Simulation Syndrome and Self Organizing Patterns.

Since completing my table I feel as though I can finally get back to experiencing life at my own pace. Its only in the past two weeks have I found quality time to feel anything at all outside the Orcish-currents directed at me through media so its a bit of a relief to write about something I am actually interested in rather than tormented by. I have never thought of myself as one of those conspiracy sorts and I still dont. Rather, I have come to favor magick as both a craft and as a means of spiritual defense against the Floodite culture and what ever conclusions the reader may take beyond that is at their own discretion. Giving Sharon Tate and Carol Wayne a happy ending is more important than the Satanic Conspiracies that Hi-jacked their lives and that’s the purpose of this blog; to make the point that “Unicorns” are “real”. Carol Wayne and Sharon Tate both approximate what I believe to be the human embodiment of Unicorns. Unicorns are the enemies of tragedy and so their magick emanates from their habit of protecting those with in their given territory. The archetype of the ‘Unicorn in Captivity’ therefor represents the assignment of borders and naturally implies that the Unicorn is ruler and protector of its territory and domain. As an unintended result of this surveillance and harassment by media the Unicorns have spoken to me and they have told me their secrets as well as the secrets of my enemies.

Spirit animals and Totems are both examples of self organizing patterns where by the individual is drawn to maintain certain habits as well as develop #pathwork which bring them closer to their desired spirit form. Its a process by which one seeks to emulate their ideal self. But self similar patterns can be also be transferred to other forms as well in a fashion similar to cloning. I noticed that naming my feline familiars after writers reinforced their status within my human family. They were accepted and revered with more dignity than had I named them more conventional pet names. The names I chose for my familiars not only fit the individual felines personalities but also set them in agreement with the power of a guiding force as well. Did I merely name my pets after authors because they reminded me of their literary voices or was it actually providence at work? I think its both and a lovely example how different light frequencies interfere with each other in cute and cuddly ways.

This was most evident with Mukey and Truman. Brie was much more discreet and private but no less a grand example of a familiar.

I first heard about self organizing patterns from the blue collar genius and Reality Theorist Christopher Langan. Of what little I understood of his Cognitive Theoretical Model of the Universe the description of Self Organizing Patterns stood out as very interesting and intuitive means of accounting for the human tendency to order and personify the things around them. My understanding of these self organizing patterns and thought-forms are derived from my own understanding of ‘totems’. I define a totem as something given to you by G-d for you to specialize in; its closely linked to our individual identity or its nearest level of completion. It could even be something your turning into like you can say I am an aspiring scholar independently of whether you ever becoming a successful one because that is the manner in which you have your priorities arranged. Again; because its a totem it can be a ceremonial version of a real thing. Humanity has moved past the necessity for a Shogunate and samurai caste but one can still practice Bushido or Kendo if one were so inclined. Indeed living according to a defined code is the medium by which the individuals potentia and deeds are channeled and remembered beyond ones physical existence. This is what I imagine the Kemetic sigil of the Ankh to represent; a neutral point in time/space by which one connects with his greater purpose and works as the lynch pin of ones soul. This has already been reversibly associated with the hieroglyph that depicts the knot on the sandal… Which to me reads volumes in its deliberation; having already gone around themselves the ancients Kemites created a symbol full of parallels by which to embody and communicate everlasting life.

Since being tormented by Imagine Entertainment in 2013 I haven’t had time to process the passing of my friend Shannon Larratt. I never met Atlas in person and only ever talked to him occasionally over Iam.Bme but I was an avid read of his blog and this has profoundly influenced my writing and thinking. I admit that I have been haunted by his level of self awareness within his final post. His description of “simulation syndrome” and his ponderance; “is a story aware of itself while it’s being told?” is a little too close for comfort if you know who he really was and the significance of how he expired. I wish I would have sent him that email before he left. Knowing him though his Tubular Aggregate Myopathy will probably turn out to be the side effects of some futuristic 24th century Elvish spyware which he sent back in time for the purpose of implanting markers in his soft DNA which allow for a digital holographic fossil to be unearthed by his future self so as to be used as a kind of “psychic digital armor”. Atlas likes to do stuff like that. He’s a cool Cat. It was sad how things turned out for him but he is thee Atlas; a Titan who commands a small part of eternity.

