Floodite gems…

The shameless level of entitlement inherent to flood culture never ceases to astound me. As a Blackfoot/Irish (Bi-racial) person I would never dream of venturing onto European territory to start my own rock-mineral mine and pilfer resources from its country side without offering anything in return to its country and peoples. I am Irish and I wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing even in Ireland. Its unthinkable. Yet this is what happens “legally” everyday in Canada as freeloading floodites run industry from a land they dont belong to and have no interest in protecting or maintaining. The European floodites have commandeered Native land through a 200 year American Holocaust campaign and now openly harvest resources from it everyday without compensating the surviving Native inhabitants in anyway way shape or form.

As an Albertan I am not even talking about the Athabasca oil-sands either. I am talking about the Korite Ammolite mine local to Lethbridge Alberta. At this point these floodite thieves are not even trying to sugar coat their intentions:

“…However, Korite International isn’t simply here at its mine south of Lethbridge to teach a history lesson — it is here to make money off one of the most unique and rarest gemstones known to humankind which emerges from that era: ammolite.”

-Really? That was in a recent article published by the Lethbridge Herald documenting the exploits of Rene Trudel; Operational Field Manager of Korite International. The most insulting aspect to this situation is that there is only a finite supply of Ammolite gems in existence. The article go’s on to mention this but only so far its market availability is concerned:

“…There is a finite quantity as far as we know, and eventually it will run out.
I would just say if you are interested in ammolite, and wanted to add something uniquely Albertan to your collection, you should start thinking about getting into it now.”

These are the types of people I am surrounded by in southern Alberta. These types have no concept of ethics because everything they believe they own they’ve stolen. How can I sit quietly by while privileged floodites pillage a country they conquered with small pox and genocide? One characteristic common to the New Age rock and gem community is that in spite of them being mostly white people the majority do understand how gems #channel and direct subtle field energies. If the gems aren’t ethically harvested and fairly acquired then what you have is a token of bitterness and negativity, a horcrux for for the blood that was shed to acquire it -in short you have a cursed object that’s better left alone.

Those who are enlightened would rather not carry such things on their person. Its widely known that ill-gotten gold carries “blood-curses” and must be properly smelted down to even be wearable again. The underlying difference with gems is that there is no physical way to reset them. You cannot smelt a gem. You can only return it to the place it was taken from and perhaps reacquire it by fair and ethical means. Which is the underlying point of this article; Ammolite belongs to the Blackfoot peoples. Its part of our traditional territory and the treaties of the past where never intended to account for such things but if this is the way Korite wishes to proceed than I can easily curse its gemstones and its Alberta operations. The New Age community prides itself on operating by ‘fair’ principles but even from the most pragmatic point of view; why own a gemstone unless it represents something totally wonderful? Why would anyone wish to go around wearing stolen property acquired from the American Holocaust? But; given that this is a “free” country if someone wished to be recipient to these “blood curses” who am I to stop them?

This very logical argument counters any possible marketing angles that Korite may believe they possess. Marketing is all about generating consumer “appeal” something which is mostly a subjective quality in the first place and might as well be described as being “magic” anyhow, which again only reaffirms the metaphysical aspect inherent to gemstones. Even on a purely legal level wearing a stolen gemstone is risky because doing so would rob one of the confidence and pride that goes along with wearing something fairly acquired and properly paid for. Individual gem stones often carry a story and history of those who owned them which adds to the allure and status of keeping it and the way that this story seems to be unfolding is rather unfortunate.

So from a metaphysical point of view what can an individual expect in wearing a Ammolite gem? In the first place they can expect to channel from the currents resulting from genocide, germ-warfare, the aftermath resulting from the residential school system, the feedback of Alcohol used as a means of subduing a developing people. Its wearer may also don a feeling of decadence which embodies the apathy associated with the American Holocaust as well as the subsequent land grab that followed it. For anyone attempting to align their chakras or cleanse and purify their energy field it stands to reason that Korite Ammolite will do completely the opposite of anything positive. In buying Ammolite from Korite International the wearer can be subject to their Guiding Force impressing upon them feelings of guilt, shame, misaligned outrage, etc. and further the wearer could also be susceptible to Alcoholic tendencies along with the angry spirits and thought-forms which result from the Natives struggle to integrate into floodite society  -and there exist a vast reservoir of these! Why anyone would buy gems from Korite International is quite beyond my understanding but this kind of ignorance is common place is Southern Alberta.

