#Goodhomepainting Audit.

Ever since my old boss Anthony Pavlopovic of GoodhomePainting illegally abbreviated my Christian name to Richard Horn (116/696/393) so that it showed up as such on my tax returns from 2001-2011 I have been suspicious of his motives. Because Anthony; worked in film and appearing in such blockbusters as Rv 2006 and AirBud 1997 it crossed my mind that he might have somehow been played a part in the Arrested Development thing. At that time period strange things were continuously happening to me. What drew my attention to Anthony is the gematria of the modified name Richard Horn (116/696/393) matched that of Ron Howard (116/696/1213) which of course is not proof within itself but the overall #pathwork is very suspicious. It looks like a conspiracy. Especially after auditing the gematria of #GoodHomePainting (171/1026/470); like any good branding concept it bears several notable numbers when divided against it owners’ name, however I noticed something rather strange about its connection to my Nazirite gematria of #Starless (113/678/476):

By doing some simple hacks against the Jewish number of #GoodHomePainting  470÷π=1.496056465…÷π=4.762095631… -my Jewish number.

To the untrained eye this only seems like another coincidence. The effect of such thing is that the gematria of the company name GoodHomePainting was meant to act as a blockage against my Nazirite name. This was confirmed in Arrested Development in which Ron Howard actually pleads with the character Michael not to use a specific name… If this was to do with anyone else, I would think nothing of it because numbers are everywhere after all. But Anthony is an incredibly devious and two-faced person who as I already stated previously worked in film. The Film industry is based on gematria. Literally every successful advertising and branding campaign and movie script has its basis in gematria because it allows for its writers to steer the attention of its target audience by way of #pathwork. If I had to choose a single person I have known throughout my life that was guaranteed to sell me out and conspire against me I would choose Anthony Pavlapovic.

So my question to this is did Anthony start GoodHomePainting in accordance with Ron Howard’s directives? At this point and after what happened I can’t rule it out. One curious feature about the reversible constraint of gematria is that negative intentions can always be reversed. That is; if ones intentions are noble ones your enemies will always end up working for you. The three fold law of return is a cosmic certainty. By conspiring against another so as to deceive or take advantage of can obviously be defined as taking a short cut, however the Universe always takes note of this and will reverse your own negative intentions on yourself. Always, and invariably. The lesson being; by setting curses on an innocent person you will always end up cursing yourself…