CBC is selling out Canada.

So I wake up this morning check my messages on my email, then I check youtube for the news and see this CBC video: Q&A What’s fuelling the rise of the alt-right? and so I clicked on it to check it out. Its apparently a streamed video and comments are disabled but there is a chat feature. So I logged in the unlikely case I wanted to say something and after playing around with it for a few minutes I noticed that the chat feature is completely fake. Its sync’d to the video and restarts itself if you log out and sign back in. I know this for certain because the user name “Mcfishy First” said the exact same thing and I verified it with others. The whole fake chat stream started again word for word.

The video claims there is all sorts of ways to connect and voice your opinion and the video intro even says you can type your comments in the chat section but at least from my account there is no such way. I am definitely an advocate for free speech and that’s exactly what makes this so annoying. I myself actively listen to the opposing arguments and respond with arguments of my own because I enjoy debate. Probably the reason why I am annoyed about this situation is because its not the first time that I have been shut out by CBC. I used to have an account on the CBC news website but it was shut down over ultimatum with my username. (Again I am being targeted and harassed.) I don’t believe they were justified in doing that but what can I do? White Canadians are sending me to hell. That’s what I see in the future. But the bottom line is I know its because my feelings on Canada relations with its Native peoples. I know my comments are being censored and mark my words CBC will pay dearly for this.

Whats especially troubling to me about this is that I supported CBC when they were in danger of going tits up a few years ago and its clear that instead they have just been bought out by foreign influence which in the end will back fire on them.