The most reasonable conspiracy ever.

Its become clear to me since the release of Arrested Development Season 4 in (2013) that I have been the target of a highly organized program to identify, isolate and target anyone on social media who presents a threat to public figures and their reputations. If that statement seems unlikely I would ask the reader to consider the question; Do you think that all celebrities or politicians are above and beyond online criticism? Or do you think its more likely that celebrities hire things like public relations firms to manage their reputations and stamp out online “trolling”? 

 The harassment I have experienced appears to be congruent with the central concept of the “Bl*ck Mirror” series currently being shown on Netflicks. (I have omitted the ‘a’ in “Bl*ck Mirror” so as not to inadvertently promote it.) For those who dont know the stories in the Bl*ck Mirror series explore all the ways technology can ruin peoples lives. Broadly speaking; my situation mirrors the shows core concept in a number of ways. This is incredibly obvious because the name of my cyber-stalker and harasser is “Shadowless Noir“; a name which can only be described as a literary reflection of my Nazirite name Starless Betide. This person has even arranged that our initials correspond to neighboring elements on the periodic table. This Bl*ck Mirror effect which I am describing is achieved by using common trolling tactics with the exception that the harasser bundle their targets personal information into their offending #spells (names, titles, blog entries). In exactly the same way as the elements Sn (50) and Sb (51) stand next to each other on the periodic table the harasser will engineer associations like this to invade the targeted person’s mental territory and sense of identity.

Before the reader attempts to label my claims as “numerology” and therefor nonsense I would remind you of the means by which Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber) was incarcerated; “Linguistic Forensics” is a field that was literally conjured out of thin air for the sole purpose of incarcerating the Unabomber. Through careful investigation law enforcement officials were able to see patterns in language between the Unabombers manifesto and Ted Kaczynski’s academic papers and the resulting connections formed the #pathwork by which he was ultimately prosecuted. So this isn’t nonsense. These methods have indeed been used in an official legal capacity.

Many people commonly assume that “numerology” is bullshit and that numbers are meaningless. They’re not and there is absolutely nothing random about numbers, but it does take a long time to make any sense of them. To give a real life example of how numerology and gematria are used to serialize prescriptions we will examine a few simple hacks taken directly from my medication.


In the first place I can see that the number 8473905 is backwards for our purpose. So if we reverse this number and divide it by the Jewish number of my legal name we can better understand what this number represents and how this information has been bundled into it:

5093748 ÷ 751 = 6782.620506… (immediately the number 678 stands out not only because its consecutive but because when divided by 6 it equals the simple gematria of my first name:

6782.620506 ÷ 6 = 1130.0436751

This would indicate that the pharmacies prescription algorithm utilize the Jewish, English and Simple gematria ciphers taken from their patients names to serialize unique numbers for their prescriptions. Further the last three digits of the quotient 751 are the same number we used to hack or divide the original 5093748 number. The purpose of this is only to show that numbers are not random nonsense. Every number is unique and has predictable pathways to other like numbers. Like a grid or matrix.

What ever the reader may think about numerology its clear that Shadowless Noir has become rather obsessed with me. One curious feature inherent to the tactic of reflecting a targets identity is that these channels can also literally transfer the harassers feelings of obsession to the targeted individual. To rephrase it would be very easy for the targeted individual, upon taking note of this #pathwork to become as equally obsessed with discovering their stalkers identity through what ever methods they have at their disposal. My point is; its not a coincidence that my situation fits so perfectly into the Bl*ck Mirror motif and is almost certainly an attempt to impart some ill conceived lesson about narcissism and trolling.

 Any 101’s reading this are probably wondering what exactly the pathwork of these associations are intended to mean? Why would an internet troll want to draw on similarities like those found on the periodic table? The most simple answer is that details like these form a continuum of subliminal variables which are intended to misdirect, curse or retard the targeted individuals thinking process. These curses can be arranged to accuse or imply any number of things about the individual. One thing that kept happening to me was little hints in media about latent homosexuality. Being accused of something that is untrue is infuriating. It would seem the idea is to steer the victims thoughts into considering and re-considering various negative or useless potentials; ie binding them, or otherwise “rail-roading” their thoughts around specific negative potentials. Thus is mind control.

