Welcome to Tartarus Sysiphus! (A Message to Noah Hawley)

Hi Noah;

I’ve noticed the angles through out the series and I just wanted to inform you that you may be confused about a few things. First off; despite what you may think you have no sway over the Scarlet Woman. You may think you understand the numbers but you are a just a puppet writer for the Rainbow Serpent; and most industry writers are con-artists (and thieves) who regularly sell out all their worthwhile connections and I can see you are both and do so as frequently as your series demands which is hardly entertaining let alone captivating. So there is that. Secondly, your use of mythology is a rookie mistake. I see right through that shit and the two-cent stamp showing your mythology is a bit too revealing, dont you think? After all anyone who rips off Jerry Seinfeld’s Air Conditioner to cull a character in a crime drama is demonstrably low end. I dont mind Ewan Mcgregor and that dame is pretty cute but I think you should find someone else to align your writing to. I have been insulted and ripped off enough (I haven’t forgiven and I haven’t forgotten… nor will I) and you need to understand that I am not fan and I am not interested in what happens next because I can do it better than you can! I will write even if no one ever reads my work… you need me; I dont need you, and although I did like the Hanzee Dent character I didn’t appreciate the subtle comment you made about my face using him as a stand-in. Are you going to pay for my chemical peel? -I didn’t think so fucker. Maybe you should go write a Harlequin Romance instead. If you had any balls at all you would set your numbers and angles against the Gotti kids? -Or are they too scary for you? Lol! Why do you have to pick on an unemployed no-body from Lethbridge Alberta? Or is that why your writing crime dramas about prairie towns because you couldn’t cut it in New York?


~Starless Golightly