#Ronald William Coward… (I want my “#Carrot”)

Lately I have been receiving increasing pressure (not to mention harassment) to attend a local Jewish church (not a synagogue) called the Joyful house of Prayer. Its the same old issue that I have been dealing with since being humiliated on the show Arrested Development (Season Four) in 2013. The issue put forth by the show is regarding a woman I briefly attended middle with school named Iordanka Petzanova. I had a grade school crush on her which the shows producers found out about. The situation is of course being #orchestrated by media baron and film director Ron Howard who has sought to manipulate me by way of numerology and surveillance of my personal life. Why I have been targeted in this manner I have not been able to conclusively determine but its become clear that it has something to do with my religious beliefs; I am a Nazirite who is opposed to the inherent patriarchy of both Judaism and Christianity. My position may sound incredible but I am not the only one. David Thompson of Charlotte NC is also a victim of this harassment as well.

The list of these #messages has grown quite extensive and I actually created this blog to document these waking nightmares. My situation is undeniable at this point and I will no longer pretend like its not happening because these instances are now happening weekly if not daily. The messages in question are not merely innocent clues in media to remind me of a pretty girl but have been equally mixed with real life harassment ranging from my apartment being flooded to a prostitute flagging me down on the street to ruin a date I was on. -Let me state that again; I was walking with a date to a pub in Vancouver when a prostitute, (whom I never saw before) came up to call me by name; “Starless! Hi! how you doin’? I haven’t seen you in while…” Yes; that actually happened. An experience like that definitely gets you wondering if you have a double life. I have since been able to determine that my ex-wife Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda and her Nithyananda cult have worked in accordance with Imagine Entertainment’s objectives so the malicious flavor of these pranks concurs with the disposition of an angry ex-lover. It goes on and on and no one believes or will even acknowledge my situation. I have spoke to church authorities, the Lethbridge City Police, even Mental Health professionals, I have written countless letters to various people and all to no avail.

The truth is I would love to put this issue to rest but if I were to bend to Ron Howard’s will his influence over me would likely never cease. He was only able to make Arrested Development about me because he data scraped my digital profile and accessed my computer back in 2005-2006. The show’s contents made some awful insults about me and also made clear that a number of my writings had been plagiarized and appropriated by various people in film. Ron Howard being a film director knows how to influence people, he knows how to get actors to perform and he also knows how to captivate his audience and suspend the disbelief of his viewership. To be a film director is to be a magician and if you happen to be on the bad side of someone like this the experience fucking sucks! Film directors use subliminal clues in #gematria to steer their targets mind to arrive at certain conclusions and through out this experience I have been led through a labyrinth of horrors; “they” have tried to convince me all sorts of ridiculous things; that I am the “Anti-Christ”, an incarnation of the Biblical Cain, an incarnation of Moses, even “Jesus Christ”… they have also made false-implication’s that I am some kind of schizophrenic/pedophile deviant through the Anonymous cult… -Which is more likely to be Roman Polanski than Ron’s doing. This would have been terrifying if it weren’t for my digital history being perfectly pristine.

What sounds like a series of rash claims can in fact be verified by pathwork in the #gematria of the messages in question. The point of these illusions seems to play on the marks ego; if I had a lesser mind I might have caved to any one of these titles or still be caught up in a system of fear as a pawn in one of Ron Howard’s off-camera “productions”.

Its conceivable that as a film director Ron Howard is so accustomed to manipulating actors he has forgotten that some people actually possess the power to do as they please. Being born and raised in show business Ron Howard undoubtedly possesses a pathologically histrionic personality. He and his kind cannot live with out some form of constant attention and what’s more he is incapable of making a single decision without checking the relevant gematria paths first. This is plain as day to anyone who takes the time to audit his #pathwork. Ron Howard is a kind of mechanical human being that William James Sidis referred to as a “Pseudo Living Organism” in his book The Animate and Inanimate. “People” like this are incapable of taking cognizance of the presence of quality in the moment; I use the term quality in the Robert M. Pirsig (Pirsigian) sense. They can only see gain or loss in any given situation and are incapable of actual charity unless it benefits their existing directives in some way. Again I haven’t been able to absolutely determine Ron’s motives but David Thompson makes it very clear there is no legal or moral justification for any of it.

