The Murder of Carol Wayne and Column Seventeen.

*Authors note: This essay uses #gematria; all hashtags denote the numbering of letters according to the Simple/English/Jewish ciphers into their combined total. To verify the gematria use *

A couple of years ago I came across an article about the actress Carol Wayne; who died under mysterious circumstance while vacationing in Mexico in 1985Carol Wayne is a spritely little Unicorn who guided my attention to some key bits of math related to the murder and I truly believe it was her who helped me with this. Anyhow when I began investigating the numbers behind the crime I saw several obvious parallels which make it absolutely clear that she was murdered as part of a ritual. “Hacking” (÷) these simple calculations was really depressing. The over all picture would seem to show Carol Wayne’s death to be the sacrificial offering in a highly calculated and intricate word #spell which finds its basis on column 17 of the periodic table. Its sickening to think that someone could be motivated to murder over such things like numbers and math. It goes with out saying that we can only see the numbers associated with this crime and though this is not true investigative work it does bring to light a possible pattern which may have lent the killer a mathematical sort of motive. To verify the gematria and Isopsephy use Gematrix

The man she was with; Edward Durston (variously Edward D. Durston) apparently was also a personal witness to the  1969 “suicide” of Diane Linkletter. According to various internet searches Edward Durston is dead as of (Sept 4th 1942 ~ Feb 6th 2007) however because he was a suspicious person I checked his gematria to see if anything stood out and I noted that Edward’s name and initial permutation had several ‘power numbers’ associated with it.

In researching the gematria of the crime I noticed several numbers which corresponded with the Halogen column on the periodic table. This pattern makes it perfectly clear that Carols murder was motivated by the numbers associated with column 17. In the first place #Carol Wayne numbers to 117 in simple, further she was also murdered in 1985. Normally there would be no reason to associate these two numbers together but they are actually like “neighbors” on the periodic table. The table is partitioned in such a way that Element 85 (Astatine) is situated just above Element 117 (Tennessine). This parallel is just the first of many similarities backing this up. According to record the town she was murdered in; #Manzanillo also numbers to 117 in simple, the Hotel she was staying at #Las Hadas has the Jewish gematria value of 215 which is the Relative Atomic Mass of the aforementioned Element Astatine. The permutive name #Ed Durston carries the simple value of 120 which is the simple gematria of the letters At (A, T = 1, 20) which is the chemical symbol/abbreviation of elemental Astatine. The number 120 is a very special number for many reasons for example 120 is the simple gematria of #Illuminati. The killer would appear to be following this word/number pattern like a spell and there may have been other murders used in this scheme beyond Diane Linkletter and Carol Wayne.

The parallels regarding #Column Seventeen are shown in the hand written image below.

The Periodic tables seems to be the pattern that the murderer was following but it doesn’t really show an actual motive in the typical criminal sense and instead would only indicate an exceptional level of obsession on the part of the killer. The closest we can get to understanding this “motive” can be found by adding up the Halogen Elemental simple #numberings in the chemical abbreviations (symbols) of column 17: F+Cl+Br+I+At+Ts+Yb+No = 166. (6+3+12+2+18+9+1+20+20+19+25+2+14+15=166)… 166 is of course #Edward Durston’s simple gematria but from a conventional investigative stand point this must be discounted because it can be rightfully argued that Element 117 Tennessine/Ts was not named until 2018 so if this pattern were true it would indicate that Edward Durston was able to accurately predict the Elemental symbols of Element 117; Ts!! Which is pretty fucking mysterious. If the reader can look past this single detail than it would seem that Edward Durston was attempting to close specific gaps on a “ring” he was working on. This would make at least some sense because #column seventeen is the domain of the Halogens ie: Halo/ ring. Further supporting the significance of the number 166 is that its the simple number of the word #Tetragrammaton, -which of course is the “Four letters”, allegedly the name/word of G-d. 166 is a hugely important number because of this and it has often been mistakenly referred to as the #Sword of God because with some reversed math it becomes: 5+166=666. ~The five obviously representing the hand. It would seem that Edward Durston was rather obsessed with these kinds of double ententes in language. He was likely the type to sit around quietly whispering catch phrases to himself over and over to try and figure out what its speaker really meant. He probably also had elaborate sentences that worked as affirmations he would recite to himself to charge his ego…  He would whisper things like:“#King Edward’s Tower of Power!” a phrase which equals 294 in simple #gematria; which just so happens to be the relative atomic mass of Element 117 Tennessine. Note the collapsing symmetries corresponding to this sort of #pathwork. 

