A life without.

This post will commemorate the end of an era. Since the the release of the Lord of the Rings novel in 1954 there have been all sorts of interpretations as to what the “one ring” actually represents, some attribute it to a comment on addiction, while others have variously attributed it to some implied taboo. The latter is rather easy to assume because Bilbo was of course an elderly gentleman who according to story passes the ring to his younger nephew both of whom are described as unmarried bachelors in the story. Even the most balanced and well meaning of minds are still inclined to consider the most nasty and troubling possibilities that will fit between the lines according to the individual. Its human nature to do so even if we don’t really believe it and to a degree the profanity of it all adds a certain spice to the story.

I would certainly never purport my self to be any sort of scholar; having never finished high school I am uneducated in any official capacity but I have read and more importantly #studied Lord of the Rings and much of Tolkien’s other work and I would like to think that I understood it. One of the most important themes in LOTR’s are symmetry and reversibility and because of this I have come to believe that Sir Isaac Newton was the inspiration for the Dark Lord Sauron. Sir Isaac Newton was of course the first scientist to define the natural phenomenon of Light and according to Tolkien’s tendency to apply a reversible constraint in his mythology it seems appropriate that Newton’s “shadow” be a representation of darkness and while its true that Sir Isaac Newton was a deeply religious person he did have a dark side to his personality which he did little if anything to hide. Its undeniable that Sir Isaac Newton had the potential to be a terrifying villain and he is definitely someone whom you would want to stay on good terms with -even his title and initials behold a dark acronym. Sir Isaac Newton was exacting, meticulous and definitely had a personality that could be described as obsessive. According to historical record he relished in rivalries and enjoyed maintaining his position in the intellectual hierarchy of his time. Personally speaking; I consider Sir Isaac Newton as a benefactor and guide and so none of this is intended as a negative against his character but his shadow is rather formidable to say the least.

There are numerous curious details surrounding Sir Isaac Newtons life and times; for one his birthday was precisely on Christmas Day of 1642 (25th December 1642 – 20th March 1726-27 O.S./N.S.). His personal coat of arms is also notable as being rather Morbid especially considering the era in which he lived and the Newton family crest has been variations of crossed femurs (Cross Bones) ever since which of course have given rise to all sorts of pirate and poisonous associations. However the #masonry and cryptic associations of his coat of arms are really quite positive. The Crossed Femurs are oriented in such as way as to be reminiscent of the glyph “Gifu” in the Eldar Futhark; which carries the meaning of “gift” or “giving”, as a rune “Gifu” has no reversed position which means according to its divinatory characteristics it cannot be ill-dignified. So the overall meaning would imply is that Death is a gift. Newton was very well educated so we can safely assume that this was all by design and was his way of eloquently integrating his shadow (in the Jungian sense) into his daily life and persona.

Another modern individual who undeniably falls in #alignment with #Sir Isaac Newton = (170/1020/1418) is Pelle “Dead” Ohlin born as; #Per Ynvge Ohlin = (170/1020/1424); (16 January 1969 – 8 April 1991) of the Black Metal band Mayhem. For those who do not know; Pelle Ohlin commit suicide by cutting his wrists and throat and then shot his head of with a shotgun. I have already explained how Pelle’s suicide was in fact a horrific sacrifice in a previous post however I have not yet explained a major parallel in regard to the “one ring”. This is found in the line of Pelle Ohlin’s suicide note: “I didn’t come up with this now, but seventeen years ago.” Seventeen years before 1991 is (1974). One of the most plausible interpretations (that is often over looked) is that the one ring is characterized as being a plain band which was described as being gold in appearance; which is quite obviously reminiscent of a mans wedding ring however this interpretation is far less interesting then some of the other more sinister theories going. But aside from all the sensationalism there is certain to be some aspect of marriage being implied in regard to the one ring.


According to the mythology the one ring was originally forged in the fires of Mount Doom in the domain of Mordor and if you are an avid pupil of reversibility then Mordor is quite obviously is a prophetic description of the digital realm ie; Silicon based technology. This also falls in line with Mordor being described as a barren desert waste land where nothing grows and its true that there is not a single aspect of digital technology that is organic in any way and whats more deserts are full of sand which is composed of silicon dioxide. So if there were a real life equivalent to the one ring it must carry some association of digital technology. Sauron was said to have forged the ring by channeling all of his “cruelty, malice and will to dominate all life in middle earth…” (-paraphrased from the movie NOT the Book) and since we know its likely to also hold connotations of marriage its highly likely that Tolkien was somehow alluding to a hitherto unseen feminine aspect. It stands to reason that the archetype of Sauron as a villain could be described as someone who was never happy with anything and was so driven to control and manipulate he sacrificed his soulmate in some symbolic way; and the actual ring being a left over token representing a love interest never fulfilled -a closed possibility of ‘what could have been’ ie; the ring.

Also supporting this is Tolkien’s description of Elvish marriage customs wherein according to story the Elvish wedding ring is said to be worn on the index finger and this has also been included in the movie where Sauron is shown to be wearing the ring. According to the legend Sauron was a member of the order of Maiar however during the forging of the rings he incarnated in his “fair form” as Annatar (the lord of gifts) and was physically an Elf. Vastly all the information online has Sauron’s “race” listed as Maiar -which was not intended to describe a race in the physical sense but an order of Angelic beings who had the ability incarnate at will; the difference is subtle but important in interpreting the story correctly.


