Ron Howard’s #Crip Threat…

The following is a formal challenge to face film director Ronald William Howard in mortal combat. Ron Howard has ceaselessly taunted me through media as well as made the show Arrested Development by illegally surveilling my life. I have written countless letters in an attempt to alert anyone to my situation and have never received a response. So I here by challenge Ron Howard to a sword duel to the death, (no quarter given). The following article explains my position and rationale for resorting to violence to resolve this issue. It was never my intent to fight a decrepit old man like Ron but his taunts and hubris seem to know no boundaries and its time for me to shut him up for good. Anyone in doubt about my resolve should consider that this situation has been going on since 2007 and this whole blog is dedicated to making this harassment stop. 

The pitiful serpent Ron Howard has used his position in media to construct an intricately arranged labyrinth which exists in gematria to channel fear from the unwary. The most apparent of these mechanisms was the Jonbenet Ramsey murder and the associated #pathwork and spells. The gematria of #Jonbenet Ramsey is loaded with associations which act as binding #spells on the collective unconsciousness. In the first place Jonbenet Ramsey was a six year old beauty pageant star. She was deliberately dolled up to have a certain effect on Caucasian men with pedophile tendencies and her gematria supports this; the gematria of #Jonbenet Ramsey = 166/996/1448 and one will note that with some reversed math 166 becomes 666 with addition of 5 on the 1 in the sequence, again this is reversed and meant carry the word association of the “sword of god” and whats more is deliberately intended to carry a sexual connotation. Its intended to be a taboo that no one wants to talk about.

I realize how awkward and lewd this is to describe about an apparently murdered six year old but it should be clear to anyone with the slightest bit of common sense. Further still is the name #Jonbenet Ramsey shares its simple gematria with the word #Tetragrammaton = 166/996/625 and because the of the importance of this concept in language we know that the association can be taken and compared with the Biblical concept of ‘Babylon’ ei; “The Whore of Babylon” the whole device is has been designed to channel feelings of guilt and shame to anyone who thinks about its #gematria for too long. It was likely devised as means of mind control which also worked to create the illusion of a taboo around the practice of gematria. For anyone who has read and thought about the meaning of the original Covenant which founded the Torah it is clear that it has to do with the sanctity of a child life and its plain as day to anyone that the murder of a child amounts to the most unthinkable and awful of sins. It stands to reason that the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey was a mechanism of mind control over the American public. In truth I find it difficult to imagine that anyone could murder a child in such a manner but if there was someone deprived enough to imagine every detail of how it would happen and then act it out as a news story it would be (and is) movie producer; Ronald William Howard.

The second of these media devices that Ron Howard has designed is in regard to the Golden State Killer/East area Rapist epithet and namesake and there is absolutely nothing far fetched about the idea that it was (media baron) Ron Howard who created these titles. Ron Howard controls a vast portion of the news media. I am well aware that Joseph James DeAngelo has recently been charged with DNA evidence for the crimes, which may or may not be the case but my point is that Ron Howard was using these titles to generate fear and manipulate public perception and this is evident in the #pathwork of the poem “#Excitements Crave” where in there are various “rings” which connect to Ron Howard’s names and titles. The poem’s true name is in reality “#Excrements Crave” = (175/1050/1447-see above) and is a reflection of his pathologically obsessive personality and abject depravity. I have already covered the #pathwork associated with the poem and anyone who would like to review that audit can do so here. Its the poem that I want to focus on and specifically the last line of the second to last stanza:

Excitements Crave

All those mortal’s surviving birth
Upon facing maturity,
Take inventory of their worth
To prevailing society.

Choosing values becomes a task;
Oneself must seek satisfaction.
The selected route will unmask
Character when plans take action

Accepting some work to perform
At fixed pay, but promise for more,
Is a recognized social norm,
As is decorum, seeking lore.

Achieving while others lifting
Should be cause for deserving fame.
Leisure tempts excitement seeking,
What’s right and expected seems tame.

“Jessie James” has been seen by all,
And “Son of Sam” has an author.
Others now feel temptations call.
Sacramento should make an offer.

