There is something Queer about Andrew Scheer…


Does the man in the picture look like someone you could trust? Say if you were a little kid running away from a naked-clown who was trying to coax you into a van and you ran into the nearest open door and saw this prick; you would probably run back screaming to the safety of the naked-clown. I would. Andrews expression in this picture looks like he just pulled up his pants and is trying to explain to you why he had his penis stuck in a package of raw hamburger and believe it or not his politics are even worse than any explanation he had for having his dick out. He wants to dial back the newly established liberties regarding the decriminalization of the recreational use of Cannabis, the use of which is something that its actual legality has never prevented. Further “legal Cannabis” does not mean “mandatory Cannabis” and the resulting stereotypes of burnouts and habitual pot users have always been enough to keep its use in check. Canadians dont need someone like Andrew Scheer to decide what we can and cannot do. Its always been the policies of conservatives to obstruct the rights and freedoms of recreational drug use; a tactic which is purely based on moral prejudice of an ignorant minority. Canadians need policies that work with the momentum already at their disposal. In order for a plan to prosper its useful to work backwards from whats already working. The conservative resistance to the Cannabis market is based purely on conservative loyalty to the Idolatry of the Oil market. Conservative’s are oil-addicts who habitually invest in pollution, they want dirty water and total urbanization of its Canadian citizens because consumers who are dependent on the market availability for sustenance and energy make for a predictable source of economic stability. Any appeals to morality that he or his party makes are only veneers set up to pander to voters. Modern Conservatism will never be anything but a cover for the acquisition and hoarding of personal wealth.

The Oil establishment is known for shelving super-efficient technologies and suppressing competition as well as those who speak against them and it should be obvious that anyone working in agreement with their existing directives will only perpetuate the business practices which have already put the welfare of our planet in peril. These ‘slash and burn’ environmental policies must be replaced with balanced and realistic economic and political directions. Our planet cannot sustain the momentum of consumerism indefinitely. That is a fact that we can either embrace or be forced to accept and as it stands we as a human collective seem more interested in learning these lessons the hard way rather than investing in directions that dont lead to a dead end where we are forced to pay for clean air, water and untainted food.

The picture above is particularly appropriate because he cant even keep a straight face as he leads the lambs into the slaughter. When he is a wealthy old man who has retired on the backs of hard working Canadians do you think he is going to give a shit about anyone who contracted mercury poisoning from the Reeds Paper fiasco that happened on the Grassy Narrows reservation? Of course not; this example could easily be argued that it happened well before his time and his political party had nothing to do with it but the fact is that his political party will never do anything to fix or prevent anything like it from occurring. Environmental disasters are almost becoming common place and this is something that Conservatives are quietly in favor of. Conservatives dont want you drinking water from natural springs because they would far rather charge for it as product. Self sustainability has always been a threat to the culture of consumerism and the company Nestle already openly harvests drinking water from traditional Native territory and are incredibly miserly about it being anything other than a commodity. To any reasonable person who operates on fair moral standards business practices such as these are totally unfair and stand out as the polar opposite of the role that nobility has the obligation to provide. Which brings me to the point of this article; Andrew Scheer prides himself with the imaginary title of “Honorable Andrew Scheer”… When in reality Andrew Scheer is nothing but a money grubbing Orc who has weaseled his way into a position of influence by exploiting a culture of apathy and corruption. I keep saying this but its something that every Canadian must accept; the political powers that have dominated Canadian policies until now are an extension of those who killed the Natives with Smallpox and stole their land and 200 years later nothing has changed, those programs have merely shifted into a different stage of its directive and these groups have never hesitated to dispose of anyone who opposes them because they dont operate on fair ideals. Andrew demonstrably does not descend from actual nobility, he is not a person Canadians can trust and he will only make policies which will line his own pockets. These groups who refuse to operate on fair ideals have confused business practices with politics and can therefor never possess the characteristics which define effective leadership. Its simply not in them to make the sacrifices that a true man of his people would be happy to make. People like Andrew lack a real tribe because they have been brought up in a culture which has sought to deceive Westerners into believing that “manifest destiny” was the “will of G-d” and not a power grab of the European pseudo-oligarch. Historically theft is part of Andrews religion so how can we expect his policies to reflect anything but that?

~Starless Golightly