Diagnosis Overruled.

I went to see my wonderful family doctor today and she was very helpful. She was attentive and listened to what I said. She didn’t prescribe me anything except Lotriderm for my rash and also overruled Dr. Alberto Palma’s scuttled and misinformed diagnosis. Words and especially the terminology of psychiatric disorders can work like spells and I have noted if the practitioner is actually willing to help and hoping for a good result then half the battle is already won. Dr. Alberto Palma on the other hand was pushy, haughty and made it rather obvious he wasn’t looking to heal or help in anyway. Dr. Alberto Palma is a strictly a professional medicator, a glorified pill dispenser who might as well be sponsored by the candy company Pez.

Dr Alberto Palma
Dr. Alberto Palma

My family doctor on the other hand is an attentive, intelligent woman who possesses a genuine healing spirit. I am so lucky that I had the sense as well as guidance to distance my self from Dr. Palma’s and his tar pit of a medical practice. Atlas told me from the beginning; if you are expecting help from government sponsored psychiatrist (CMHS)  brace for trouble. I naively thought I could find someone to listen to me about my problems and perhaps offer ideas on therapeutic/productive courses of action but of course just as Atlas predicted, I received nothing but pills and grief.