The youtube video of the “Rogue Helicopter Pilot” has been online for a number of years. My first impression of the video was that David was a lunatic and the video was hilarious. Just what sort of person attends a city counsel meeting to complain about a “Rogue Helicopter Pilot”? Well; apparently a brilliant one who is at the end of his rope with various forms of harassment. What David describes is in fact allegorically aligned to the Periodic table of elements. This would mean that David is not a lunatic but instead is practically a prophet!

David’s description of the “Rogue Helicopter Pilot” is in fact a kenning describing Ron Howard and his association to the Rosy Cross.

(This is certain because the gematria of Helicopter =111/666/340) where as the gematria of #Ronald William Howard is: 212/1272/2227… 666÷212=3.141509433962264 which is obviously an approximation of Pi) 

The date, details and time day of when it happened: “… late in the evening, early in the morning it was Am…” are in fact references to elements on the Periodic table. The description is obvious if the table is ‘flipped’; his description of the “#magnolia tree” and his “garage” coincide with constellations (or shapes) of elements on the table. All of his descriptions are allegorical, everything, No #Ice” in the arena”, the “white helicopter”, the inclusion of “George Shin” allegorically describe a situation where David was harassed by Ron Howard.


The “Rosy Cross” is in fact one of these allegorical alignments on the Periodic Table. Element 45 is Rhodium which is taken from the Greek word “Rhodon” meaning “Rose”. The significance of these alignments is that they function as circuits in the collective unconscious. These alignments probably shouldn’t be described to just anyone; there is a reason why groups like Freemasons take and oath of secrecy. Thinking about these magickal alignment sucks the “magic” out of everyday life and could lead to cognitive dysfunctions like paranoia and Obsessive compulsive disorders. Which is precisely why its so immoral for the leader of the “Fraternity of the Rose Cross” to go about harassing and interfering with the lives of everyday people like me or David Thompson. One would expect that someone with advanced knowledge might use their abilities for something useful instead of squandering it on trolling innocent strangers who have their own problems. The situation is actually ridiculously unfair! But the worst thing about this is Ron Howard has somehow convinced a long line of people that this surveillance is justified. There is no way Ron Howard could have accomplished this on his own or even with a group of 20 or 30 people. I live in Canada and Imagine Entertaiment is headquartered in Beverly Hills and the scope of his influence leads me to believe that I have quite likely been labeled as an extremist by factions of my own Government.

Again because I am opposed the patriarchy of Judeo-Christianity it would make sense that there is a Jewish persuasion in the mix who is possibly threatened by the potentia my beliefs. The woman Iordanka Petzanova is apparently Jewish so it makes sense that this group might try and influence me with the prospect of dating her. I can only assume that if I were dating a Jew I would be rendered unable to criticize them as a people or religion. But again; I have refrained from arriving at any sort of conclusion in regard to this but there are definitely a long list of #angles that are likely.

The bottom line in all of this is you cannot harass an individual into liking a woman they have never even spoke to or properly met. It is therefor likely is that Ron Howard is merely using the numerology of Miss Petzanova’s #name as a ‘carrot and stick’ to influence my behavior. I have done a ton of research on these subjects and have found that the practice of aligned marketing is widely used in advertising, show business and especially porn. One conceivable situation is daisy chaining an existing porn stars name into the marketing campaign (gematria) of an up and coming sports car. The effect being that the consumer cant consciously describe why the car is so desirable only that it possess’s a ‘magical’ and captivating allure…

Ron Howard’s days are numbered.