Last time: watch who you yell at… (and try to run off the road.)

At the intersection of 13 st and 4 ave South Lethbridge AB, while I was crossing east bound (with the light) on 13th st I was nearly run off the road by a fat man in an off-white SUV. What makes this occurrence so coincidental is that (the numbers of the streets) 13÷4=3.25… The exact time it happened! I memorized the license plate: BZK 6940 noted the time and made my way home. On my way home I noted a completely unrelated black pick-up truck parked on my route with the license plate number BZK 6960! I thought this was extremely odd because the black truck seemed suspiciously parked in such a place that was easy to see but sure to get it a ticket. What are the odds of coming across a license plate so similar and in the opposite colour? I am fairly good with short sets of numbers and this has never happened to me. This second and apparently unrelated license plate was actually the whole reason I looked into the first one.

Thinking this was weird I numbered the details when I got home. In the first place the man screamed: “Get off the bike next time”! As I stated he was in an off-white SUV. When I numbered these details an incredible number jumped out at me:

#”Get Off The Bike Next Time; Off White Suv” = 383/2298/2976

When we divide the larger (jewish) number by the smaller (simple) one we get:

2976÷383=7.770234987… 777 is an incredible number!

This has me extremely suspicious that this was somehow a set up. So I did some checking into the other apparently unrelated license plate number in the most obvious sense; the number of my (Nazirite) name divided by 6960:

751÷6960=1.079022989… ÷π=3.434636847… both 107 as well as 343 are hugely notable numbers on their own. The astute observe will note that that 7x7x7=343.

Thus is an incredible coincidence or is yet another instance of real life harassment by Nicolaiton nihilists. Any idiot can see that such numbers occurring randomly in a single, already extraordinary occurrence are so unlikely as to be impossible.

I will now be filing a police report against the “fatman with glasses”… funny how #Fatman with Glasses = 246/1476/1635… 476 being the jewish number of my first name…

There is just way to many coincidences in this for me not to wonder about it…