One of the devices used by my harasser Shadowless Noir (variously known as Zillah Noir, Halli Brown etc) utilizes the number 737 in her blog title.  In this case Shadowless Noirs’ use of 737 becomes clear when it is divided by my Social Security Number; the resultant number being the simple gematria of my first name:

737÷652******=1.130168462 This simple equation outlines a direct #channel, both to and from my online-stalker’s number and shows they have “hacked” my personal gematria and are channeling from me. In the most basic sense if we read between the lines this device has the effect of saying; “I know such-and-such about you and there is nothing you can do about it!” In this case its clear that I am dealing with a deprived narcissist desperate for any type of attention who is attempting to force her symptoms of OCD on to me through an intricately arranged system of bullshit.

Tactics like this amount to a very literal form of #Vampirism which utilize #channels in language and numerology to drain or ‘suck’ from the targeted individual. Speaking as a practicing Mage its unprecedented that I would even bother describing these devices to muggles in public forum, however the Vampirism I am describing involves an inherent abuse of status and absolutely needs to be dealt with. Even if one of my readers were unethical enough to copy any of these devices chances are they would never have access to same resources and network that a celebrity like Shadowless Noir would have. Further; to the genuine magickal practitioner the “three fold law” is more than enough to deter even the most bitter and vindictive novice from casting curses like these. The “three fold law” is a cosmic certainty.

If this program were to be used on a person who were actually Obsessive Compulsive then they would likely become fixated on these curses and drive themselves mad with worry, fright, anguish or any number of negative potentials implied by their harasser. Common trolls can only be so offensive with insults and profanities; for example it might be mildly annoying if PoonGoon617 replies to all of your posts with the same picture of a dick he made out of snow but its a whole other thing if they begin hinting at personal information in the form of calculated and personalized nonsense. Say for example if PoonGoon617 somehow knew that you use a certain mythological figure as your facebook password and then proceeded to mirror this by sending you an ominous picture of the book Ulysses in the trash. To any outsider looking in it will only appear as a random picture from an unknown individual but the personal significance of its key words point to an invasion of privacy. Its not only infuriating, its also personal and further its bound to keep you guessing who the person is and how they acquired your information.

 Thus is the Bl*ck Mirror effect and its describing a system where real people are being victimized. This is a passive form of harassment which is incredibly effective within the digital medium because it only involves hinting or reflecting the targets personal information. The harasser need only send the targeted person a rude communication which contain a few personal details (often numbers) and he will certainly have their undivided attention. Once the targeted individual understands that they are somehow being surveilled like clockwork they will begin obsessively calculating potentials using the same methods by which the initial curse was detected. Is it a bitter family member? Is it someone from Church? Is it the disgruntled bank teller that you yelled at? Is it a vicious Ex? I suppose the idea would be to keep your victim in living the belief that they are in some kind of mortal danger or under some form of surveillance. Keeping someone in a state of prolonged anger and suspicion is not only mentally exhausting for the intended target but is also excruciating. My case of harassment naturally had my head constantly reeling as to who it was that was behind this, and how they had access to my personal information and if I was in any real danger.

For a time I even considered that “Shadowless Noir” was some sort of AI/chatbot powered by Google whose dialog was being rendered through the #gematria of my search queries, (like a Turing Test between trolls) and given what Facebook is already guilty of this remains a faint possibility. So; here is where I make my accusation; after some telling tweets by Sarah Silverman I now believe the most likely possibility is that the identity of “Shadowless Noir” is actually a group of second-rate comedians mining for content by way of trolling “troublesome” individuals (ie; trolling the trolls). Having plenty of experience in trying to explain this issue to people I already know how this sounds; if I were to state that I am being harassed by celebrities and the listener automatically thinks of Angelina Jolie then my claims will quickly be regarded as delusional paranoia. Angelina is pretty, she’s nice, she helps orphans, clearly she has better things to do than cyberstalk a loser like me. There are all kinds of celebrities and some of them hardly even qualify as talented or special so I would ask that the reader to take this in context. To be clear I dont mean someone like Angelina Jolie.

