Tar Sands Tyranny: Big Oil’s Keystone Distraction


Outer Limits Radio Show


In January 2015, the 114th Congress convened for a quick-draw decision, exclaiming an exuberant”Yay!” in favor of completing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline, if built, would funnel the world’s dirtiest oil – bitumen tar – from Alberta, Canada to the Koch Brothers’ refineries in Texas. Koch-funded Politicians in Washington vicariously spout “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” in a move to win hearts and minds, greasing up Americans with the promise of economic prosperity and energy independence. All they ask in return is that we shake hands with the devil, and turn a blind eye to an industry pushing the most toxic oil on the planet.

Piped into the United States from Canada, Tar Sands oil would be refined by Multinational Billionaires at Texas refineries that happen to be co-owned by Saudi Arabia, before being sold on the Global Market to the highest bidder. As Montanans lament the…

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