Any province that would fiendishly harvest tar-sands from their own back yard and adamantly defend its industry could never rightfully claim to be “enlightened” in any sense yet this is what Alberta’s Native peoples have been subject to for the past 200 years. Alberta has never operated on fair principles and while its true that specific Native bands are quite well off due to Oil production my particular band is not one of them. The Piikani Nation ranks as one of the poorest in all of Canada and so reading an article like this is absolutely infuriating! So I hereby channel all my anger into Korite’s #Floodite-Gems whose efforts will surely amount to #nothing. Which is more or less what my Piikani Nation has. Fair is fair after all. To lend an idea of what my particular band has been subject to the following “lysol rap” is a comment on the Alcoholism which plagues my people. The song is originally from a recording called “Brocket 99” which was a fictional radio show and was in part created by Global News and Lethbridge City Council member Mark Campbell. (-1) -Yes; you read that right, Mark Campbell is now a member of the cities town council! Unfortunately Brocket 99 is one of the few things my Piikani Nation is known for on a national level… But as a band member I dont consider this to be my shame; that instead belongs to the floodites who heckle and laugh at a developing and disenfranchised people. The man below is a cousin of mine giving the Floodites the only sort of salute they deserve.


The term “floodite” might be a new term to any 101’s who might be reading this; which is why I went ahead and published a definition on Urban Dictionary: Floodite. I also took care to publish it under my chosen name of Starless Golighty. I dont consider myself a racist and never will but living with these people and being subject to their rule has left me no other choice than to work witchcraft against them. As a Shaman I am well aware of the “three fold law” and this is indeed why I am openly cursing a local industry, the level of entitlement inherent to flood culture has reached a critical mass and the laws of karma and equality have forced my hand. This is actually a long time coming.

The 101 reader may well ask where my authority and audacity is coming from? In the first place as I already mentioned I am Native to the area and secondly I have a vested interest in shells. My spirit animal is what’s called a Shell-Cat. A shell-cat is just as its sounds; a tiny feline who lives in a shell. This metaphysical description may well be deemed “non-sense” to the conventional 101 paradigm but I would welcome anyone reading this to make the grave mistake of underestimating the spells associated with this title. The Shell-Cat is an extremely long lived creature and our “life span” is not readily conceivable by human standards; however our life cycle can be explained as such: The Shell-Cat first engineers a suitable shell to transfer its consciousness into and depending on the half-life of the materia used the shells “life span” would probably best be measured in epochs. As the shell begins to “wear out” and fall away the Cat form is again renewed and its feline can once again begin to cast yet another shell… ad infinatum. In this way the Shell-Cat has incorporated death and dying as part of its natural life cycle. This ritual creation of shells has lent the Shell-Cat an eternal kind of memory. So given that the Ammolite gem is in actuality a fossilized shell it is in fact my domain. Not only are these gems native to my traditional territory but its materia is also an integral part of my Totem and I dont take kindly to the pilfering and thievery of my tribal property. Those are the bones of my relatives and they can be a pretty mean bunch if you piss them off.

As individuals living in North America we are entitled to believe what ever we wish but the inquiring reader will find that the curses associated with these #floodite-gems are quite impossible to subjugate. The days of “manifest destiny” are over. The “west was never won” and the country we call “free” was only “free” for those who stole it. Afro and Native Americans for instance have already paid for it with years of slavery and genocide. All things come at a price and jewelers perhaps know this better than anyone. So by all means floodites; Enjoy what ever is left! Because you will be paying for it with your very souls.

~Starless Golightly.

(-1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brocket_99#1986_tape