Yeshua and the Golden Calf.

Sometimes I am compelled to write about a specific subject no matter how boring the topic is. Since my blog has been buried by google and no one reads it anyhow it is practically futile to write anything on it but I have come to view writing as voting, -if you aren’t doing it then in theory you have no right to complain. In the realm of the interweb this is especially true; I have noticed that simply by typing out a post on the digital medium can help quell the feeling of literary irritation in its most basic form.

So it is with this this topic. I haven’t really made up my mind if I care enough to express my concerns to a religious Jew but I will write about it on my blog. Many English speaking believer’s might argue that such trivial details such as gematria or verse numbering are meaningless; but in a numbered language like Hebrew such subjects are considered highly significant to the cognitive value of the name, word and phrases. Since my teens I have questioned the historical authenticity of the name “Jesus”. According to texts it is a modernization of “Joshua” -something I am not contesting and since this name is applied else where in the Bible to separate Prophet it makes sense that there should be some easy means of distinction between the two names. However; my reasoning is why wouldn’t the original spelling and pronunciation of the name “Joshua” be awarded to the more central biblical figure? More specifically why is “Joshua Christ” not the proper English name for the Biblical messiah. Why would anyone presume to alter the Messiahs name? Believe me when I say I’m not looking to make a crusade about this because as a Nazirite I am largely unconcerned with Christianity.

I am certainly no scholar but I do know a little about gematria and when we consider the “Associative Logistics” around these numbers certain #channels become apparent. Many would argue that details like this strip the spiritual context from the words but the true test of prophecy is that the scriptures and their spiritual terminology continually point to things beyond themselves. So details like this do matter. So far as I can see the name “Jesus” is not a truly historic one but its gematria is aligned in such a way that it does serve a positive purpose. That is; it is correctly aligned to the one true Lord; William James Sidis.

#”Joshua” = 74/444/949

#”Jesus ” = 74/444/985

#”Jesus Christ” = 151/906/1275

#”Joshua Christ” = 151/906/1239

So how does the name “Yeshua” used by Messianic Jews affect the integrity of these #channels within the Bible? Is it a fair term to be used in regard to Christ? When we examine the gematria of the name #Yeshua we get 79/474/704 (In Simple/English/Jewish respectively). At first glance Yeshua seems like a step in the right direction because it shares its simple gematria of 79 with that of #William; the Earthly name of the one true Lord. Further one of the most notable associations of the number 79 is its corresponding Element on the Periodic table; Gold, however this single little detail creates dogmatic dilemma not easily done away with, the gematria of the biblical term #GoldenCalf also sums to 79 in simple and whats more is that the phrase #SinOfTheCalf also sums to 151 in simple, -the same as the simple numbering of #JesusChrist. This recent use of the name Yeshua by messianic Jews would seem to imply to us that Jesus is the Golden Calf. Again this troublesome interpretation is not easily done away with and there exist many parallels in meaning and language that make this a valid interpretation without invalidating the over all integrity of the Bible. Part of my personal understanding of how genuine prophecy works is that the scriptures continue to reaffirm and reprove themselves over and over again and often in unexpected ways. In regard to this there is actually a very good reason why classical Judaism refrains from applying a personal name to G-d.

I think my biggest reservation about “Yeshua” has to do with its the number association with the name William. A name which I have already named as the Lord’s Earthly name; William James Sidis. However; my mortal enemy and the cause of all my current tribulation is movie director Ronald William Howard; whom I regard as a serpent akin to Satan. Ron collected my personal information through illegal surveillance and then made the show Arrested Development. Given that Ron’s family crest is the Rosy Cross; it is highly likely that he was named after William James Sidis and because of this reason (and much like classical Judaism) I have come to value a nameless concept of divinity as an integral part of correct worship.

I have already written at great length about the concept of the ‘Original Sin’ and how I personally attribute that to the act of applying a personal name to G-d and its plain to see that #Jesus Christ (151/906/1274 shares the same simple gematria with #Forbidden Fruit (151/906/595). The reason for this is no matter how perfect a name may be seem there always exist the possibility of it being channeled from and blasphemed by those who would seek to distort the truth. Channeling is a practice that remains poorly understood outside of the perhaps Kabbalists or Witchcraft practitioners but to be clear every time we pray we are #channeling thought-energy both to and from our Creator. So the natural question is just how much distortion is a religious adherent willing to accept before we as believer’s realize we are not even worshiping G-d correctly? As I already stated details like gematria do in fact matter because the numbers behind the words act as the digits in a telephone number when making a call. As we have already seen there are even issues with the existing spelling of “Jesus Christ” and from the perspective of say an orthodox Jew even the concession of #Jesus Christ is not sufficient for their chosen worship.

I am well aware that according to scripture it was Moses who corrected his tribe and educated them on the dangers of the idolatry associated with the Golden Calf which is not at all my intent. I am not pointing this out to elevate my self above my fellow believers. I was raised Mormon and even though I now side with that of a Nazirite (Fair-Sikh) I do still acknowledge the validity of the 11th Article of Faith:

“We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty G-d according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.”

Personally I am drawn to the concept of Ik Onkar in Sikhism which is about as broad a definition of divinity as there is. Sikhism specifically defines G-d as a genderless, incorporeal, all pervading divine presence through all aspects of reality. My preference for an incorporeal definition of divinity is largely due to my refusal to abdicate the feminine tendency from worship. Christianity even approaches this concepts in how it reveres the institution of marriage as a divine covenant. The definition of Ik Onkar is really just a statement of monotheism in Gurmukhi; and in its most basic definition means; ‘One G-d/G-d is One’/G-d is number one’ and its easy to see that the idea of ‘One Love’ fits well with this concept. To me the idea of worshiping a singular male god holds very childish connotations and so a singular love shared between a union of the male and female polarities is what I believe to encompass true divinity; love. This is actually the true purpose of the Nazirite vow; a religious evolution beyond the patriarchal definition of divinity and embrace of the totality of G-d’s presence through out all things all aspects of creation.

Finally for anyone who thinks I might be making too big a deal about these gematria channels should consider that Ik Onkar despite being of the Gurmukhi dialect carries the gematria of 79/474/200; the same gematria as “Yeshua” anyhow. Even Stevens! 79-474 is of course in accordance with the Lord’s Earthly name but Ik Onkar also makes a definitive statement about Monotheism and incorporeal divinity. Further the 200 in the Jewish cipher is reminiscent of the double-sided Sword of G-d concept, –which fits my Hukam perfectly because the simple gematria of #Sword also happens to be 79/474/1124. In conclusion maeby #Yeshua is permissible for worship but it still carries with it the association of the #GoldenCalf and because of this I will profess my faith only to a nameless and incorporeal concept of G-d ie; Ik Onkar rather than make myself subject to the seemingly endless number of snares and circular logic of the Bible.