R.I.P. Shannon Larratt aka; Glider/Atlas (September 29, 1973 – March 15, 2013)

His final post Finita, la commedia mentions the suspicion that his life is a kind of simulation. This can especially appear so if one is auditing their placement on the linguistic grids. If one strips away all the distractions and begins to examine the #pathwork then its true that because of the observer effect much of the world can appear faked, artificial, counterfeit or simulated and I think this might account for talk show host Alex Jones handling of subjects like the Parkland shooting which he claimed is an orchestrated conspiracy. “Simulation Syndrome” is obviously the direct result of the “observer effect” but what I find interesting is how calm Atlas was able to stay in the face of his terminal disease and mortality, his body slowly turning to stone exactly like the bitter end of his mythology. Its a really scary thing to be forced through such an awful experience with no ways around it having no choice but to merely sit and burn. The realization that one is actually living in their own personal nightmare is nearly impossible to recover from…

I have proof that I have been targeted but I also believe I can rise above that. Even now after my experience I automatically assume the worst of politicians and especially celebrities; I always have to consciously dial it back and remember it was me who chose the “extreme path”. It’s not supposed to be easy. Sometimes it feels like G-d himself is working against me personally. That’s a really hard thing to get past. Its human nature to favor the feelings of power and control but a worth while adventure always demands we check these expectations at the door. Its all part of the contrast we crave from life. But no matter how terrible things are right now I already know its worth it because I get to stand beside my friends. I have their back and they have mine. I have found peace in that. I have found my closure in that.

With in the deliberated arrangements of our modern world it becomes very easy to label all aspects and motivations as conscious and intentional ones. Humans crave predictability and worldly success is entirely determined by the various means of honing it. If one is inclined to view the world in suspicion, that we are constantly being deceived by those in media and politics, then human behaviors will appear as mechanistic and can easily take on the appearance of a nightmare. Conspiracy theories are often the indirect result of the collectives comfort zone. As an example the Jonbenet Ramsey murder is definitely full of suspicious details but the silence surrounding this topic is at least partially due to the topics inherent negative charge; the public in general would rather not be reminded of the unsolved murder of a little girl which occurred in her home while she slept. It really is that simple, its true that the murderer is still at large and therefor obviously benefits from the lack of serious inquiry but this is by no means a perfectly consistent “conspiracy” which all parts of humanity are actively taking part in. That’s seems obvious but these conspiracy theories can be very engaging and incredibly taxing if left un-reconciled which is the point no doubt.

Its true that I dont believe in humanity any more. My European roots have enmeshed with my Blackfoot genetics to create a “Proto-Elf” and I am not ashamed of this fantastic title. I can even back this up with religious dogma which I am well aware only means that my beliefs have solidified beyond the point of my being convinced of anything else. Even still, I acknowledge that its true “Elves” are an apparently fictitious creation of humanities imagination but its also true that human activities are destroying the planet on which we live. Our future demands a sustainable and fun change and its imperative that we adopt lifestyles which compliment nature rather than destroying it. We as children of the modern age have been gifted our technology and so its our holy duty that we use it wisely and responsibly instead of compulsively destroying ourselves with it. Maatism is obviously the answer to this and for reasons too fundamental to explain fairness goes hand in hand with squareness which are the only parts of “humanity” worth saving, -which if I have anything to do with it it will be at the cost of itself. To be perfectly clear; humans have no future in a fair and square world. Elves and Dwar’s absolutely will collect what’s owed. Orcs can only be allowed to get away with so much before the inevitable happens.

It is time that the fair folk release themselves from any laws that protect the guilty. Let justice be swift and harsh. We as evolved beings have a responsibility to create a prosperous future and any orcs who stymie that process must be eradicated without mercy. I am certainly not against wealth but wealth for the sake of luxury will rightfully be sacrificed for something greater. Wealth obviously comes with responsibility and those who are mere hangers-on in this day and age, who are unwilling to evolve beyond Oil, shall die like the dinosaurs.

My situation of being targeted and harassed by Orchish-Jews is actually really funny. Atlas warned that posting ones tattoos in a online forum could entail being profiled. That was something we accepted in having an IAM account and I am sure that my harassment is largely due to my swastika tattoos. The tattoos are symmetrical on both my shoulders and just as symmetry implies balance so to are my attitudes towards Jews and their Orcish counterparts.