Its been seroquious to say the least…

With out further ado; the following is a list of my mortal enemies: In compiling it I was actually a little disappointed at how short it end up being. My favorite of the seven deadly sins is of course wrath, so I had actually hoped for a list as long as Santa’s but admittedly the conspiracy against me was very well executed and so to be realistic I opted to keep it as brief as possible. All of them will end up being my slaves for eternity. I will honestly say that even now; if any one of these people were to contact me, admit their part in what happened to me and make amends I would absolutely forgive them. I don’t hold grudges and don’t like don’t like handing out curses but when you taunt the living incarnation of Hell you can expect to get what you deserve.

  1. Ronald William Howard. Ron Howard is co-founder of Imagine Entertainment and the one of the producers of Arrested Development -which was a sitcom designed and written to give me symptoms of schizophrenia. Season four in particular was full of personal references which undeniably confirmed plagiary, harassment as well as my being illegally surveilled. In addition to being a movie producer and media baron he is also a very high ranking member of the Order of the Rosy Cross -If not its Leader/Pontifex Maximus and the scope of his influence is wide and far. He knows very well what he did to me and has even taunted me about it numerous times since. Recently the man alleged to be the ‘Golden State Killer’/’EarOns’/’Original Nightstalker’Joseph James DeAngelo has been arrested for the crimes based on DNA evidence. The timing of which is very strange considering that as of last year I have openly called out Ron Howard for these crimes. Even now I am still unconvinced Joseph James DeAngelo is the right guy and stand by my initial intuition that the Golden State Killer was Ronald William Howard. In the first place the poem “Excitement Crave” written by the killer holds several cryptic details tying it to #Ronald Howard. Ron Howard would have had means, motive and opportunity to commit these crimes and perhaps most importantly would have possessed the necessary intelligence to evade investigators and law enforcement. I of course am not a trained investigator but Ron should still be investigated on account of his #pathwork to the poem “#Excitements Crave”.

2. Roman Polanski. Roman is such a piece of shit that he is actually tied for first place with Ron. International movie producer, child rapist and perhaps the worst excuse for a “jew” in the history of the human civilization; Mr. Polanski needs no introduction. He also happens to be a rat-faced, Orc-Jew who is responsible for coercing Charles Manson into executing the murder of his wife and unborn child. In addition to being a movie director and child molester he also has an incredible ego, monumentally so, his 1968 movie Rosemary’s baby is about a woman who is impregnated by “Satan”. Then the year after in 1969 his pregnant wife Sharon Marie Tate was tragically murdered by the Manson family. Because the movie and the murders are naturally separated as fact and fiction with in the eye of the public they appear unrelated, however if one takes the time to audit Romans #pathwork in relation to the crimes one can see that Roman arranged the murders because he fancies himself to be “Satan”. His involvement would explain why he was curiously absent the night Sharon was murdered. I am sure he thought it was the perfect crime; a way of both posing as the surviving victim as well as elevating his film into an artificial masterpiece by harnessing the notoriety associated with the murders. I implore Jews everywhere to collectively come together and banish Roman from their race forever.

3. Quentin Tarantino. “Quenny Shitfoot” as he is known by his ‘Dwari’ brethren was a difficult addition to this list. I used to like his movies but his film The Hateful Eight is a subliminal comment about my sisters suicide, -the subliminal device is tedious to re-explain but suffice to say Quentin is guilty of working witchcraft and #Crip-curses against me. His curses cost me a job. It would be useless to re-explain this but make no mistake Quentin is a Floodite-Orc who will pay for his treachery. Anyone wanting to examine the details of his curses can do so Here.

4. Brian Grazer. Co-founder of Imagine Entertainment and Ron Howard’s lead ‘yes-man’, Brian is simply not important enough to write about in any real capacity. He was of course involved in the production of Arrested Development and was apparently named as one of Times 100 most influential people but even so I have very little to say about this incredibly unimportant and over-lookable man. His hair is sort of stupid I guess and he is obviously a cunning and formidable orc but ‘average is as average’ does and the film industry is actually full of these sorts of empty shells who harvest unsuspecting individuals such as my self. This is not to say that I hate him any less because I can see he is aware of all sorts of terrible things done to me and others but its just to say that I have eaten plain potatoes that are more memorable that this man. Regardless of his unimportance Brian Grazer is guilty by association and he will pay dearly.

