The final flight of Ichabod Biegler…

I have been beside myself with grief over the loss of my two feline familiars. First Mukey went and then Brie a few weeks after. Brie literally disappeared into the night. I have kept hoping to find a dead cat around my house but I know she is gone because I would have smelled her by now. I keep walking around my property hoping for some sign but its been two weeks. I have been dwelling on the fact that I didn’t have a better chance to give her a proper bath before she went. She hated baths and it seemed cruel to force her at that point. Maybe I should have because she had been pissing herself and her last night here she accidentally shit on her blanket. My sister offered to lend me some money to have her put down but I was hesitant even though I knew I would have to say goodbye soon. So as usual she took the initiative and somehow disappeared in the night. She was an amazing Cat and my only reckoning is that she somehow convinced a family member to let her out and now they dont want to admit it. Brie was a special feline Familiar who could easily convince people of things… I am sure any 101’s reading wouldn’t take a statement like that seriously but she was an incredibly powerful familiar. I feel like I am going to be that Ghost whose always looking for his Cat in the night…


I have been pretty sad about it and have been channeling to her messages like; ‘how could you leave me?’ and ‘I am so sorry I didn’t cuddle you more…’ I wanted to bury them together, I was supposed to bury them together! I was going to build a little pet crypt on my fathers property and I have been pretty disappointed in myself for not having the energy and clarity of mind to make proper arrangements. Things have been difficult for me lately. So difficult that I have been going for walks and I could swear that sometimes I am totally invisible. Its weird to say but sometimes I can walk right by someone and they cannot see me in the slightest. I am not delusional or anything; I can still see my own reflection after all, but a few days ago I was walking home and a car drove by and tossed its garbage out the window. I actually thought for a second that they threw it at me but the timing was wrong and I was thinking about stuff so I didn’t even really see the car. I heard a muffled cracking sound as the Mcdonald’s bag hit the curb. I continued walking but then my nagging curiosity made me doubled back to see what it was. I kicked at the Mcdonald’s bag and it seemed to be full of garbage but had something inside it. I nudged out the contents with my foot and found it contained a small open cedar box that contained a indigo satin bag. I closed the lid and seen that it had the name “Ichabod” engraved on the top. At this point I didn’t really think about the vehicle or anything because I thought I found something interesting. It turned out to be some ashes of presumably a dog named “Ichabod Biegler”. Surprisingly the situation didn’t even piss me off that much. Its typical for this kind of shit happen around here. Lethbridge can be pretty grim place sometimes so what likely occurred is that somebody visiting the city got insulted by a redneck in a big truck, or that fat neckbeard in the white SUV, or may be they had their purse searched at Canadian Tire, (or any of the other list of local assholes who go that extra mile to ruin a strangers day…)  -as the story goes and tossed their fast food garbage out the window as they were leaving the city; grateful to never see Lethbridge again.

I understand the landscape and understand how one might confuse Lethbridge with a landfill but poor Ichabod was left in the dust. Just like me. Being that I recently lost Brie maybe it was her who arranged it. As I said she has a way of convincing humans to do things. She was a half-ling of the “Blair Witch” and Elizabeth Bathory. The “Blair Witch” is really just a title for an actual historical witch but I am forbidden to speak her name. However; I can talk about Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth was of course the “Blood Countess” who was alleged to be one of the most prolific female serial killers in history. I personally dont believe this because Brie told me that she was framed by King Matthias II of Bohemia who she says owed her family vast sums of money. My Baby-Brie always claimed that instead of repaying his debt to her family he framed her for the execution of hundreds Witches whom his family had quietly culled over the years. I believe her because she was a pretty amazing little Cat. If I had to take a side it would definitely be with Brie and if that means standing beside the “Blood Countess” then I would be happy to.

(-Also on Bries behalf I would like to say; Fuck “king” mathias the “holy roman emperor of shit”; I would piss on your grave if I knew where it was…)  

Brie Elizabeth Blair Bathory was born (26 November 2008- 1 September 2018) and is missed by her family; me and brother Truman. Brie was an Owl Cat who loved to be cuddled and was a grand and motivating force in my life while she was a part of it. Even though she walked out and broke my heart I miss her dearly and will never forget her. I dont have that many pictures of her because she didn’t like having her picture taken. She refused to pose and upon seeing a camera she would always want to sniff it or be picked up. Very Uncooperative. I have some pics on my phone of her sleeping and a few others that I cant find right now but this one gives a good idea of her strange feline personality. When I took this picture she was sitting comfortable and staring at the wall from about two inches away. Which was typical of her odd behavior.




The other is of course the cedar box which contains the ashes of “Ichabod”. This may seem like a odd way of honoring my pet but it was actually traumatic to have her disappear like that. Short of putting up posters looking for a “dead cat” I dont know what to do. She was very close to death when she disappeared and I really cant imagine her even making it more than a day or two without food. I have heard that good pets are known to find a hiding place when they are close to death. I just wish she didn’t have to die alone. Love you Brie! You always be in my heart.