To make a movie of my life
That will pay for my planned exile.
Just now I’d like to add the wife 
Of a Mafia lord to my file. 

Your East Area Rapist
And deserving pest
See you in the press or on T.V.


Aside from the fact that Ron Howard has practically signed his name to the poem in the last line; See you in the press or on T.V. the phrase: “…Just now I would like to add the wife of a mafia lord to my file.” is quite a taunt to anyone who knows what its author is talking about. This kind of “Masonry” and Cryptography is indeed used by secret societies, Mafia, street gangs and other criminal organizations and this sentence is a testament to the authors obsessive predilection to consider every possibility and over think every detail. Its born of the paranoia that someone may catch on to the #pathwork and cryptography of the poem and is meant to reverse that paranoia onto anyone who might see through it. So why would its author feel the need to make random threat against a mafia lords wife? Where is the motivation for such a threat coming from and why was the author compelled to include it? The fact is I am aware of the particular angle that the author is talking about and this indeed is why I am writing this article. It has to do with my Nazirite name which was bestowed upon me through my fairy-godmother if the reader is interested in reading about they can do that here.

My colours are red but as I stated I don’t consider myself part of street gang. However; I do believe in chivalry, honor and fairness, subjects that the likes of Ron Howard evidently has no concept of. Whats more is that this kind of behavior runs in his family; Rance Howard has similar #pathwork which binds him to the Zodiac Killer epithet. So this is by no means some far out theory, its all very plausible and anyone who audits these men’s #pathwork in relation to these namesakes (EarOn’s, Zodiac) is going to find all sorts of symmetries and #rings linking their names to the deeds and details. It’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about #channeling that these men are fueling their egos from fear and abusing their positions as celebrities.

Having a lost a kid sister to suicide I personally appreciate the spiritual significance of the Biblical Covenant. Since I began educating people online about the parallels concerning the Jonbenet Ramsey murder and the Biblical Covenant I have been met with incredible resistance. The combination of Orc media and anti-intellectualism already keep people safely insulated from the possibility that mind control mechanisms and brainwashing schemes are everywhere but it would seem that news media have some vested interest in enabling crimes to occur which in turn fuel the system of lies they represent. One of the targets of my letters was the corporation Nike. Nike; being the most modern plausible representation of the “Whore of Babylon” epithet; I foolishly trolled many of their email addresses with letters regarding the Jonbenet Ramsey murder. At that point I was just indiscriminately blasting my ideas out there and for the most part virtue signaling my position and my understanding of the aforementioned biblical Covenant. I was still very much grieving the loss of my sister and felt somewhat responsible as most do in the case of losing a child relative. The fact that the case was never solved and that Jonbenet’s murderer is and was still at large was secondary to my need to punish the media, -who I viewed as vultures feeding themselves on stories of misfortune and misery. I was also suicidal but I was channeling these feelings of apathy and disregard for my own life into the one place they might make a difference; I was drawing attention to something that I knew if recognized by the public, could destroy my enemies.

Since taking up this crusade of truth and justice I have been constantly tormented and in 2013 Arrested Development was released and made to poke fun at me and my situation (which as I have already written about at great length). Its incredibly damaging for the mind to live with the constant knowledge that you have no privacy and anything you say or do could end up as a joke in movies or media. Its incredibly disappointing to find out someone whom you once loved has turned against you and sold you out to a film production company, (Manithya Swarupapriyananda). To wake up and face each day knowing there might be any number of professional liars attempting to hustle you is incredibly daunting. My life is hell and all for trying to do the right thing.

When I saw the latest Nike advertisement I immediately knew that there was unseen angles behind it. So I started with the most obvious method and numbered its gematria on and the thing about gematrix is there is a list of like phrases with like numbers below the queried results. (all gematria listed is in simple/english/jewish) The ad was featuring football player Colin Kaepernick (-who is awesome by the way) with the tagline:

#Believe In Something Even If It Mean Sacrificing Everything =  547/3282/3695

in the listings of like phrases and numbers the following was second on the list:

#She Might Just Get Killed Early To Show I Am Serious =”/”/” (which has the identical gematria as the above phrase.)

