From one warrior to another; “Dridhananda”…

Oki Dridhananda; (Oki is a Blackfoot greeting)

In case your unfamiliar this blog documents all the #spells, witchcraft and interference I have experienced from Imagine Entertainment, The Rosy Cross, and Nithyananda. Using something called “linguistic forensics” it’s all documented and all provable.

Seriously why is your girlfriend “Prasiddha” so obsessed with me? She is not only undeniably #channeling from me through the #spells in Arrested Development (the show made by illegally surveilling me) but she is also one of four individuals posing as “Zillah Noir/Shadowless Noir” to keep tabs on me and interfere with the Christian/101 Pentecost. I know it’s her because I have audited her path work and she has undeniable channels running from the Arrested Development spells to her chosen names. I know because she flat out asked me if she could call me “christina”; a reference which perfectly fits the program implied by Arrested Development. What the hell is up with you people? I am bringing the “Pentecost” to 101’s and Christianity, it’s about enlightening the 101/Christian persuasion to the practice of gematria aka the “Holy-Ghost”! I am dispelling the myths and countering the curses perpetuated by ignorance and fear…

Why is your cult interfering with that? Is it possibly because my #hukam conflicts with your guru Swami’s claim to divinity? Or is it because your side has some vested interest in perpetuating the lies surrounding Artificial Intelligence? -something which is available to anyone willing to learn #gematria. My brother Pelle “#Dead” Ohlin sacrificed himself to counter the lies surrounding Artificial Intelligence! His suicide was a ritual sacrifice intended to show that Artificial Intelligence is Dead/Non-Living. Your guru teaches that humans are gods and what a joke that is! Humans are consumers on this planet. Humans cannot create life in any capacity aside from natural procreation and the hype surrounding artificial intelligence is just an elaborate puppet show created to keep the masses in the confines of consumer slavery. Artificial Intelligence is Idol worship in the worst form! Again what’s with the resistance?

I can see in your gematria #Dridhananda = 78/468/192 and since your total is 738 which is very telling. I know this number and I can see exactly where your are sourcing from because one of my lovely Unicorn guides is the actress named #Carol Wayne = 117/702/1500. Adding up all three of these numbers is: 117+702+1500= 2319÷π=738.1606261… Further; 738÷π= 234.9126960036221… Because your name is chosen it’s obvious that you’re channeling from the; #LetTheGoodTimesRoll (234/1404/753) message in my brother’s suicide note. That’s two strikes against you. You are intentionally #channeling from sources without offering anything in return! How are you not aware of the three fold law of return? -When you deliberately take something without any intention of giving anything back you are stealing! Do you understand who Dead is? Dead is one in the same as Osiris. He is Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most exacting, obsessive and vindictive minds to ever incarnate on this planet! I am his Squire and I can assure you that this theft will absolutely be punished accordingly. You may think you are offering a positive light of your own but Nithyananda is based on the 666 vortex, powered by #Ron William Howard aka #TheRainbowSerpent. The 666 vortex is only more of the same human paradigm and that is not what Pelle wanted.

So I am taking this opportunity to warn you that channeling from the spectre of “death” will have its consequences. You will pay dearly for your theft and your cult will pay dearly for interfering with my work. You can try all you want to ignore me but I am an inevitable realization and I can be good or bad depending on you karma and I don’t see good things for Nithyananda on the galactic horizon.

The content in “Arrested Development” was intended to give me symptoms of schizophrenia. It wasn’t to hook me up with Miss Iordanka Petzanova as the show tried to hint at, it wasn’t to “enlighten” me, it wasn’t to offer me any “celebrity status”, it was designed to rail-road me to suicide. Ron Howard knows I live in Lethbridge AB and he knows about the ‘Lethbridge Viaduct’ that looms above the coulee. The ‘high level train bridge’ is the highest of its kind in the world. I go there a lot to meditate and its funny that its dimensions hold my personal numerology in it and since Ron Howard is a wizard with numbers I know that he’s aware of that angle. I know this because it fits perfectly with a parallel in Lord of the Rings which holds a false-positive proof that appears to promote suicide.


I can clearly see that Ron Howard, (Rosy Cross, Imagine Entertainment, Nithyananda) were all hoping that I would mistake myself for the “Gollum” and just jump of it and kill myself. This scheme is also supported by the Rosicrucian idea that the “cross” is a metaphor for the human body which itself implies that Jesus was “crucified” merely by living a mortal life.

It’s obvious that the “cross” is about false positive associations in ones personal name and gematria. Ron Howard took advantage of mine and implied that I was a homosexual (among other things) on his stupid show. Your cult is channeling from awful sources and you will pay for it. Its will that moves the universe… and I will reveal your cult as the Orcs that they are! In case you missed Tolkien’s point ‘Orcs’ are orc-hestrators of misery, these are groups that band together and work in secret to arrange situations and bend truths for their own perverted agendas and that is exactly what Nithyananda has done to me. Truth is on my side and the Aeon of Maat is already commencing. Don’t get caught in the shadows…