If instead the celebrity I am describing were someone like Pauly Shore or Sarah Silverman; both comedians who are desperate for laughs and material, then my claims of Bl*ck Mirror harassment become a much more likely story. Its still unbelievable but there remains a slight possibility. Further supporting this is that Sarah Silverman is a mouthy bitch and it stands to reason that she is also a closet troll. Like duh? Of course she is! Comedians relish in pissing people off and often do so in person and face to face with the hecklers in their audience. In fact Comedy stands alone as the single trade where getting heckled and offending people is part of the job description. Comedians are scaly, ugly people who are known for making fun of anyone and everyone just for a few cheap laughs. Case in point the Canadian comedian Mike Ward who recently made a tasteless joke about drowning a disabled boy; and is now being order by the courts to pay 42,000$ to the disabled boy.

Further supporting this scenario is there exist a disproportionate number of Jewish comedians and I only say this because whoever is behind this facade has demonstrated an expertise with Kabbalah and gematria (I have actually learned quite a bit from these individuals.) To clarify; the #channels being utilized by this individual(s) show a level of expertise in #wordsmithing which are almost nonexistent outside of show business and are characteristic of a privileged Jewish upbringing.

In truth I am absolutely guilty of trolling celebrities over social media and this is actually how I was able to confirm Sarah Silverman’s involvement in this scheme. I was trolling Bryce Dallas Howard’s tweets (I was doing so because she is the daughter of Ron Howard who is the co-creator Arrested Development.) For some reason my twitter account was already following “SarahSilverman’s” official account by default and the very first time I trolled Bryce, Sarah Silverman’s account immediately starts making these nonsensical tweets about Donald Trumps father, Fred Trump? I already knew that Fred Trump’s middle name was “Christ” so it occurred to me her nonsense might be double-speaking about some religious topic. Any time I get the sense that someone is using double-speak the most obvious method of deciphering potential meanings is by #searching the key words of its gematria. I noticed that the five of six times that I was trolling Bryce, Sarah would have what appeared to be a personalized distraction ready to trigger me. What confirmed this to me was Sarah made a Nike reference; someone whom I used to know once a upon a time -precisely the same tactic already used in Arrested Development. The tweets were meaningless but it was enough for me to “hashtag” Sarah Silverman’s gematria.

In auditing Sarah Silverman’s gematria I found numerous connections to the Shadowless Noir moniker. Its important to remember that we have already established that Shadowless Noir is a name that has been authored and designed to mirror a specific person. But these connections show that Sarah Silverman has obsessively arranged #channels in gematria from my names through #Shadowless Noir and lead back to her real name Sarah Silverman. Its actually the most reasonable conspiracy theory ever; The idea of “trolling the troll” is ironic, its reminiscent of poetic justice and from a comedic stand point its irresistible. In deed how could they not try it?! Especially when a theme as creepy as Bl*ck Mirror is currently being promoted by Netflicks. This creates the unique scenario where any claims I make about Bl*ck Mirror having a basis in reality would only serve to promote it. Its actually pretty clever. It would seem their plan is to “troll the troll” while simultaneously annexing all the language and key words which might be used to describe the situation so when the targeted individual attempts to talk about it he is inadvertently promoting the show.

This is exactly why Sarah Silverman Should kill herself. According to wikipedia Sarah Silverman has had a life long battle with “clinical depression” (-1) Given this experience with depression one would think she would know better than to take part in a conspiracy against an isolated individual who also suffers from depression. But its already well known that the Ashkenazi stereotype runs a little lean in both the “heart” and “character” departments and so I am certainly not expecting a Orc-Jew like Sarah Silverman to grow soul now or ever. If my suspicions are true and she is behind the Shadowless moniker; then “three fold law” dictates that Sarah Silverman doesn’t have much to look forward to. Who would have thought a comedienne would actually be so miserable?

At the risk of coming off as self righteous I am a good person who is totally undeserving of this treatment. I admit that I have several flaws in my personality, flaws which make me an easy target for a program like this. In the first place I lost a little sister to suicide; an issue which has given way to a sort of “white knight” personality defect and from the view of a potential manipulator this “trigger” makes me as predictable as a “Clockwork Orange”. I also have a distant personality on account of moving around so much as child and so it takes me a long, long, long time to get to know others and make friends. Further as a Native American it angers me to be subject to arrogant white-floodites who stole everything they claim to own and who directly benefit from the American Indigenous Holocaust. So of course I am going to speak my mind over social media! How could I not? I am probably the basis of the term “Social Justice Warrior” because I have relentlessly trolled under variations of my Nazirite name; Starless since 1997. There were even a couple summers that I couldn’t find a job and so I put my idle hands to good use by destroying idiots and debating with religious bigots. At the risk of drawing more attention to myself its become perfectly clear that I am victim of a Jewish conspiracy.