5. Mitchell Hurwitz. Why are “industry Jews” always so dislike-able? I always try not to hate Jews because everyone knows no one listens to anti-Semites; not even me. Its either the vast majority of Jews are spiritually corrupt and morally destitute or they are always at the wrong place at the wrong time but I will leave that judgement for the reader to make. The thing about the #pathwork of Arrested Development is that everyone on the writing team must have had inside information about me to compose the subliminal aspect of the story and Mitchell Hurwitz was its main writer. This means Mitchell Hurwitz not only acquired my personal information through illegal surveillance but then took that information and wrote a sitcom with it, which means he made huge amounts of money by making jokes at my expense! That’s unforgivable! Its incredibly hard to get over a situation like this and I have been struggling ever since. Mitchell Hurwitz is destined to burn in hell.

6. Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda. This is a very unfortunate addition to this list and one I was in denial about for a long time. Manithya’s former person was named #Sarah Landry who used to be my wife and whom I cheated on. This was definitely a terrible thing to do and was obviously deserving of some kind of wrath but I just never thought it would be this bad. That’s as far as her innocents goes. I had assumed that she had moved on given that she changed her name and adopted a pseudo-Hindu identity, however after much interference and prompting from my guides I discovered that the #gematria of her new name is riddled with #pathwork to my names (both my Nazirite name as well as my former christian one). Ironically she makes all sorts of videos about “enlightenment” and specifically “Nithyanada enlightenment” but curiously she channels from the Tate-Labianca murders. Her Jewish gematria is literally the sum of all the victims names divided by Pi!


#Sharon Tate + #Wojciech Frykowski + #Abigail Folger + #Jay Sebring + #Steven Parent + #Leno Labianca + #Rosemary Labianca #Paul Richard Polanski = 1161/6966/8036


#Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda = 293/1758/2557

This single detail in the #pathwork of her name confirms everything I have claimed regarding conspiracy and harassment; specifically the campaign to convince me that she is apparently an incarnation of #Sharon Tate and that I am (apparently) the incarnation of #Paul Richard Polanksi. She has claimed that this name was bestowed upon her by her Guru/”Mahadeva”; Paramahamsa Nithyananda, which proves he is directly involved in the conspiracy against me! More than this though; channeling from such violent murders is extremely dangerous and incredibly disrespectful! I cannot stress this enough. Its astounding that these #Nithyanada people who tout themselves as “enlightened” don’t already know this! (Three fold law! Three fold law! Three fold law!) Do they assume that the “dead” victims simply slip into “unexistence” upon being murdered!? –What exactly are their beliefs on the afterlife and the transmigration of the soul?! To explain this travesty in the most pragmatic, real-life sense the equivalent to this situation would be like if the reader unexpectedly fell asleep on the couch and woke up to find that strangers had broken into the house, cut up all of the readers best clothing and crudely crafted a make-shift cloak out of the various pieces and then went on to help themselves to the left-overs in the fridge! Its actually much worse than that because they were fucking MURDERED! Her #pathwork is crassly taboo and would be unthinkable for any fair and ethical practitioner of the #craft -and before you claim that I am just “virtue signaling” I would like to point out that murder is still an unforgivable sin and heinous crime! Its plainly obvious that #pathwork like this nullifies any credibility she might believe she has.

In closing I want to say; I don’t hate her she probably just has a fixation with father figures and has demonstrably been mislead by immoral #hacks but its her silence that’s most damning.

7. Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I really hate this situation. It makes me seem like a I am a bitter ex who hasn’t move on but just as I have already demonstrated Paramhamsa Nithyananda is an orcish conspirator who is absolutely working for Ron Howard and is upset because I threaten his claim to “divinity”. I am not making this up either; his followers believe he is a “living avatar” and I am pretty sure he has claimed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He might be a nice guy, he might possess some level of “enlightenment” but Nithyananda’s attempts to rail road me into “worshiping” him will invariably fail. I will never bow before a living man. I don’t believe that humans in their mortal form can possibly be “divine”. My Lord and Guru is William James Sidis but even he never considered himself to be absolute G-d and the only divinity I will ever worship is the single, all pervading spirit encompassed in Ik Onkar. I wont bother making rash accusations but the #pathwork “Swami” uses shows that he has been privy to information collected from me. Swami is therefor my sworn enemy and I wont rest until he pays.

