My Shell… an impermeable fortress of illusions.

For a while now I have been fighting online with an individual who calls herself “Zillah Noir” variously known as {X} Zillah Nior”/“Zillah Iktomi Noir” and most recently “Shadowless Nior”… Zillah is apparently a real person by the name of Halli Brown from Burlington Vermont. However with the adoption of her latest moniker “Shadowless Noir” it’s become all too clear she is merely been devised as a foil against my online presence. Zillah has a long list of characteristics which make it pretty clear she is designed to mess with me personally. In the first place the Bible mythology of the name Zillah is telling. Secondly she is apparently Native American but refuses to divulge which tribe. Further she claims to be “anti-israeli”, anti-zog, alt-right etc. Her social media posts are mostly curses written in all caps bout “Kikes”.  Oh she has apparently spent time in Gaza. Right.

After consistently being harassed by this individual I began auditing her number sets in gematria; and what I found was that literally all of her numbers where aligned with mine in all sorts of interesting ways. In my experience the best way to see and test someone’s true colours is to debate them and the central reason I have been so brazen in trolling her is because quite literally everything about her online identity is a reflection of mine. I ignored this at first because I am a neophyte and I figured what I was seeing was only the “observer effect”… -I (naively) thought it would be rather easy for me to see whatever I wanted in apparently random numbers… but her use of the name “Shadowless Noir” confirms that she is indeed an obvious imitation of my identity and has with all likelihood been designed to personally annoy me. In the first place my blog is dedicated to the memory of Sharon Tate and describes how her murder was actually a sacrifice orchestrated by Roman Polanski; whereas Zillah’s is dedicated to her own nonsensical theory which apparently exposes Roman Polanski’s double-life as the author Thomas Pynchon. On the surface she has all the appearances of an emotionally driven social justice warrior who is expressing legitimate concern about Roman Polanski’s questionable character but if one digs a little deeper one can see that no one could possibly believe such things. I have my own personal troll and I realize how egotistical this sounds but this conclusion only comes after months of harassment. The most pathetic thing is who ever she is is certainly getting paid to this. To sum this up my blog brings to light actual #pathwork being used in subliminal mechanisms about real things that have occurred in the media ie the Sharon Tate and Jonbenet Ramsey murders as well as their Biblical connotations, etc… Zillah’s theories on the other hand totally avoid any description of #pathwork and focus exclusively on subjective and incomprehensible nonsense… which to me is typical and characteristic of a media shill masquerading as a SJW.


Her youtube channel (which I am not even sure is still active) features a background photo of the Hollywood sign altered to read “HollyHoax” and makes it painfully obvious that her message is designed to question the legitimacy of the Sharon Tate murder and my position. The title of Zillah’s blog also includes the number of 737. Which to anyone looking in appears only to be a random or personal number used by its author to assure originality in searches but again this number becomes a very personalized taunt when 737 is divided by my Canadian SIN number; the quotient is the simple gematria of my first name.

737÷652******=1.130168462 I could go on with at least two other very notable examples but this is enough.

One might gather by the exactitude of this calculation that I spent hours conjuring up some mathematical (imaginary) connection to Zillah and is purely derived from my own paranoia but this was done on an intuitive level and only after she gave up some rather ominous tells that she had access to my personal information. In any case I am probably not concerned about this situation enough because I am mostly unbothered by it. It should be known that Zillah threatened me first… I don’t have the emails in which she did so because I had deleted them in an effort to stay positive and not dwell on the haters and naysayer of my cause. Maybe this was unwise but I have already spoken to the Lethbridge City Police about my troubles and was completely ignored -besides wolves don’t scare me and so why would I bother to keep crying about them to the cops? If Zillah was going to do something to me I think she (or they) would have done it by now. I am a good person who is convicted to proper beliefs so even if I do end up murdered I know I will go to a good place. The worst anyone can do is kill me and that doesn’t scare me much.

My reason for writing this is article is not to “expose” anyone… as if anyone would care about this anyhow…It’s not even meant as response to what she wrote on her blog about me. My reason for writing this is because I compared her person with a picture of a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome… (and I want to be clear that I am not taking anything back, nor am I apologizing for anything said -namely because I am still unconvinced Zillah Noir is a real person…) I am writing this because I want to make clear that I don’t harbor any negative feelings or prejudice to anyone who has been affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. My tribe like any American Indigenous tribe has suffered the effects of alcoholism and the myriad of social issues that go along with it. I myself was likely drunk when I wrote that to her so my childish and inebriated response’s should not be taken seriously. This is however no excuse. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is no joke and I was wrong to use that as a negative even if it was against a troll and not a real person.

{ and }


I am almost inclined to believe that “any attention is good attention” but I truly don’t care about anything she might think about me or even post on her blog. From my own experience I have found that as long one’s intentions are pure and noble; one will always have power over their enemies.

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