Gwen Reimer’s Crip messages…

I have composed this letter to express my frustration over my treatment from Alberta Mental Health. My biggest concern is in regard to my choice of medication not being available in Canada. I would also appreciate a second opinion on the connections and similarities between my online harasser and Gwen Reimer. My treatment absolutely warrants a letter (if not a complaint) to what ever board of directors or committee that runs it and though I do like Gwen as a person I am inclined to question both her motives as well as her professional capabilities as a mental health professional.

Given that I am uneducated in any official capacity my ideas and means of describing abstract concepts can at first glance appear juvenile. As a child I had aspirations of being an Elf and in my early twenties I childishly claimed to be a “Lost Boy” which I wrote about on a blog I had going; but as silly as such a claims can appear there is a symmetry at work that maintains its integrity through a vast number of systems and “astral territories”. From a western perspective the term “astral territory” is to be read as “noumenon” or “world of ideas”. As evidence of this continuous symmetry one need only compare the parallels between the Kemetic Demiurge Ptah and the character Peter Pan with their obvious associations with the Biblical figure; Lucifer. All of which are part of a well established continuum of facts even if this symmetry remains largely unseen by laypersons ‘outside of the loop’.

The interference and ‘gang-stalking’ which I described to Gwen is also fact. I am being targeted because I believe the practice of gematria allows one to make educated guesses about a persons behavior through the numbers of their name; a practice that amounts to a form of “Artificial Intelligence” and enables its practitioner the ability to communicate personalized messages or hints to others through #channels in language. I have been a relentless critic of technological “Artificial Intelligence” over social media which I have deemed a form of modern day idol worship and given that Saudi Arabia has recently inducted the worlds first “robot citizen” (Sophia) there is good reason why certain groups might want to silence someone like me. In retrospect I suppose it was ludicrous for me to expect actual help in any way other than the usual welfare check but I found Gwen’s “Crip Sign” particularly revealing as to who she represented and where her “loyalties” were. The “Crip Sign” I speak of is yet another childish or in this case “street level” description of a kind of double-sided message or hint which requires an understanding of “cryptography” to interpret. I had apparently left a small black notebook in her office during a previous session and she returned it to me with a “frends” brand ear-buds case tucked between its pages. This seemed odd to me because A) it didn’t belong to me and B) because I had no idea my notebook was even missing. So given the situation I couldn’t help but see a very obvious “hint” which I interpreted to mean “Frends with out the I” or “Frends without the eye” which is most likely an allusion to my website which features a bright red star; V838 Mons in its background that at first glance could be erroneously interpreted as a representation of the “Eye of Sauron”described in Lord of the Rings. (A book which I openly preach from and consider a sacred text.) However it should be noted that the star is in the constellation “Monoceros” which is Greek for “Unicorn” and a Totem that I attribute to my experience regarding the ‘Sharon Tate’ issue. One of the key elements that make these “Crip signs” so effective is the element of “plausible deniability” characteristic in its execution; in this case Gwen need only say: “I truly believed he left it in my office…” and because of her position and credentials no one would ever question her motives. This scenario implies Gwen has made her own “educated guesses”  about my situation based on assumptions. More over to any outsider looking in who is not privy to my history of harassment any grievances I might report about the occurrence could aptly be labeled as “overly-analytical” and would only reinforce her status as a mental health professional. But I am not a moron and I have a vast amount of experience with these kind of signs and curses going back more than 10 years. I define a “curse” as any willfully open-ended occurrence which keeps it target person (mark) dwelling on the various possibilities that it might point to. I dont believe I am being petty or over analytical for pointing this out because the “hint” was so obvious I would have to be retarded to not notice the her angle. I find it incredibly unethical for a therapist to subject their patient to the exact type of treatment that he comes to them to complain about. If I were an actual paranoiac who say for example actually believed himself to be “Sauron” I might have began to assume things about her. If I was a sociopath I might actually act on such paranoia. So its not just a question of my own well being but is also a case of bad practice. Consider it from my point of view; I first describe to Gwen that persons unknown are annoying me with cryptographic “signs” and then she proceeds to do that exact thing I describe to me in an attempt to alienate me because of the subject matter on my blog. How professional is that? The message was subtle but speaks volumes about who she has chosen to align her self with. I still have the small cloth case as pictured below.


This happened months ago and I actually had no intention of ever bringing this up but after noting a number of connections between my cyber-stalker (Zillah Nior/Shadowless Nior/Halli Brown) and #Gwen Reimer aka “#Gwenzillah” I have decided to get a second opinion on the situation. My harasser has been bothering me for well over a year so this is not just some rash accusation and only comes after months of careful consideration.

