For what its worth…

I am writing this brief entry in regard to some very old news concerning Donald Trump and his “wire-tapp” accusations against former President Obama. I want to sincerely thank Donald for this cryptic acknowledgement of my situation, he is the only person to ever do so and I am grateful for at least that. Anyone reading this is likely wondering what the hell I am talking about which is fair because to my knowledge Mr. Trump has never clarified the meaning of this tweet. The first thing to understand is that the “misspelling” ‘#wire-tapp’ is absolutely deliberate. He intentionally wrote that to convey a hidden message. I know this sounds ridiculous but its completely provable and has to do with the sitcom #Arrested Development of whom the producers used my personal information to make the show. From what I can gather the show makes some sort of bribe or offering to its target person (me) and this is evident in the naming of the character Maeby Funk. The key phrase being “may be” there is a possibilty I could get with my middle school crush whom the character ‘Maeby’ was made to look like (see below).

wire tapp

The key to understand this cryptography is in the #gematria. I initially saw this tweet covered in a news clip and they made a big deal about Donald apparently misspelling “tapp” but since I know that everyone with a computer or smart phone has some form of spell-check I knew it was intentional. So I numbered the gematria of #tapp and immediately saw the clue: (for reference see All gematria ordered Simple/English/Jewish respectively.

#tapp = 53/318/221

The jewish number 221 is a very familiar number to me because its the simple gematria of the phrase #Arrested Development (221/1326/1384); which of course is the aforementioned show that was made from illegal surveillance of my life. I know for certain that this is what Donald meant because of some simple arithmetic concerning specific related terms. For this to make sense we must number both words together #wire-tapp –from the previous tweet:

#Wire Tapp = 108/648/1215

To verify that Donald is talking about #Arrested Development (221/1326/1384) we need only take the Jewish number of #WireTapp (108/648/1215) and divide it from the Jewish number of #Arrested Development (221/1326/1384)


113 being the simple gematria of my first name; #Starless (113/678/476). So in this light we can see that these numbers form a sequence of what Donald’s tweets are actually about: #Arrested Development is about the #wiretapping of #Starless”. That calculation alone shows that Donald’s tweets are pertaining to the illegal surveillance concerning my situation. I realize how this sounds but I am in fact anti-famousall of the wrong people know about my situation and the only reason why Donald is applying this to Obama is because that is when this all occurred, (Arrested Development season four was released in 2013). I have written and re-written about this situation over and over and the reason why this has happened to me has to do with #gematria. Imagine Entertainment has a some sort of vested interest in keeping their audience in the dark about #gematria. Gematria is used heavily in marketing and sales so there are definitely reasons why those in media would want to keep it under wraps. There also appear to be Biblical or religious reasons as well but that is all besides the point and regardless of the readers spiritual beliefs the #pathwork put fourth by the show does add up.

I have complained about Donald Trump and his antics but aside from all the bullshit I wanted to take the time to write this out and express my thanks to him through this entry. So; thank you Donald for your help, I still don’t trust you or anyone else in the media but all the same this does help. It takes balls to get grilled by reporters over something like this and I also know that you were on the receiving end of many, many jokes over it. So thank you.


In regard to the above interview it appears as though Donald is being coy, non-committal and his saying “I dont stand by anything…” sounds especially apathetic coming from a sitting President, but as I have already shown this is actually Donald Trump stepping up and being a really good guy for a single and totally unknown individual. He (Donald) and maybe the guys from South Park are the only ones who have ever said anything useful regarding my situation. The whole reason why I started this blog is because of Ron Howard #cryptic tricks in media. Virtually all the jokes in season four are in some way about me or my situation. Arrested Development specifically makes fun of three different ladies I have fancied in the past and only one I actually know. In the first five minutes of the fourth season the character Lindsay Funke suddenly goes on a Hindu trip to India for seemingly no reason at all; upon returning she is dressed in a Sari and has a bindi and she is back to her normal self in no time at all. This reference is in regard to my ex-wife Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda (formerly Sarah Landry) I was furious when I saw her image being heckled and I have tried contacting her about and never received a response, but with the amount of information the shows producers had on me I now believe that Ma Nithya likely gave them much of their information. The other woman is in regard to Maeby Funke who was made to look like Iordanka Petzanova; someone that I had a crush on in middle school. The other woman is the character Ann Veal, the unwitting Christian girl whom the shows George Michael courts through out the show. I cannot get into too much detail about “Ann” because some especially cruel jokes were made about her (“Bland”; “Ann-hog” etc.) and I would never want the actual real life person to have to deal with it, I have been so vexed and troubled by this whole thing I would never want anyone else to go through anything close to what I did.

With in Donald Trumps series of tweets (which I will post below) Donald mentions that maybe a good lawyer could do something with this and if my calculations are true then perhaps their is a legal angle I could pursue. This has been so traumatic I doubt I will ever be the same; the jokes about my complexion and acne scars made through the #Marky Bark character were ridiculously out of line! This brief writing documents only a tiny part about what was said and implied, -the whole show was actually about me and I can prove it. Its infuriating knowing that people in such lofty positions of power can can make an entire show making fun of single isolated individual and think they can get away with it! Un-fucking- real! 

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