No Regrets in how I reacted. (Or did not).

The past five years have been very rocky for me. I have suffered from occupational burnout from the trade of painting and I have realized its time for something new. Working a job you hate can be very taxing and the nature of painting as a trade allows for a lot of time for quite reflection and thought. If you have existing issues or unresolved personal matters then sanding fifty doors alone in an empty office building is not the most healthy place to be. One cant help but think and re-think things over in a quite work environment that entails a single, repetitive task. Your thoughts can eat you alive while painting.

I can see that my enemies were aware of this and expected that I would crack under their pressure. But the worst I did was post a few angry comments on line… and currently their are no laws against being a keyboard warrior. I also swore at a Cop who lied to my face and belittled me… But that was it. In contrast; others who were the recipient of these #cryptographic curses (Masonry/Mind-Control) have done horrible things. Its clear that Dylann Storm Roof experienced similar issues of passive harassment (which is evident in his #pathwork) and I am only grateful that I had the clarity of mind not to react over potentials or target innocent people. Given what I have been through I am actually proud of myself even if no one understands my position or even knows about it. I did great.

I am still a bit surprised that the media (Imagine Entertainment) are legally able to target individuals with these tactics but ultimately all the right people know that “they” are trash anyhow, so I can move on. One thing I still find amazing is that anyone would even want to take part in these kinds of activities. Ron Howard for instance has obviously orchestrated my cyber-stalker and harasser “Zillah Noir” and I am still at a loss for understanding the motives of such individuals. Why would anyone want to spend such an incredible amount of time pestering and thinking about the potentials of what a stranger might write on their blog? To me that level of paranoia shows a criminal intent and fear of being found out for some past crimes or wrong-doing, which only validates the various conjectures which I have written on this blog. I understand that the ideas on this blog amount to serious accusations and though it might be unbelievable to some that the media might be operating in such illicit ways I still have the right to voice my opinions and explain my experiences to others.

Who ever is behind the “Zillah Noir” name has gone to great lengths in their #pathwork to create the illusion that my counselor #Gwen Reimer (Also known as Gwen Reimer Lyons) is behind it. The operating potential being the portmanteau #GwenZillah which has the same simple gematria as “#Gwen Reimer” (see the link). There also exist a long list of other divisions supporting this. Whatever the case Gwen  Reimer-Lyons was totally useless to talk to anyhow so if the intent here was to make me distrust her or be reluctant to speak with her about my problems then I think the perpetrator has underestimated the level of ineptitude of those working in Alberta Mental Health. Its become clear to me that mental health workers are completely powerless in assisting those with real problems. To be in employed in the trade of handling “imaginary problems” while at the same time being totally incapable of assisting with real ones is a bit of a joke as far as I’m concerned and its no wonder why they put so much emphasis on drugs and medication. What ever the case may be I am a victim who is 100% innocent of any wrong doing and so even if it was/is her behind it makes no difference anyhow. The conjectures on this blog are solid and if Zillah wants to continue wasting its time writing non-sense and obsessively trying to dis-inform or work against what I write here then that’s its problem.

My experiences; even if negative have given lent me a confidence to proceed with this cause and any interference or negative feedback only reaffirms my resolve. As disenfranchised as I am and as awful as my experiences were it must suck to have me as an enemy or else be in the position of constantly worrying what another person might write about or what they might reveal. I suppose that is their motivating factor. But I have no sympathy for anyone who works in such dishonest and shady ways and I am both privileged and honored to run this blog and to work against those who are so obviously evil and morally destitute. I may wear rags but at least I am honest in my words and actions. I wouldn’t equate that with pride but it is comforting knowing that I can trust myself and be the same person both on and offline.