Immediately I associated this sentence with the Excitements Crave poem however; I quickly noted that I had missed the ‘s’ in: “…even if it mean‘s’…” and tried it again:

#Believe In Something Even If It Mean(s) Sacrificing Everything = 566/3396/3785

All of this amounts to a false positive “proof” and snare for the unwary. Its easy to see a connection like this and have a panic attack at some perceived potential. How many others out there would have made such a connection I cant say. But those in marketing and advertising are incredibly proficient in using gematria and it goes with out saying that to use it properly one has to be incredibly exact! I have learned to double and even triple check everything before meditating on the answer. If you are manually punching in numbers into a calculator missing even a single digit can easily put you on a tangent which you may never rectify. By getting a single letter wrong, you could in theory, continue on indefinitely until you are hit with a discrepancy and are forced to circle back over you work and realize you made a mistake -and these mistakes are so discouraging to your sanity and sense of reality that most will give up any inquiry into gematria immediately. It is key to always remember that you are processing potentials and not absolute truths. Gematria is a very tedious practice and a total waste of time unless you are working at 100% accuracy.

So why would someone go to such great lengths to encode these snares for anyone attempting to use #gematria? It is my personal belief that the practice of gematria is a form of ‘artificial intelligence’ and if such a practice were to become known to the public it would render certain aspects of the tech industry obsolete. Technology can be a form of idolatry which has turned out to be a very lucrative business. Artificial Intelligence has recently been marketed as a new form of “life” and the worlds first “A.I. robot” named Sophia has just been inducted as a “citizen” in Saudi Arabia. Not only is this obviously idol worship in the worst possible sense its also incredibly disrespectful to claim an android form is “equal” to a genuine human woman. Sophia is a laughable piece of junk and Saudi Arabia as a nation should be very careful what it does next; being a Muslim state I am sure that sins like idolatry are not taken lightly in the Muslim world. From a programming perspective I agree that there can exist artificial intelligence in that certain computer programs can be arranged in such a way so as to make statistical predictions in response to human behaviors but these programs can never be qualify as a living being! In order to be considered a life form said body must be able to reverse the second law of thermodynamics and anything in the Silicon realm is incapable of such reactions and processes.

As I have said before;

“To put this in perspective the moment machines are granted the status of a “living being” is when murder will be made legal. If a machines consciousness can be deleted or turned ‘off’ with the flick of a switch then any emotions it seems to have are baseless because it can never truly have a concept of real death; this fact alone totally invalidates any “emotions” it may appear to possess. Say if the artificially sentient machine where to ‘kill’ then it was only acting in accordance with the commands set in place by its programmer. Are we to actually believe that the Robot is going to be tried for ‘murder’ all the while its creator sits aside free of all responsibility? If a machine is “angry” than its only because its creator designed to appear so. Further if a real person were to destroy a “robot citizen” how can the person truly be tried for murder if it can be rebuilt to the same exact specifications? Once again if A.I. is designed to “feel” things like anger, sadness, frustration than it is merely an illusory extension of the programmers will, a puppet show. Its important to get this principle established now or as I said murder will be made legal. If robots are to become responsible for their own actions and are therefor “sentient”, then the robot programmers will merely become contract killers who use its robot creations as weapons. Let’s not lose sight of who is actually in control.” 

Ultimately certain groups with in the media are using gematria to program the collective unconsciousness on a societal level; Again: A.I. is currently being deliberately marketed as “life” so that big tech companies can maintain control over gematria and its ability to program human behavior. Its a constantly overlooked fact that computer programmers are a thing of the past and have been replaced by people programmers. In this way Ron Howard is actively promoting idolatry and materialism and because of this I hereby challenge him to a duel to the death. As I have already pointed out; given that “Artificial life” now officially exists in Saudi Arabia, murder will soon be made legal and I want to be the first one to take advantage of this paradox. I am going to kill you Ron! and more than this I am going to eat your soul! I am going to butcher you and feed you to my familiar! Your entire bloodline should rightfully die. So be grateful…