An appropriate bully…

This post is a mile stone because it completes my table. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life writing about the smallest minutia of things inconsequential, pissing and moaning about the prevailing number bigotries existing between Eastern and Western language systems. What happened to me was infuriating but I have made a lot of progress. I have come along way from the guy who was so angry he would spend every spare second angrily staring at a project-wall plotting ways to get revenge. Some of my posts are actually really stupid suspicions about people I hardly know but after what I have been through I am hard pressed to delete any of them. A.I. is still pretty cool I guess. I just don’t want to get roasted in media anymore and so in my mind writing 118 posts about these topics is better than going through 118 sessions of therapy which probably won’t work anyhow. So storing my most radioactive thoughts online is the best I can do. With Season Five of Arrested Development already out I am actually a little surprised at how little I care about it. I have seen the title on Netflicks with the George Michael (Bluth) in some sort of fake suit of muscles and so I sent a email applying for a sword duel to Ron Howard but he never responded. I said it was “to the death” but honestly I wouldn’t want his life staining the rest of my existence. I would never want to be so close to him as to be his murderer and would only want to be one of his worst memories. An appropriate bully for a “deserving pest”

The initial shock and trauma of waking up to find that I was the topic of a sitcom was awful but I do understand that it was only a rendering of false positives from shallow individuals none of which actually even know me. In fact this alienation and isolation has taught me that I am a rather unknown individual. I moved around a lot as a child and so naturally I have developed a distant personality. I can be personable but it takes me a long time to get to know people. One school in particular I had a really hard time. All sorts of humiliation and rejection, bullying, fighting, switching schools and eventually moving away. That experience; of moving-on from a bad reputation and miserable living situation prepared me to be neutral to popular opinion. Growing up with two racial identities also prepared me for this crucifixion of my character by Imagine Entertainment.

I know I wont get the closure I need because none of this was part of my plan in the first place; so I am just off to a really late start. I would have definitely preferred to keep my #pathwork secret but since Ron Howard challenged me this is how things turned out. And to any orc magicians reading this; thus is my caliber…


My ‘roots of reality’ are stronger than anything Ron has and so from that I can move on from the enchantment of his spells. My last word on this topic would only be to point out how low these people are for picking on me. Welcome to rock bottom. Welcome to Hell on Earth.

Those who do not believe that we are amid the Apocalypse need only look to the legalization of Cannabis; which has already occurred in Canada, so its already happening. Even if I don’t personally use it it’s nice to know it’s there. I think what many average consumers don’t see is that our dependence on digital technologies bring about ‘radiation burns’ effecting the human mind. Dopamine burnout; Seretonal re-tuptake dysfunction, -or any other negative or unintended bi-products attached to circular pop-up thoughts charged in the mercurial range which create grievous impedance, decreased attention span, etc. Cannabis definitely repairs that damage and this in only in part because of its recreational use. Hemp products are the future and I am glad my Canadian government has the foresight to embrace it. I would really like to see my province go the other way and invest in Cannabis and Hemp rather than be so addicted to oil. In Alberta there are literally oil-worshippers who probably strip down naked in the Bad Lands and slather their corpulent bodies in bitumen while they fuck each other’s wives and farm animals and sing in one of those illuminati orgy-operas that groups like Nithyananda have. If I was to get Ickian in my description of Alberta’s oil idol its spirit form would appear as some kind of drag racing pig serpent that farts diesel exhaust in a roaring thunderous fashion to which they all cheer loudly and whistle at like the whole thing is some amazing show at the fox theater. I totally understand the many invaluable uses of fossil fuels but it’s hard to justify things like recreational racing when our living space is being slashed and burned by nihilistic invaders. White floodites have already ruined Europe with their lifestyle and now they are doing the same thing to the West. Fossil fuels have only accelerated this process and recreational driving is one thing that must be replaced by natural exploration and environmental clean-up and save expeditions. We cannot afford a culture that allows the recreational burning of fossil fuels.


I am sure to many religious people this is a terrible question to ask but is the Bible intended to be read while baked? I suppose my real question would be; is the appreciation of the Tetragrammaton aided by Tetrahydrocannabinol? because I could make all sorts of arguments in favor of this and I am by no means “pro-drugs”. I have even been considering organizing a “baked bible” version of a book club where you go and vape extracts and read aloud various biblical passages. I think it would be exciting. Ultimately it would inevitably degrade into bong hits and happen in kind of a planetarium/lazer floyd atmosphere and then whats the point? You might as well have a rave. I am currently more interested in preaching Sylvia Plath than the Bible anyhow so its probably something I wont bother with unless someone else does it. But really, really to any stoners who want to really trip-out get high and read the Bible. Its probably what its for and you’ll trip-the-fuck-out! 

“The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up before God from the angel’s hand.” -Revelation 8:4