Noah Hawley has a forehead like a Beluga Whale.

Noah Hawley has actually taken the time to include cryptic insults against me in the Fargo production. I am also inclined to believe he has personally trolled me on several occasions; I have several reasons for believing this but none are really worth mentioning. What is worth talking about is the size of his massive forehead! Its hard to believe that it hasn’t ended up a joke on Family Guy as a billboard or a projection screen or something because it is literally hectares in size! Just look:

FX's "Fargo" FYC Event - Los Angeles

It totally reminds me of the Matrix when Neo attains his G-d like abilities and jumps into Agent Smith and just before he blows up his forehead expands to the size of a pumpkin and then digital pieces of chud fly everywhere… (Pause at 1:58) As is with this chud. How does it feels Noah to be burned for something you can’t help? -Not that I care about what shadowless floodite like Noah thinks or feels.


Its amazing how petty this little man is. Once people see how vacuous these industry writers really are; “Hollywood” will be spent. This is exactly what the Apocalypse is; its the revealing, its when the lights come on and everyone sees who is behind what. Noah Hawley is an Orc, a manipulative mischief maker who thinks he’s clever. “These are the limits of your life pal…” This is how these chuds live, they over-think every detail and torment people on potentials, squeezing the magic out of everyone around them so they can continue to write their shitty pulp-fiction. Industry writers are vampires and thieves  who are constantly burning to be the most innovative, most original… All for ratings. Their minds and personality are a twisted image of what they believe their viewers want to see, hear and read. Noah Hawley justifies the need for a real life Purge.

~Starless Golightly