In regard to the supposed “suicide” of the Diane Linkletter we can see some curious numbers around how she apparently died:

#Diane Linkletter suicide = 229/1374/768

#Diane Linkletter jumped = 228/1368/1347

Alternatively there are also various on line sources that Diane Linkletter did not truly commit suicide but in her LSD laden state #’thought she could fly’ = 229/1374/1279. Which not only fits into the same simple numbering scheme as the aforementioned phrases but also amounts to a “self-inflicted” death as well. Further adding to the suspicion of murder in Diane Linkletter’s death is that the name of the apartment complex from which she allegedly “jumped” was called #Shoreham Towers = 187/1122/1497 which of course fits the pattern of a numerological motivation for the crime.

Such parallels in language could easily be viewed as coincidence but given what we know of the killers capability of obsession he may have been motivated to murder by these two calculations alone; that is he may have first audited the gematria of Diane Linkletter’s name and found these word and number associations and seen them as an opportunity to successfully perform murder as part of a #spell. Which is exactly what happened. If we are to continue with the pattern it is also conceivable that Edward Durston may have wanted to actually own the name “#Linkletter” and his obsession may have caused him to revere it as having some magical-quality; and it is true that #Linkletter is almost a spell in itself. Its meaning is pleasantly cryptic like a password between friends. Quite likely the killer may have become so obsessed with the name he may have wished to actually call himself “Edward Linkletter” but because that’s mostly impossible he stole it in the only way he could -by taking her life. What’s more is that Edward may have been trying to assume the divine role of “Ra” by absorbing the name Linkletter -according to the calculations and periodic table that is. 

#Linkletter is 126 in simple, which is the same number as the actual simple gematria of the phrase #Sword of God (126/756/1241). Further 126 is also notable for being the atomic weight of elemental Iodine which is also in the Halogens column. So there exist all sorts of hidden meanings linking these people, places and things together. The links go on and on. Likely the killer had some amount of scientific knowledge and had become pathologically obsessed with collecting and “keeping” specific numbers sets. The “ring” in question obviously held some sort of significance and the killer likely believed that by collecting/murdering and thereby owning these numbers he was completing a circuit and would be endowed with some type of “powers” or supreme understanding. LSD seemed to play a factor in Diane Linkletter’s death and it also fits into the pattern here as well. Edward likely used drugs to get close to people.

In my view its practically useless to create a character profile on this “Edward Durston.” But going from whats on the internet he was either a car dealer and/or drug dealer in Beverly Hills in the late 1960’s. He or his guiding force was obviously obsessive compulsive and because of that it would make sense they would be involved in the clandestine chemical manufacture of LSD. Which is a very complicated substance to manufacture. The astute adept will note that #Chemistry suits him. Further its clear he read Lord of the Rings and understood it. It is also likely that he maintained a diary or scientific notebooks full of number alignments. His #pathwork also shows him to be an avid reader of Occult literature and may have also had a tendency to hoard objects or maintain some type of collection. Whatever the case Edward Durston is apparently dead and its practically certain that this case will remain as it is; unsolved. My point in writing this is because I felt bad for Carol. If I am interpreting the magick correctly then the murder would appear to be an attempt at absorbing her soul through existing #channels that Edward appropriated in the field of chemistry. If we are to follow the #path then we can see that #Carol Wayne was surely selected because of her gematria, brought to #Manzanillo, stayed at the #Las Hadas and was murdered by #Drowning; all of which shows an intricately arranged path through their associated numbers. Given these calculations the killer may have chosen to murder any eligible woman whose name happen to match 117 and he may have been involved in other crimes as well. These murders are likely the result of years of murder fantasy coupled with an incredibly obsessive personality. The killer may also have been motivated by some kind of reality theory or “theory of everything” perhaps believing that by murdering individuals with specif numbers he could become more intuitive/intelligent, divine, or more powerful etc.


I doubt anyone will read this but that’s not really the point. I am writing this in the hopes that it can somehow offer Carol some peace and somehow release her from the confines of Edward’s spells. Carol feels like a nice lady and I hope she gets another chance.

Finally one last detail which serves as a telling omen is the interesting gematria of #Column Seventeen = 187/1122/1333. Which in this case seems fitting.

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