#The Undoing of Quentin Tarantino

The following is a description an incidence of harassment directed at me by Quentin Tarantino in his film The Hateful Eight 2015. I will first offer a brief description of the elements leading up to the situation, then explain how the movie is about my little sisters suicide. I will then conclude the article with a description of the gematria paths which prove my claims beyond a shadow of doubt.

A few years ago (2008-2010) I made habit of trolling celebrities under the moniker MF Super 8 through my old blog. I did so because I had began to notice that I was being targeted by film directors through the content of their movies. Various snippets of my personal life were continuously showing up in movies and I found it troubling. The situation was incredibly frustrating because I was unable to talk about or explain to my friends and family that I was being taunted through media -attempting to explain such things to people not only makes you seem paranoid but also egotistical. Indeed why would a big name film director go out of their way to torment a single individual? These jokes and taunts were about things I would never want to “take credit for” but never the less forced me to think paranoid thoughts such as; how these film producers were acquiring my personal information. Were there actually people around me who were spying on me? etc… Then Arrested Development season four came out in 2013 which made it perfectly clear that not only was I being targeted but spied on, plagiarized as well as harassed in real life. The content of that particular season is chock full of personal references about me most of which I traced back to writings I kept on a Mac-mini I was using at the time. Initially the reason for this harassment seemed to be an attempt to dissuade me from legally changing my name from my christian one to my current Nazirite one. However these taunts have covered broad range of subjects about me. In the case of #Arrested Development the title itself is was (arguably) made to be a joke about my #Asperger’s Syndrome the simple gematria of both the title and the syndrome being 221. Many would likely find it difficult to believe that such successful and accomplished film directors such as Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Mitch Hurwitz would go to such lengths to harass a single individual, especially one with a developmental disability but they did and this entire blog documents how. I have written hundreds of letter to various individuals alerting them to my situation and no one has helped me. I have spoken to mental health professionals, Church officials, the Lethbridge City Police and have been entirely ignored.

The jokes made at my expense in Arrested Development were hurtful and troubling but pale in comparison to the content of Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight 2015. The films title is an obvious response to my MF Super 8 moniker and the character Daisy Domergue is a comment about my real life sister’s suicide. My sister; hung herself in 2006. She was fifteen. The Hateful Eight tells the story of an older brother who attempts to rescue his younger sister from the captivity of a bounty hunter referred to as the “hangman”. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Daisy Domergue, Channing Tatum plays Jody Domergue (her older brother) and Kurt Russel plays the bounty hunter John “the hangman” Ruth; who is called so because of his preference for returning his fugitives alive to die by hanging. It should come as no surprise that Daisy Domergue hangs until she is dead in a somber scene. Me being a bit stupid didn’t realize the movie was directed at me until I saw Daisy hanging at the very end. I switched off the movie with only four minutes remaining. That was my sister.

In watching that scene I felt something change inside me. I didn’t cry or feel anything emotional per se; but it did occur to me that this is what it feels like for a normal and mostly stable person to transition into that of a psychopath. I remember thinking that on the walk I went on shortly after; ‘Is this what it feels like to become a pyschopath…’ Is this how demons are made?

When I was using the moniker MF Super 8 I was exclusively trolling actors like Seth Rogen, James Franco and Miley Cyrus and a few others. Maybe I was being a bit cruel but I thought it was funny. In one letter I jokingly pitched a documentary to Seth Rogen called Kentucky Fried Suicide; which would have been a sequel to Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me 2004. The show I envisioned would document Seth Rogen’s gluttonous descent into a fried chicken-only diet. I guess telling a celebrity they should eat fried chicken until they die is rude but I sincerely believed it to be funny and still do. I envisioned the film as a subversive hoax angled at the fast food industry and didn’t actually mean for Seth Rogen to kill himself with fried chicken. I thought that was obvious. Clearly he took it the wrong way. Clearly I think very differently than those sorts of people/losers. Anyhow I never trolled Quentin Tarantino. I never even commented on any of his movies and actually recall making a favorable comment about him on a youtube video once upon a time so his choice to torment me about my dead sister is disappointing to say the least. Arrested Development used to be my favorite show and I was awfully disappointed when I found out it was making fun of me. That in comparison was child’s play.

I have no idea what I might do now. I am actually glad to be rid of my humanity. Humans are universally treacherous and morally wretched. Everyone has their breaking point and I think I may have reached mine. After I watched the movie I spent three days in bed and lost the job I had.

