Trump is the fake President of a fake nation.

I have known for a while that Donald Trumps presidency is a hoax and and anything he says, does or tries to do… should not be taken seriously. The problem is he and his conspirators have duped an entire nation into believing that he legitimately ran for President and won in a genuine democratic process, but he didn’t, he is not and america’s entire electoral process has already been bought and paid for since they declared independence from Britain. America is not a real nation because it was founded by thieves who stole the land from the Natives and then developed it with African Slavery who now pretend like all that was the “south’s” fault. Even now its struggles to find its own moral center. Lately this is starting to become much more obvious and as a result the United States political climate has become especially slanderous. The new political trend is for conservatives to speak like demons; An Donald Trump adviser recently claimed “…there is special place in Hell for Justin Trudeau.” said in response to Canada’s retaliatory tariffs. Its amazing how Donald Trump said he was going to “drain the swamp” when how quickly he turned it into a cesspool of american financial elites! The constant and obvious lies being emitted from his  administration are quite obviously indicating its financial sector is ripe for a coup. The “show is over” and america needs to wake up to this and realize that the real world is nothing like a reality tv show. The direction of his propaganda machine should be clear to anyone who isn’t a moral-dwarf. These elected officials are only looking after their own self serving rackets with out any regard of representing the common person. america must now reconcile its self with the fair world and we need to make doubly sure that political manifestations like the Trump administration die like the dinosaurs.

The current governing powers of the United States of a America have been comprised of an offshoot of old world oligarch which lack all the characteristics of genuine Nobility. This is evident in the manner in which north America was populated and why. When Europe became over populated and polluted and too culturally congested to sustain its population it finally became economically viable to settle the western hemisphere and the groups that stood to benefit the most from this take-over were the up and coming European middle class. This was obviously a culture who saw and envied their own European nobility but lacked the land and natural resources and moral fortitude to compete or make any headway in their own economies. This psuedo-oligarch were compelled to leave their own country, cross and ocean, face blood thirsty savages to populate the undeveloped western continent all to relieve themselves of the old world hierarchy. It should come as no surprise that the governing powers should then form a government where the every-man should be allowed to work unhindered by unfair taxes and other old world restrictions imposed by monarchs and aristocracy. Which sounds like a fair and just attempt to equalize the playing field but the most obvious problem with this ideal is that once again; america is a nation which stole its land from its Native inhabitants and developed it with African slavery and lied and pretended like they didn’t. All of which are the total opposite of any noble ideal! Any common person can see this pattern in history is contrary to everything the United States of america pretends to stand for and its plain to see that the “free world” was only free for those who stole it. This kind of behavior has naturally made america the obnoxious and retarded child at the worlds dinner table and in a way Donald Trump is an accurate caricature of morally bankrupt nation.

Donald Trump recently compared the United States to the “piggy bank that everyone is robbing”. The statement is patently absurd and dangerously misguided given what his people have already stolen from its developing allies.


The funny thing about Donald’s choice of analogy is that “piggy banks” are meant to hold money, not spend it, not even enjoy it… A piggy bank in this case is at least a partially accurate description of the United States greed and at the risk of stepping on tangent its also funny because “Piggy Banks” often gets smashed and plundered in an emergency. Donald’s short sighted capitalist agenda is all too obvious here and I would say a more intelligent conservative player already knows they run short in the morality department and so they wisely say less… but Donald openly ascribes some sort of religious value to money and the acquisition on wealth. Only this isn’t #Ferenginar. This is the end of the West and our place and purpose in history is to treat the world like a massive museum. Our place is to balance, sustain reconcile and understand all the history that brought us to this point. america has conversely defined itself by making its mark on the world through war and military campaigns both of which are the last thing anyone really needs at this point.

In contrast its actually hilarious how afraid Republicans are of the slightest whiff of Socialism. This is especially true when attempting to discuss politics with conservative media; anyone who spends anytime discussing even and balanced points knows that Conservatism is merely a psuedo-religion for those who are more open about their greed. They pretend to be in favor of ideals like freedom and liberty because this lends their filthy motives a cloak so that they appear more human instead of appearing like the Ferengi’s they actually are. Addiction can come in many different forms; hard drugs like Cocaine and Heroin are just the most immediately obvious for individuals, but gambling and stock-trading follow in acting as a culture of addiction and then of course the supply and demand of natural resources and especially Oil follow as the commodity of a Nation suffering from addiction. Addicts are known for their single minded ability to pursue their sole interest while they allow everything around them to fall apart. Advanced heroin junkies have been known to continue shooting heroin into veins as their limbs fall off and so I must stress to the reader if you think America is pursuing any plan but unbridled greed, then you are already their next victim. The Fake-american oligarch are at this point too proud to admit defeat and have set about recklessly pursuing their addictions just like any common junkie might and just like every junky before them they are destined for hell or death.

All junkies must find their end point. The rock bottom realization that sense gratification has its limits and you can only get so much out of given thing may take a life time. Each to their own but if america wants to be taken seriously even by someone as small an unimportant like me it must take a lesson from history and invest in noble ideals. Its very simple and something even american can appreciate with a bit of mental effort.