Ma Nithya Prasiddhananda Is Spiritually Retarded…

Ma Nithya Prassiddhananada aka Jillian Doke is spiritually retarded… She is so slow and spiritually delayed that she doesn’t even realize it. I have known for a very long time that it was “Prasiddha” who was somehow behind the #pathwork channeling from me. But today I found an old Molskine I had from last year with a calculation that I ran which I had forgotten about and so I ended up auditing Prasiddha’s #pathwork and found some very telling simple (÷) hacks. The calculation shows that Prasiddha is absolutely affiliated with Imagine Entertainment and benefits by channeling from the “Arrested Development” title and associated word #spells. I know this for certain because by adding up all the #gematria of #Arrested Development (221/1326/1384) Like so:


2931 is a familiar number because its a partial of my moron of an ex-wife Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda (293/1758/2557) -whose gematria already channels from the Tate-Labianca murders.

Anyhow 2931÷π=9.329662764… To contextualize this #Ma Nithya Prasiddhananda = (205/1230/932) and since I have already proven and re-proven that the #Arrested Development #pathwork was intended for me and my gematria this ensures the calculation as deliberate. Adding to this is her name “Ma Nithya Prasiddhananda” is a synthetic name given to her presumably by her laughable “guru” Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It’s important to note that all of this is contrived; the title of Arrested Development, the fake Hindu names of the cult members etc; all of which are by design to fulfill a specific purpose aligned to the existing #pathwork of the Nithyananda cult. I wont even claim to understand or know about all of it because I don’t need to. Nithyananda channels from impure sources like the gematria of the Tate-lebianaca murder victims

For anyone 101’s who might be reading this #Arrested Development holds awful memories for me. The shows producers (Ron Howard, Mitch Hurwitz, Brain Grazer)  gathered their materiel by illegally surveilling me! They made fun of my skin condition, my totem, my mom, all sorts of things. Imagine finding out one of your favorite comedy shows was making fun of you! So to find out that Prasiddhananda; (who is a member of my ex-wife’s cult) is running channels off of the most horrible thing to ever happen to me is sickening. Her #pathwork demonstrably amounts to her sucking from one of my worst memories which is undeniable given the following calculations:

#Starless = 113/678/476

#Arrested Development = 221/1326/1384


#Prasiddhananda = 114/684/343

All of this is well beyond the possibility of any reasonable coincidence! These calculations and there associated channels make Prasiddha a literal vampire… (-Remember that Vampires feed off of blood/Iron/Element 26/The number of letters in the Alphabet.) All of which= Vampire. This isn’t even to mention all the evil #pathwork surrounding the Sharon Tate murders as well. None of these people are “enlightened!” They’re all Orcs! Orcs are those who Orchestrate #channels of misery on the unsuspecting. These are vile wastes of skin who feed off innocent peoples misery! Its actually amazing how soulless and empty her videos become once you realize the #witchcraft her and her cult are working.


While looking into Prasiddha numerology is has also become clear that my cyber stalker Zillah Noir/Shadowless Noir/Halli Brown is working in accordance with these Nithyananda clowns as well and there are several calculations to confirm this. So to commemorate this occasion I have cut off Zillah Noir/Shadowless Noir from any future communications because I have conquered her. Her pitiful #pathwork has just become all too obvious.

From here on out I am going to begin actively destroying the Nithyananda cult and it will be incredibly easy because all of their #pathwork is corrupt. Its all shit. None of these orcs channel from anything good. Most of Nithyananda channels ran off of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder until I blew that one out of the water. Slowly but surely I am destroying everything these unlightened imbeciles have worked for and soon enough all of their youtube followers will see them for they are; floodite-orcs who deserve to be burned at the stake.

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