#More Harassment from Satanists:

The following is a bit of hacker’s #Babbleship I ran on a bill collectors reference number. The reference number proves they have all sorts of information about topics they shouldn’t know. The company in question most likely have ties with Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment and potentially Roman Polanksi. All gematria can be verified at Gematrix

On Friday June 8th 2018 I received a nuisance phone call from “Sky Link Receivables”; which I correctly presumed to be a bill collector. The message was stated as being for “Richard Patrick Yellowhorn”, (my former christian name) the representative left a message and a reference number: DC255801. The call made me instantly suspicious because I haven’t used that name in more than 8 years.

After some simple hacking (÷) I have been able to determine that this reference number holds all kinds of information about me. In the first place we need to make this a pure number and how we do that is simply by converting the two letters to numbers; in this case it’s very easy and DC simply becomes 43, giving us 43255801. (This conversion will prove true as you will see) So, what makes this number so special? When we divide it by the numbers of various people associated with my harassment it becomes totally clear that this phone call is just more of it and Sky Dink Receivables is trying to fuck me!

One of the things that Imagine Entertainment tried to convince me of is that I am #Jesus Christ; which is 151 in simple.

43255801÷151=2.864622583 Boom!

286 is notable in this case because the call was meant for #RichardPatrickYellowhorn = 286/1716/2021. This is their oldest trick; the producers of Arrested Development tried to convince me with that I was “Jesus Christ” and/or Sharon’s Tate’s fetus #Paul Richard Polanski… -All of which is the #pathwork of a Satanic conspiracy which these blog  entries describe in explicit detail. Anyhow this gave me clue that “Sky Link Receivables” knows at least something of my situation… So I ran some other numbers through the reference number. I started with the name of my tormentor; Arrested Development producer #Ronald William Howard 212/1272/2227. Since this was a long shot I thought I would try the largest Jewish number first:

43255801÷2227=1.942335025… Boom!

The number 1942 is notable as the jewish gematria of #Danny Petzanova 178/1068/1942. The grade school crush that was mentioned in Arrested Development! Instantly I knew it was the same old shit. Then I checked my old bosses gematria #anthony c. pavlakovic 212/1272/2196

43255801÷2196=1.969754144… Boom!

This is another notable number (at least to me). 1969 was the years Sharon Tate was murdered along with her unborn child. This site is in her memory. Seeing that this reference number bears connections to my situation I began trying in on the most notable numbers associated with my case. On a hunch I checked the number against the gematria of the #Joyful House of Prayer. (294/1746/2424) The Jewish church I have been getting pressured to attend:

43255801÷2424=1.784480239… Boom! #Danny Petzanova in simple.

To offer the reader some perspective I briefly went to middle school with Miss Iordanka (Danny) Petzanova… I never knew her, I never even spoke to her, we just went to the same school. That was 1997! Somehow Ron Howard figured out that I liked her and has been harassing me about her ever since. So instantly I checked out the gematria of “#Sky Link Receivables” and it turned out to be 202/1212/1499. My first thought was to divide its Jewish number by Jewish number of my Nazirite name #Starless 113/678/476:

1499÷476=3.149159664 Boom!

The approximation of Pi confirms beyond a shadow of doubt that this company is not a legitimate company at all but likely just a web domain set up by my conspirators in an attempt to gain some level of control over my life and finances. It is true that I owe roughly 1000$ to a dental office in Vancouver. However I have frozen all outstanding debts from that time period because of the harassment and plagiary, and humiliation I have been subject to. For instance the 2008 movie Hancock was plagiarized from me. The movie grossed 624 million at the box office. I got nothing for that! To put this in perspective; Quentin Tarantino just made the Hateful Eight about how sister commit suicide! That is a confirmed fact! The show Arrested Development was written from creative material stolen from a computer I owned and was designed to fuck with my head and give me symptoms of schizophrenia! That’s another confirmed fact! It’s incredibly upsetting to find out you have been spied on for a film director’s amusement!  Making a sitcom about someone’s life without their permission is unacceptable under any / all circumstances! There is no way to justify doing that to someone! These are the same people who tried to convince me that I am Sharon Tate’s baby! These groups therefore bear connections to Sharon Tate’s murder(s)! These are Nihilists! These are Orchestrators of misery! Orcs!

These groups have tried to convince me of all kinds of bullshit, that I am “Jesus Christ”, the “Anti-Christ”, Moses and even “Satan”. In writing this I am not trying to convince the reader anything religious I am only pointing out how gematria is used constantly to encode information and the question which naturally follows this is why the hell does “Sky Link Receivables” have Danny Petzanova’s number bundled into my reference number!? These people are completely obsessed with my meaningless life! These floodites squat my land, plagiarize, humiliate, conspire against me, attempt to brainwash me and then after all  this expect me to work out payment plan with them! Fuck that!

So here is my message to Sky Link Receivables:

#I can pay you back in feces