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*Authors note: this article uses gematria (Simple/English/Jewish) respectively, to verify click on the links or go to Gematrix.*

This is a pretty stupid thing to write about but I am currently out of topics and so I thought I would write a diary style entry. Its seems I am involved in a feud with MBS. I know how this sounds but there is probably a good reason he wants to “cut me up”. This all started when I blasted Saudi Arabia for making the Robot Sophia an official citizen. All I did was go onto Youtube and post a few comments pointing out that “Artificial Intelligence” is Idol worship and that for Saudi Arabia to make Sophia a citizen was blasphemy. I said some other stuff too; I pointed out that Saudi women have only just been allowed to drive and probably reiterated (again) how stupid it was to make a Robot Sophia an official citizen. As I recall shortly after this Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland made some comments (somewhere?) in media about how Saudi Arabia was treating its women and soon after shit hit the fan. Saudi Arabia responded by pulling its people from the Canadian Embassy and cutting political ties with Canada. That’s when Saudi media appeared to make a personal threat directed at me through news head lines and specifically a picture:



The picture of a plane headed for the CN tower in Toronto Canada immediately stood out because of its very obvious associations with Pi. The “hidden message” in the picture has to do with Column 14 and 15 on the Periodic table; specifically Carbon and Nitrogen C N, which together make 14-6 and 15-7… Anyhow 146 is one of my numbers and the thought crossed my mind that #Mohammed Bin Salman = 157/942/391 might actually be threatening me. I scoffed at my own paranoia thinking how ludicrous it was for me to even consider that and I promptly forgot about it for a few weeks. Then recently Saudi Arabia once again made headlines regarding the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. My curiosity got the best of me and I once again looked at the associated numbers behind the key words of the crime. In the first place the #gematria of the first and last name of #Jamal Khashoggi = 122/732/842. Then in the list of like terms below my query I noted the word #Revenge = 76/456/842 (-both obviously share the Jewish gematria of 842.) Whats more the number 76 also ties back into the CN alignment because Nitrogen is Element number 7 and Carbon is Element number 6 (see image). I thought this was interesting. So then I checked the gematria of how Jamal Khashoggi was murdered and according to the headlines he was #cut into pieces” = 159/954/674. The Jewish number 674 is stood out to me because it is the gematria of my name #Starless = 113/678/476 backwards (674<>476). This almost had me convinced but I still wasn’t sure… Then today this precarious alignment of numbers and tedious arrangement of abstract terms was actually confirmed! I think. Maybe. I was checking the gematria of today’s #Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting = 361/2166/1810 and noticed one of the like terms on the list below was “#I Want To Cut Him Up = 213/1278/1810 (Once again; both phrases share the same Jewish gematria) In the first place my father’s simple gematria is 213. So if Crown Prince MBS is threatening my family then he needs to focus his efforts on me. As consecrated Nazirite I went through the proper process of legally changing my name so that I could be rid of the curses in English. As a Nazirite consecrated by G-d my words bare no reflection on my family. I am practically from another planet and my family largely does not understand anything about me. Any “Crown Prince” who descends from genuine nobility should understand this so I will assume that if this threat is actually real it only has to do with me. Any threat made against my family would be very unbecoming of any kind of royalty.


I have actually taken note of all kinds of headlines directed my way presumably from Ron Howard but I have never gotten the feeling anyone on the world stage would have any vested interest in what an unemployed bum who lives with his mom might be doing. After all why would the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia give a shit what a loser like me thinks? Is it because of the Sophia thing? Because if so Islam is very much against Idol worship so he really should have taken it as advice and not a personal attack but if that is how he wants to take it then that’s too bad. It is my #hukam to educate the 101’s on the pitfalls associated with “Artificial Intelligence”. “Artificial Intelligence” is something practiced through #gematria and the Digital/Robotic applications of “Artificial Intelligence” are Idol Worship. Point in case; these alignments are my using #gematria for the purpose of gathering “Artificial Intelligence” through these numbers and their associations. I am therefor making an ‘educated guess’ using potentials in language showing Crown Prince MBS wants to “cut me up”. And the main point I am making is that Robot Sophia is a puppet show put on by arrogant magicians. That sort of “Artificial Intelligence” is an illusion. Its as I have already stated:

“To put this in perspective the moment machines are granted the status of a “living being” is when murder will be made legal. If a machines consciousness can be deleted or turned ‘off’ with the flick of a switch then any emotions it seems to have are baseless because it can never truly have a concept of real death; this fact alone totally invalidates any “emotions” it may appear to possess. Say if the artificially sentient machine where to ‘kill’ then it was only acting in accordance with the commands set in place by its programmer. Are we to actually believe that the Robot is going to be tried for ‘murder’ all the while its creator sits aside free of all responsibility? If a machine is “angry” than its only because its creator designed to appear so. Further if a real person were to destroy a “robot citizen” how can the person truly be tried for murder if it can be rebuilt to the same exact specifications? Once again if A.I. is designed to “feel” things like anger, sadness, frustration than it is merely an illusory extension of the programmers will, a puppet show. Its important to get this principle established now or as I said murder will be made legal. If robots are to become responsible for their own actions and are therefor “sentient”, then the robot programmers will merely become contract killers who use its robot creations as weapons. Let’s not lose sight of who is actually in control.” 

I am absolutely ready to die for my beliefs. So if Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to “cut me up” then he can go ahead and try. My life as it is sucks anyhow and it would save me from the sin of suicide. So I welcome any attempts on my life. I am sick of being subject to ungrateful floodites and further; if I were to back pedal on something like this my life would count for nothing. I am not just some infidel without religious convictions. I stand by my Hukam, I stand by my beliefs. To quote the Quran:

 In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

 Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak.

 “From the evils among His creations.”

“From the evils of darkness as it falls.”

“From the evils of the troublemakers.”

“From the evils of the envious when they envy.”

-113. Daybreak 

I have already written about this topic several times but I stand by my brother Per Yngve “Dead” Ohlin (16 January 1969 – 8 April 1991). I know in my heart that he took on the moniker “#Dead” = 14/84/14 to make the point that “#Silicon” is dead. His suicide note contains #pathwork which reveals this. His Hukam connects with mine and we both agree that Artificial Intelligence is non-living. I will not recant nor will I be convinced that men can do the work of G-d and create life. The realization that “Artificial Intelligence” is a practice is part of the Christian Pentecost and allegorically akin the “Holy Ghost”.

I could go on. I could make my own (empty) threats, I could challenge Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to a sword fight as I already put forth to Ron Howard but I know none of it will happen. If this Saudi prince is going to kill then I am sure he will succeed in doing so and he will probably send me more threatening messages through headlines. But something he probably doesn’t understand is that I am used to hell. My mind is a smoldering hell-scape of misery and on the other side I have loved ones waiting for me. I would be grateful to him and would consider my execution a personal favor.

~Starless Golightly.

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