8. Anthony Pavlopovic/Pavlapovic. Its really too bad how this all turned out because I wish I had him as a reference on my resume. Anthony is so good at blowing smoke up the asses of the unsuspecting its unbelievable. Secondly; I don’t like picking on stunted cripples but it is what it is. I swear Anthony eats his own shit for lunch while working. I worked for him for four years and I am practically certain of it, plus his personality gives him away on this. Shit-eaters never let themselves away with anything and enjoy punishing themselves by force feeding their person their own excrement. But this all besides the point. Anthony sold me out and he will pay the price. Yakuza style.

9. Hillary Busis. Hillary is apparently a freelance writer who has written for Vanity Fair and various other orcish magazines. Her place on this list is a reflection of her importance. I don’t know if she was aware of my situation or the curses in Arrested Development but she did write a piece for Vanity Fair regarding its fifth season. The piece was a subtle taunt at my title and situation. She might very well have just been writing promo for Imagine Entertainment but I sent her an email asking her if “she stands behind what she writes” and I never received a response. Which of course is insult to injury. Once again; as I have already pointed out before, Arrested Development was based on my personal life so what ever she was payed to write that article she owes me. The same goes for all of the actors because with out a show to act in they don’t have a job to go to etc. In a weird way I plan on punishing Hillary worst of all. So when she least expects it… She’ll get it! and then she will be really sorry.

10. Iordanka Petzanova. This one actually vexes me worst of all. There is a possibility that Miss Petzanova is completely innocent in this situation and might well be wondering why some obsessive random whom she briefly went to middle school with is so bent out of shape about a sitcom. However I have taken years to think this over and my assessment has never changed. Arrested Development hinted at three different women that I have known or know of. I say know-of because two of them I dont actually know but they were both women I had crushes on at some point and I am certain that Iordanka was who the producers meant. Iordanka’s Arrested’ character is Maeby Funke. That’s undeniable. I never caught on until season four but that is exactly who they meant. The other is Anne the unwitting Christian girl whom Michael calls “bland” and “#Ann-hog”. -Wow! (It seems I am constantly shocked by the level of surveillance Imagine Entertainment invested in this!) The third was of course Ma Nithya whom was heckled using the character “Lindsay” in the first few minutes of the fourth season. They make fun of her trip to India. So that makes ‘threee’ references to women I have fancied.

Early on in this debacle I messaged Miss Petzanova through my LinkedIn account. I wasn’t very friendly; I should have used some restraint but I was furious! However I thought I was justified in contacting her because I was alerting her to the fact that my privacy had been invaded and likely hers was too. She never got back to me. So I send her another message with a link to my blog so that she has access to the written record of my plights and still received no response. At the time there was still a lot of stuff I wasn’t sure about. I was hesitant about the alignment around Sharon Tate’s murder and I had a lot of questions and desperately needed any kind of support. I would have been so happy if she would have just sent back a short message saying something to the effect of;

“Dude; I don’t know what you’re talking about but best of luck with your problems. DON’T contact me again.” 

Instead the total lack of response just perpetuated my misery, angst and mental instability. All of which could have been prevented. I am a reasonable person who respects the rights of others and most importantly the rights and privacy of women. I got fucked and I will never be the same again. The most fucked up part of all of this is: I don’t even know Iordanka Petzanova but she ruined my life. She is the cause of all my current misery. 

Its been four years since I sent that message and now I know I was right about everything. I don’t know if she was personally involved with Imagine Entertainment but she definitely didn’t help me. I read on her LinkedIn profile that she is a Psychologist or some type of social worker and I must say for someone who is employed in the trade of public well-being and Mental Health she is obviously a really pitiful excuse for a human being. Its feels really awkward to claim that a stranger ruined my life but its true. If I had never laid eyes on Danny Petzanova then Amy Winehouse would still be alive and I wouldn’t be in such a bad place. -That’s cryptic but true.

So “Danny”; With nothing more than your silence you have made an enemy…

#Pineapple I know


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