One possibility which as point of fact can never be proven but is surrounded by a continuum of associations is regarding the singer Jewel Kilcher. Jewel was born in 1974 and her debut album is titled “Pieces of You” –which is most likely my all time favorite CD. Even now I listen to it almost every other day. Admittedly this view is rather horrific especially when the title of her album is applied to the manner in which Pelle Ohlin commit suicide. Both musicians Pelle and Jewel were born with in four years of each other so its rather easy to see that they could have been romantically compatible for a number of reasons. Also; in a rather childish point of view I do think that Swede’s and Swiss compliment each other quite nicely. In fact I believe that in some other perfect world they would be wonderful together but where ever that is it isn’t and will never be in this one.


All of this is in agreement with the description of the one ring. The one ring was indeed a magical object and this “ring” in particular can only really be temporally appreciated with in the realm of digital technology –with even its physical form being a CD. The collapsing symmetries of this ring demand that vast systems of information be accessible all at once; ie the internet and there are actually a ridiculously long list of details in her lyrics which support this view. Granted the ring in this case is more of an imaginary object (like a halo) representing some potential which can never be fulfilled however that somehow makes it even more powerful. I have been reeling with this knowledge for more than few years sometimes laughing hysterically, sometimes gasping in horror and sometimes wondering if Jewel Kilcher was some how ‘in on it’ and the whole thing was a just setup designed to fuck with my head. I found that by rotating the ring through my mind I would oscillate between emotional extremes; I would find myself sitting on a park bench, listening to Jewel and rocking back and fourth on some overcast Vancouver morning… I would go from laughing hysterically to myself; Hee-hee-hee! I have Sauron’s ring!” then suddenly realize the over whelming doom of the situation: “Oh My God! He killed himself over it! and How did he know! and does she know!? I would do this over and over and over again. Its my own personal horror show and I have come to regard ‘Pieces of You’ as kind of bitter sweet Iron Maiden because of it.

Keeping a secret of this magnitude has been really isolating. Regardless of what the reader may think of these alignments they still have had a profound effect on my reality and I have often wondered how I ever ended up in this position. I have often thought about explaining it to someone but have always chosen to remain silent opting instead to keep it a secret between friends. Admittedly these polar extremes have had a devastating effect on my sense of humor. I have no idea whats funny anymore and I am often afraid to laugh out loud at anything because I worry I might just laugh myself to death about something extremely unfunny and then everyone will know that I really am that guy… and they will all just shake their heads at me, put me in restraints and bury me head first in the arctic tundra as they have a hundred times before in a recurring nightmare that happens again and again.

Perhaps its just the way I think but I never planned on turning out like this. The worst part of this all is that its not even the only ring that I have kept secret. Amy Winehouse and her album Back To Black is another equally powerful one and the two are actually bound together. During my early twenties I wrote a fairy tale about a modern version of the Goddess #Nike and since Amy’s passing numerous parallels and coincidences with my unpublished story have come to light. For instance the first gravitational waves were detected on Sept 14th 2015 -which was on Amy’s birthday four years after she had died and the same number of years older that Pelle was than Jewel is(Just what exactly is that supposed to mean!?) I could on and on about the various details that link #Nike as #Amy but since my story was never published it would would mean little to anyone else but me. Then of course there is Sharon Tate whom is already known as my lovely Unicorn Nightmare and whom is thankfully very tame in comparison to the horrors contained in the one ring. More recently there is Carol Wayne (another Unicorn) whom I have come to love as well -the ring associated with Carol can be reviewed here. Each of these women’s deaths hold details which form “halos” in language; none of which do I actually consider possessions but I certainly am grateful for the connection. Its important to note I don’t necessarily identify with any of this in an egoic way its just a secret I have been keeping for a long time. I don’t harbor any ‘delusions of grandeur’ and I fully understand that its all just happenstance but I still sometimes wonder if I really did kill myself by over-thinkingWhich is okay I guess because I got to be a real life ring-bearer of the “ring of power” and I get to be squire to Sir Isaac Newton.

Finally it’s my sincere hope that the artist Jewel would not be vexed by any of this although she must realize that her album Pieces of You is a classic and timeless one so she had to expect it garner some equally timeless reception. Its highly unlikely she would ever read any of this but certain people can take religion/mythology too seriously and despite anything written here I would like to believe that I am not one of them. Life doesn’t have to be like anything it can just be ordinary or left undefined. Mythology is fun and religious allegory can be useful but “real life” can be a vacation away from the contrived and synthetic confines of story and scripture where we are free to do (or not do) what ever we choose. Its common that we are often disappointed by the reality of the situation and frequently hope for things that match the expectations set fourth by our own imaginations. But from this experience I have come to ascribe a certain appreciation to the simplicity of things in their most basic and common form; of course things like quality and luxury are a treat but complexity often accompanies them and that is something I can definitely do with out.