other functions as needed (CSA Loader), promoting customer loyalty plans and extended protection/replacement plans (CSA Sales Floor) and processing sales and returns using a cash register (CSA Front End). This is not an exhaustive list of duties, and seasonal associates may be asked to help with other duties as needed. Individuals applying for Seasonal Associate may be considered for one of these roles, depending on hiring needs. Job RequirementsMorning, afternoon, and evening availability any day of the week, except Receiver/Stocker – late evening, night-time, and early morning any day of the week.Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties.Minimum Qualifications Assembler & Receiver/Stocker Ability to read, write, and perform basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction).CSAs (Loader, Front-End, and Sales Floor) 6 months of experience using a computer, including: inputting, accessing, modifying, or outputting information AND 6 months of experience using a handheld device (e.g., mobile phone, LRT gun, palm pilot, tablet, iPod) to enter, access, and output information. Preferred Qualifications Assembler & Receiver/Stocker 3 months of experience operating forklift/power equipment such as lifts, order pickers, and similar equipment.CSAs (Loader, Front-End, and Sales Floor) 6 months of retail experience, performing tasks such as: identifying and selling products based on customer needs; explaining warranties, product features, and benefits; assisting customers in locating products; building customer relationships; identifying and resolving customer issues; zone recovery; and housekeeping.

Job Category


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