Dear Lord…

I was on Youtube listening to one of my favorite songs; Jewel’s Amen and I noticed a comment from someone with a peculiar name; deadbird1229. The name immediately got me thinking about one of the private messages I sent to Miss Iordanka Petzanova about my experience with Arrested Development to which I never received a reply. The comment is taken directly from the comments sections and is as follows:

“deadbird1229 (2 years ago)

I’ve loved this song since I was around 7 years old. I remember my mom thinking there was something wrong with me because I listened to it so much at a young age—I remember her saying it “sounded like a funeral dirge.” Now as an adult, I appreciate it even more, and can actually comprehend it on a lyrical level. I’ve never been a fan of Jewel’s later more country-ish stuff, but this record was amazing, and I hold her as a true poet just for this song alone. It’s devastatingly beautiful.

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To contextualize the significance of this users name I will write a little back ground on a private message I sent to Miss Iordanka Petzanova. As stated I contacted Miss Petzanova through the LinkinIn website to explain how I had been illegally surveilled by Imagine Entertainment for the show Arrested Development and that her information was sure to have been collected as well. In an effort to keep the topic as brief and succinct as possible I wrote the message in the format of a #spell. That is, I first expressed my feelings about having my privacy invaded, (plagiary, insults, jokes etc.) and I also told her her privacy was certain to have been invaded too and to make the private message as unforgettable as possible I sent her a “remembrance #spell” which included a link to Amy Winehouse’s, “Back to Black” video and wrote her something to the effect of;

“… I spent three whole days and nights in darkness to find you the prettiest dead bird I could and you wont even respond… I am a cat. -Just so you know. “

This line of non-sense contains many strings to various subjects. In the first place Miss Petzanova bears a striking similarity to Amy Winehouse and the “dead bird” comment was alluding to Amy’s death and to her obviously being a British dame, and further Arrested Development accused me of being Jesus Christ and so the cat reference is in regard to the “Lion of Judah”. Again this was a remembrance spell and so I remember very clearly writing it. My point in posting this; is all of this fits the pattern of passive harassment, the gathering and use of information from private sources ie; surveillance. So I find it incredibly strange to find a comment made by deadbird1229 in the comments sections of my favorite song of all time. It feels like someone is trying to get my attention and player games with me.

The following bit of simple math is also rather telling:


All I have done here is divided 1229 from my ex-wife’s chosen name. 2557 is the Jewish gematria of my ex-wife’s new Hindu name of #Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda and the quotient of 2.08 is of course the simple number of my christian name #Richard YellowHorn; and once again 208 is also the simple number of #Paul Richard Polanksi which is what this whole site is about. That is the absolute mission of this group; to try to convince me that I am the reincarnation of Paul Richard Polanski. All I have done here is divided 1229 from the person most likely to be responsible for this binding spell. This is a clear cut example of how these Orcs (orchestrators) are illegally collecting information and using it for what can only be described as ‘witchcraft’/’malcraft’. I have a vast amount of experience with these kinds of curses and they serve no other purpose than to confuse, befuddle, annoy and cause paranoia. One will also note that deadbird1229 is itself a totally anonymous username and is practically untraceable, there is no information anywhere as to who this person might be which of course makes this yet another “Red Hairing” just as the show Arrested Development has so cleverly pointed out as the title of the eighth episode of season four.

Anyhow I tried a few other simple hacks (÷) and found more telling numbers which work as loops and presumably interference patterns ie; binding spells. None of them are really worth mentioning; a ring is formed when my area code is divided from 1229 which again is just more interference patterns designed to keep the target running useless potentials. More spaghettification. More crap.

In the spirit of this topic I thought I would close this entry with a prayer:

“Dear Lord:

Please let them crucify me on your behalf so that I might be strengthened by your Blood, So that I too will be granted the ability to indiscriminately kill on your behalf… with out conscience or feeling. So that I might pistol whip all the sons of bitches who have ever tried to lay hands on your great works, give me at least that… So that I can give that back to you Oh great Creator…”