The name MF Super 8 is a comment on the medium of film but is equally based on a description of the apocalyptic angel named Apollyon/Abbadon in the Book of Revelation. Apollyon is described as having seven monstrous heads and one normal one; his form is described as constantly changing from one to the other. My rendering of Apollyon’s heads are as follows: Abel, Krishna, Judah, Narmer, Miyamoto Musashi, Per Yngve Ohlin and myself Starless Betide, the additional eighth is a made up character named Sioux, who is based off of Sharon Tate’s baby. -The simple gematria of my christian name #RichardYellowhorn matched that of #PaulRichardPolanski both being 208. This situation is when I first noticed that I was being harassed in real life, 2005/2007 someone kept writing the “Sharon Tate” graffiti around Vancouver. I thought it was random at first but it seemed to be concentrated in my neighborhoods and I eventually caught on that it was directed at me. Further supporting my claim that Quentin Tarantino is targeting me is that his next film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” which takes place, and is about the 1969 summer the actress Sharon Tate was murdered. This site “The Unicorn Nightmare” is dedicated to her memory.

When comparing the gematria of #MFSuper 8 with that of #QuentinTarantino we can see an obvious parallel; the English gematria of MFSuper 8 being 588, whereas the Jewish number of #QuentinTarantino being 885. From the perspective of an initiated Kabbalist the reversal of 588-885 could be construed as me drawing thought energy from Quentin Tarantino’s namesake and because the moniker has connotations with the medium of film he likely assumed that. The Hateful Eight is clearly, beyond a shadow of doubt a response to my moniker of MFSuper 8. None of this was deliberate on my part, I hardly use gematria for writing and my use of the name even predated the movie Super 8 (2011). Even if it was a subconscious slip I would still feel justified in using the name because I was also alerting people to specific details in the Jonbenet Ramsey murder which had been overlooked. If I choose a name, title or phrase its because of its verbal relevance not because of its numerical or subliminal value. In all honesty I am not even that accomplished of a Kabbalist to even attempt to draw energy from someones else’s name nor would I deliberately because of the “three fold law of return”. Its astounding that a film director would be so petty and go to such great length to torment me about the manner in which my sister killed herself and try to benefit from it. Further connecting the Character #Daisy Domergue to my cause is that its simple gematria matches that of #Monocerotis -the name of the star in the background of my page. Whats more is the Jewish gematria of #Daisy Domergue matches that of #Quentin Tarantino both being 885. In this case Quentin has based a movie on a tragedy in my personal life and tied it to his own numerology. Using numerology to channel from emotional reactions like this define the practices of “Satanism” and Malcraft. The Hateful Eight act as a curse in this case and allow him to channel thought energy from a tragedy. Regardless of what the reader personally believes its clear that I am being spied on, harassed and tormented by people in film. Thus is the definition of a vampirism.

Further supporting my claims that The Hateful Eight is based on my sisters suicide is the gematria and divisions of the following phrase rendered from the picture below: #WoodenJesusCoveredInSnow = 316/1896/4010 (Simple/English/Jewish) 4010 ÷ 316 = 12.68987341772152 ÷ π = 4.039315575145553… 403 being my area code of my home province of Alberta, Canada. Dividing gematria by the higher Jewish number against its smaller simple number and then dividing the quotient from Pi frequently gives notable results. Its a common practice and is by no means a coincidence. So we know that this imagery is absolutely deliberate and is absolutely angled at me and my experiences.

#WoodenJesusCoveredInSnow = 316/1896/4010

Its absolutely disgusting that such a revered and successful director would not only base a movie on my life experience but also show the younger sister die in such a horrific hanging scene. I of course have come to expect little else from Mr. Tarantino but just my luck he had to pick on me and my sister. These are people with the world at their feet and yet they have made me their obsession. In the case of The Hateful Eight story-line; if you take away the brother and the sister dynamic there is NO MOVIE! There is zero story line. Quentin Tarantino doesn’t have a movie without my sisters suicide. That means Mr. Tarantino has lined his pockets from my sisters death! What naturally follows is that Jennifer Jason Leigh, Channing Tatum, Kurt Russel, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth don’t have a job to got to. They must be so proud of themselves…

As of yesterday I have contacted https://autismcanada.org/about-us/contact-us/; Laurie@autismcanada.org, Chantale@autismcanada.org, Lucie@autismcanada.org, Susan@autismcanada.org and received a POOP-response. Which is not at all surprising. Floodites are notoriously ignorant and stick together in groups like gobs of fat on a Pig carcass. Given how I have been publicly humiliated, tormented, intimidated and universally ignored I will now openly be supporting jihadists, terrorists and anyone who seeks to disrupt the western corruption which masquerades as “democracy” and this naturally includes its film industry. I have endured this drama for more than 10 years and my patience have finally worn out.

My response to Quentin’s curses is only this:

‘#Nabed Efyhik Wfnzo Cpmfke’.

Starless Golightly…

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