Recently, I looked up the word “Jewry” and noticed that the most common online definitions do not accurately reflect its etymology. Judaism is a religion that I have come to respect but the practical applications of Jewry enable a privileged minority to target its enemies by weaponizing words. Which is my situation exactly. My research would indicate that the inaccuracy of this online definition is totally deliberate and serves to obscure the Zionist agenda by annexing and altering the vocabulary of any opposing arguments. When we search the word “Jewry” on Google the first two definitions are as such:

Jew·ry /ˈjo͞orē/Submit noun 1. Jews collectively. 2. HISTORICAL a Jewish quarter in a town or city.

This is the first definition that comes up on google and its absolutely incorrect. The way I use “Jewry” (which is the correct way) is the same way that I use the words buggery, robbery, or thievery… or even larceny. It’s a practice; something that’s done or preformed as part of a custom, craft or ritual. A Catholic priest practices buggery on altar boys. The Jewish Bankers practice Jewry on “Goys”; it’s no secret and you cant change this by doctoring its definition. Further one will note that “Buggery” is not a place because that’s what the name “Sodom” is used for and further people from Sodom are called Sodomites; just like someone who is Jewish can be called a “Semite”.

This distortion and deviation from facts by way of #wordcraft is the genuine definition of Jewry. Jewry is an esoteric practice which utilizes Kabbalah (Jewish Gematria) for subliminal purposes in language and virtually all the brain washing schemes in media are indeed various forms of Jewry. Shadowless Noir’s trolling tactics are a bastardized form of Jewry and a gross misuse of spirituality. At the risk of over simplifying a complex topic; Kabbalah is the study and practice of how words #channel currents of human thought according to assigned sets of numbers in the Alphabet. This mechanism is most evident in the numbering of the name #Jesus Christ 151/906/1275. Anyone who has looked up the gematria of #Jesus Christ knows that it shares its (simple) gematria with words like #Schizophrenia 151/906/863, #RavingLunatic 151/906/1210 and even our current topic; #Anti-Semitism 151/906/513. It can also be noted that this name functions as a #spell on the human mind, its like a “magic word” in various instances and can be used as a curse; to express disgust, dismay, shock, as well as its religious connotations. Similarities like this could easily be argued as coincidence but when we investigate the over-all pattern of the Biblical doctrine these channels reveal why Christ was crucified and what Judaism is really about.

Christ stands alone as being the only individual capable of independent and centralized thought coming from a race comprised entirely of collectivists. Its curious that despite being the second most persecuted group in history the Jewish race is entirely void of hero’s and this is especially true with the Ashkenazi tribe. History shows that the Jewish race functions as a caste of spiritual agitators who have gone from country to country spreading Christianity to non-jews. The symbol central to Judaism says it all; the hexagram is literally a symbol for a black hole… Its not a star but a void. The New Testament and especially the teachings of Christ have been arranged to impart a singular lesson (and warning) that anyone who opposes the Judensraum” must be silenced, suppressed, tortured and crucified.

I fully realize this post if completely futile. Sarah Silverman is the typical Ashkenazi vampire who will never change. Sarah Silverman is a toothy tinwoman with out a heart (#Sn 50.) who preys on innocent people for comedic material. Behind her goofy grin lurks a creature equally terrible and vicious as Medusa herself. I dont mean to target her for her culture or religion but as I have already stated the Bl*ck Mirror campaign amounts to an abuse of status. She and her friends are willfully abusing aspects of Kabbalah as well as her Jewish social network to both torment and alienate a lone and powerless individual. Whats most incredible is that Sarah apparently believes the #craft can be used frivolously and with out consequence on innocent and disenfranchised people. Its no exaggeration to state that I have been suicidal though out this process. So you can well imagine the return on her “investments” will be horrific.

Its actually common for Jews who atheize their belief to fully embrace “Black Magick” (Selfish Magick) and this is because without the belief in G-d or a higher power they inevitably begin using their spiritual blessings for greedy and wicked purposes. Its not that Jews are universally bad per se its just that those who deviate from its spiritual virtues effectively cut themselves off from source.