We The Fates…

The night before last I (Sioux) dreamed of the farms and it was a bit different than usual. My first memory of the dream wasn’t actually at the farms but was in some sort of labyrinth of back rooms and antiquated office buildings. (Ketamine Catacombs) The hall ways seemed to shift against you and the only one of us who could navigate with absolute certainty and trace the drifting differentials was Slain. Jonbenet kept getting especially frustrated by the scrambled numbers on the floor signs and room numbers which sometimes appeared backwards or nonsensical. The complex appeared to be a series of perhaps hundreds of ancient apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices etc. which were joined together by a characteristic freight elevator system and set of loading hall ways. After exploring for some time we at long last we came upon what felt like the main floor where we met an older Jewish man on the levels back hall way. He introduced himself as the superintendent and told us he was now only renting it out as a storage facility. He didn’t mind at all that we were there unsupervised and seemed more concerned with pilfering a bottle from some cargo that had recently arrived than anything else. He did take care to warn us that and infestation of ghosts had burrowed their way into the complex; as they had been drawn back to the various cursed objects which were being stored there. ‘I just haven’t gotten around to having the place blessed; and probably wont anytime soon… Just dont get caught up in there gravities… Don’t bring it home with ya’ -if you know what I mean…’ he said this as he tucked a liquor bottle into his blazer pocket and made a note of a tracking number in his notebook.

At first we didn’t see anything but then Slain mentioned he could see see what appeared to be mini fire-flies flickering here and there, much like how light dances over cobwebs. If one relaxed their gaze and looked out over the storage rooms in the same manner one might look at the earthly 3-D images the lights would align with shapes and whispering potentia. In one room a particularly mean looking She-Elf seemed to be stuck in a rotation around a some item in a large pile of junk with a Tiffany style lamp. It would happen as semi-rhythmically as wind would howl; first a flash of the lamps ancient light would reveal clutching fingers as if she were trying to turn on the lamp, then a woman’s face would appear, looking distressed and cursing, her face would change as if she was screaming and her forehead would bulge as if she were about to sprout antlers and just as you would think she were about to change into some horrible monster the vision would vanish and once again her fingers would be reaching and feeling out the darkness again and again etc. Over and over. If one looked at it one would see minor changes in the loop but it was mostly the same event happening over and over.

Slain pointed out that it wasn’t an ordered curse but looked like some type of flukey accident and could see there was a specific Alchemical alignment causing the entanglements but it would take a long time to reconcile. None of us wanted to do any work like that on our day off so we opted to maybe come back another day; -each of us having no real intention to ever do so. The older gentleman walked around and seemed far more interested in the various bottles near one of the elevators than us even being there and after looking at one of the crates he told us he had to go and look after some book-keeping and to just try not to break anything. He wandered off patting the bottle in his blazer pocket and we continued on exploring the catacombs. The picture below reminds me a lot of what the catacombs looked like.

(I do not own this picture)

I cant remember how we got back to the farmhouse but according to the dream Jonbenet kept talking about all the various ghosts we saw in the complex and how funny it would be to scare Sharon with a midnight “poltergeist-prank”. Slain hated the idea and berated her; ‘Why are always picking on Sharon?’ to which she had no real answer. So late that night after Slain had fallen asleep Jonbenet got us up to sneak-a-snack in the kitchen. She said not to worry that we wouldn’t do anything bad. But then after we had gotten some crackers; Jonbenet mimed a motion that she was going to throw a pot onto the floor. I laughed silently and shook my head “You better not! You said you wouldn’t!” I whispered but she went right ahead and picked up the pot… I scurried to the door and turned around and saw she had waited… it was dark but I could see that she was smiling or silently laughing. She silently counted with her fingers; 1, 2, I turned and I dashed up the stairs… after a pause I stopped… It seemed she was only joking after all… and I was just about to head back down -“BOOM!” and I heard the pot crash against the floor! I couldn’t believe she did it! We both ripped back to bed. Downstairs I could hear Sharon mumbling something and she sounded like she was about to cry and was shrieking obscenities. As we tried to crawl back into our respective beds which were strewn out in a gyspy-camp in the middle of the common room. Slain suddenly shot up “WHAT THE FUCK!!??” he screamed at the top of his lungs and looked right at Jonbenet. Jonbenet’s impulsive little trick had suddenly become very unfun. Sharon came bursting up the stairs: Is everyone okay!? “We’re fine!” assured Jonbenet. But Slain was standing on his bed pointing at Jonbenet with a very angry face. I suddenly felt really bad like I was gonna cry and went over to hug Sharon. What the hell was that!? I just shook my head because I didn’t want to rat-out Jibbles… Then Sharon’s tone changed; ‘Jonbenet!? Why are there crackers under your pillow?! Your not supposed to eat food after you’ve brushed your teeth! -This of course made Jonbenet start laughing hysterically! She began laughing so hard she was kicking her legs in the air and swinging her arms about baring her teeth like she was being tickled. IT WAS ME!!! She cackled like a lunatic. Slain yelled for her to shut up and cursed about the light being on. “ENOUGH! What ever mischief this is it STOPS NOW! …We’ll talk about this in the morning! Sharon still seemed shaken as she slammed the door and carried me downstairs and I slept in her bed. Sharon didn’t seem mad at all even though the crash was really loud.

After this the series of dreams changed and all the spells that we the fates had been talking about suddenly seemed to super-impose over Sharon’s radiant light. Except because Sharon was an accomplished Adept; the order of the events seemed to make much more sense. We weren’t scrambling through the ever-shifting Ketamine Catacombs or haggling for junk at thrift stores or garage sales, we went ice-skating and for a boat ride at some sort of theme park. It was really amazing! Everything seemed really picturesque and ideal… It was as if she wasn’t really trying to figure anything out and the cogs just moved like it were all part of some well arranged choreographed music video. A lot of it I cant remember and I felt a bit out of place especially in the ball room where she was teaching me to waltz and woke up several times trying to get back to the Catacombs but each time I did she would always come over and scoop me up and call me back to sleep with her velvety ‘horse-kisses’ for more dream time fun.