The N-word and why my former employer is mine.

First and foremost there is no “word” I hate worse than the N-word. I have never used it in regard to an actual black person and can state with absolute certainty never will… I have certainly used it in an ironic sense so as to mock redneck ideology but in stating this I am by no means pandering to the anti-racist. I am neutral to racism, the racist as well as the anti-racist. To Whom It May Concern; the N-word is a curse and that is precisely why I used it on ANTHONY+C.+PAVLAKOVIC of GoodhomePainting.

Anthony C. Pavlakovic is an “Orc”. He falls in line with a group of film maggots who orchestrated a conspiracy against me. I recently trolled the shit out of him in the wee hours of the morning with a series of texts explaining to him that he is a piece of shit and that I had entered him into my phone as “Anigger”. I did so because I noted he had doctored his name so that his simple gematria was 212. Last I checked it was 214. The use of the word “#Anigger” has special significance when its jewish gematria is divided by its simple then divided by Pi… the quotient which results is a response to his new numbers.

I don’t feel bad for calling him that because he is a floodite piece of shit who deserves the hell he is headed for. Moreover he is also white and I think it’s high time that a privileged Caucasian such as he; feels the burn of the N-word.

You should be grateful for your new title Anthony. For it is your future and you should be glad you even have one.

#Eat shit.