These “Crip messages” were only one aspect of the issues I sought help over. My other issue was the manner in which gematria is employed in the film industry to convey hidden messages. I can fully acknowledge the unlikelihood of my claims of harassment by film director Ron Howard (and specifically in his show Arrested Development Season Four) but they absolutely did happen. The film industry is fueled by its fictionalized portrayals of real people; so statistically situations like mine do happen and are in fact happening all the time. Its is incredibly alienating and disheartening to be left to deal with something that everyone around me chooses to ignore. I described this issue to Dr. Palma and when I pressed the issue he immediately recommended “#Olanzapine”; a drug which just happens to carry the exact simple gematria as my first name; 113 -which again follows the same pattern and allows for the same plausible deniability that I have been describing all along. All of this makes it incredibly obvious that the methods of harassment I described (which both Gwen and Dr. Palma have ignored) are well understood and being discussed in detail without my presence. I have a decent memory and a honed and proven sense of intuition so after a certain point playing dumb isn’t going to work; especially for those who call themselves “mental health professionals” who are charged with the duty of helping those with emotional problems. I suppose it could rightfully be argued that I dont actually suffer from mental problems and that my issues are actually the result of harassment but then why would Dr. Palma be so eager in prescribing me inject-able anti-depressants? Logic and reason dictates that its either one or the other and its become all too obvious who is at fault in this situation… and this is not even to mention the aforementioned “troll” that I have been harassed by online which has been curiously knowledgeable about personal information that only Gwen or Dr. Palma would have access to like my Canadian Social Insurance number or the names of my pets. 

My late friend; Shannon Larratt always stressed the importance of keeping an online diary or blog even in spite of it being accessible by strangers. In the first place those who keep a diary are most often honest and ethical people with good ideas who have nothing to hide and secondly it allows for a public record in the unlikely case that people try to mess with you. Shannon was also a victim of the short comings of the Canadian mental health care system and always maintained that if you are expecting help from mental health care professionals expect trouble in all sorts of unexpected forms; and because I cannot get medication that works for my condition his words are very appropriate.

I came to Alberta Mental Health because I needed help with a set of very real problems being pushed on me by devious individuals in the film industry and the only “help” I received was an extension of the same program that I was running from. Perhaps my acuity in recognizing the motivations behind these angles could be likened with the ‘Eye of Sauron’ as Gwen pointed out; perhaps my ‘nightmare is running amok’ but if so it’s only because those around me are bringing it to life and are making themselves victims of the same immoral agenda that I myself am complaining about. So if anyone happens to get “trampled” that’s their own problem. The symmetry at work here is inescapable and so consider this an opportunity to make right. I am letting you know that intend on filing an official complaint about the “treatment” I have received through your practice. Is this what my tax dollars are paying for? Meddling and covert harassment? I cant even get the appropriate medication (Tandospirone) because its unavailable in Canada.

The fact is I am a “Lost Boy” and I do ride a terrifying “Nightmare” and denying my situation only strengthens my resolve. I would not be so driven to exposing this if it weren’t for Ron Howard implying that I was a homosexual with my “second spirit”. He has done so constantly through various forms of media. His assumption is based on  interpretation of the Rosy Cross with in the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz and so this isnt something I am just making up. There is an Anonymous persuasion who is actively attempting to convince me of some ill perceived element of latent homosexuality in my character and I have an entire blog with over one hundred entries documenting these various occurrences to back me up. My personal life is no ones business but my own but if I appear androgynous its because I identify with that of a straight Elf! So to purport that a pill could quell real life harassment is not only unethical but patently absurd. To imply that my problems are imagined is an insult to my intelligence and denying them only reveals its beholder as a “blockhead” because I am no longer the one “stuck on the cross anymore”. Now its your turn.

My methods of auditing #pathwork and interpreting their associated intentions and motivations are no longer some esoteric study that can be safely brushed off as witchcraft or nonsense. The creators of South Park have recently made an episode “Douche and Danish” which alludes to a “troll trace” program that has a very real basis in reality. That means this practice is on it way to being common knowledge. I mention this because its going to be incredibly easy for me to prove who the troll really is. I can prove that I have been targeted in any number of ways. I can also reveal the mechanism used against me and its purpose. Once again the symmetry at work here is all pervasive and Gwen’s professional methods amount to nothing more than low end “gangsterism”.  Are you beginning to understand how this works against you?

The fact is; as a Shaman I have an advanced understanding of #pathwork in the English language and considering the treatment I have received from AHS I am capable of helping those who suffer from emotional and mental issues with a greater understanding and more effective methods than the ones currently being practiced in your profession. So my being targeted is particularly revealing; and to reiterate once again: anything done to me by those with dishonest intentions will absolutely have the reverse effect desired. This is characteristic of the ‘three fold law’ fundamental to witchcraft and the practice of kabbalah; a law which effectively reflects and triangulates negative intentions back to its source. It’s a universal constant and also happens to be my middle name. This letter represents a turning point; I can either become one of your success stories or I can continue to escalate this issue further. Please consider adding Tandospirone/Sediel to your list of available drugs. As it stands I have an easier time acquiring Xanax or Valium through alternative sources than acquiring effective, non-addictive and safe anxiety medications through proper channels. I am sure given the constellation of factors you can understand my frustration.

If Tandospirone is completely out of the question then my next step will be to file an official complaint against Gwen and her “gangsterism” and lack of professionalism. I will be in to follow up in a few weeks on this matter.

Good day;

Starless Ooo YellowHorn Betide.