Is Burger King run by Nazi’s?

This writing documents a recent incident where I was singled out for my Tattoos by the Burger King establishment through a receipt.

Within the works of J. R. R. Tolkien a fictional race of goblin-like creatures called ‘Orcs’ serve as one of the antagonizing forces throughout the stories. The Orcs are a malevolent species who practice cannibalism and perhaps have best been described as a subject race used as foot soldiers by beings of greater mental stature. According to the mythology the Orc race possess only the most rudimentary hints of culture and almost exclusively rely on raiding and pillaging to acquire weapons, resources and sustenance.


In a real life sense the Orc race is an obvious representation of those humans who orc-hestrate conspiracies against honest people. The Orc race is a fantastic representation of those humans who lie, cheat and manipulate their way through life and the label works as a description of those who lack any concept of morality or conscience. In seeking out the real life equivalent of the Orc breed one might be initially tempted to scapegoat drug addicts or even people with body modifications such as tattoos or piercings but these characteristics do not account for the inherent malevolence that Orcs are known for and we might find better examples among groups like Investment Bankers, Lawyers and Politicians. Ironically the current climate of American politics with all its scheming and scandals is a perfect example of “Orc culture”.

For the past ten years I have personally been victim to all manner of interference. The most notable instance was my being the topic of the sitcom Arrested Development. The production made clear that my personal information had been collected and featured in the show as part of an effort to convince me of various things. The show was part of a campaign which highlighted specific parallels in #gematria in an effort to convince me that I am the reincarnation of the actress Sharon Tate’s unborn baby whom she was carrying at the time of her murder by the Mason family in 1969. What initially sounds like a rash claim can actually be backed up in multitude of ways which I have kept a detailed record of in the form of this blog.

In the real life sense; Orcs are those who buy and sell personal information to be used against their target person and influence his or her behavior or opinions. During the American 2016 Presidential campaign it has been alleged that a Russian influence distributed propaganda over social media to mislead and sway the American voters. This manner of influence is typical of the Orc breed and it has nothing to do with the alleged conspirators being Russian, Orcs almost exclusively employ subliminal tactics to influence their target person into doing their bidding. These methods of subliminal persuasion through #gematria allow the Orc conspirators something called plausible deniability and because the gematria is such a tedious practice it can be easily dismissed as coincidence from an outsider looking in.

One of the most recent cases in how I have been targeted was at a local Burger King just two blocks from my home. I ordered food and when I sat down to eat I noticed that the servers name appeared on the receipt as “Swastika” -which was obviously not the servers name. Since I consider myself Nazirite I knew that I was being targeted, again. The word swastika in this case was clearly devised as a comment about my tattoos. I have a unique set of spiritual beliefs and have reversible swastikas on both my shoulders. My Swastikas are a Buddhist style with accented points and are different than the symbol which was appropriated by the third reich. My use of the symbol is not intended to denote hate. According to the show Arrested Development I have been profiled and surveilled since at least 2008 and pictures of my tattoos were likely collected from my IAM.BME account which is a social media platform that specifically caters to modified individuals.



When I got home I checked the gematria of the most obvious phrase for any numerical significance and my suspicions were confirmed. (All gematria is ordered in Simple/English/Jewish respectively. For verification use

#Swastika Burger King Receipt = 291/1746/1903


This method of dividing the larger number by the smaller number then further dividing it by Pi is a known method in the practice of numerology and in this case the number 208 is part of the ongoing conspiracy to mark me as #Paul Richard Polanski (208/1248/746) -the name of Sharon Tate’s baby. To contextualize this incident the numbering of #Paul Richard Polanski matches my former Christian name of #Richard Yellowhorn (208/1248/1758. The scheme is intended to play on the apostle Paul’s conversion to Christianity where by upon converting he changed his name to Saul. Which means this is not a coincidence and the odds of this exact situation happening at a restaurant so close to my house with so much personal significance backed up by these calculations makes it absolutely certain that this has been personally orchestrated for me.

If one only considers this single incident it can be easily chalked up to a strange coincidence but because this pattern of harassment has been going on for more than ten years it is absolutely deliberate. The situation shows that I have been illegally profiled and that my personal information has apparently been acquired by my local Burger king to annoy me. Further supporting my claims is when researching this I looked up the gematria of #Burger King (112/672/440) and found that the term #AntiChrist (121/720/440) shares the same Jewish gematria of 440. Once again this points to a larger conspiracy of Sharon Tate’s murder and has little to do with this particular Burger King.

It’s rather easy to see that Sharon Tate’s baby represents the most likely candidate for the biblical “Anti-Christ” and these schemes and machinations are a subtle means of pinning this satanic conspiracy to me by way of numerology. To be clear this satanic conspiracy has been orchestrated by humans and has nothing to do with genuine Bible prophecy. All I wanted was some fast food and be left alone but in addition to the 1000 calorie sandwich and sub par fries I was also served with the same old conspiracy that has haunted me for the past 10 years. It goes without saying that this is not only a highly calculated taunt but its also a disrespectful use of the symbol/sigil and I am sure I am not the only one to take offense to it.