Confession; I Starless, secretly don’t give a shit about gay rights…

I know. I am such a horrible person… and the fact that I am writing about this horrible topic on my blog makes it all the worse. I should be ashamed of my self! I have tried all sorts of things to lighten-up and be a “better person” but nothing has worked. I simply cannot be bothered. I have struggled with this characteristic lack of interest in anything “gay” for of my entire life but I still don’t feel any closer to an altruistic resolution. How do you “care” about something that you don’t give a shit about? Where does one begin?

One of the things they teach in design school in regard to how to create an effective concept design is to run the gamut of related associations and slowly develop a design scheme that is relevant, memorable and in agreement to its initial purpose. The central issue is; I have always hated rainbows. In my experience only annoying idiots wear rainbows and I came to this conclusion long before the LGBLT movement ever took to it. It shouldn’t take too much thought to figure out my favorite colour. The Pride thing doesn’t work for me either. Pride is the most annoying of the seven deadly sins. If society is celebrating debauchery; I could get down with repping Lust, but only second to my one true love; Wrath. fuck-rainbows

I am currently taking medication for my vexations but it seems to only work in so far as defining the source of my anger instead of actually quelling it. Which makes sense I suppose because how can a pill change the shit-state of the world? How can my taking a pill make the ungrateful, shit-for-brain’ humans around me any less obnoxious or idiotic? It cant. I don’t harbor unrealistic expectations for the medication I have chosen which is why I am only taking 5 mg of ************ per day. I am only grateful that I don’t live in America because if I was surrounded by morons like that everyday I would definitely be preoccupied with body disposal too. Given how ‘American’ americans’ constantly act; I am amazed how few mass shootings they have. They can barely stand to be around each other and who could blame them? If Tucker Carlson were Canadian and represented a substantial demographic of Canadians; killing my fellow citizens in a psychotic fit of rage would make perfect sense. What many people fail to see is that both sides of the media are equally annoying. The media is the double sided instigator of our collective head ache.


The truth of the matter is I don’t care about gay rights. Its a non issue. I have nothing to do with them and they have nothing to do with me and that’s maybe something we have in common; we both want to do our own thing and be left alone. But for one reason or other the media keeps creating these issues. I am sure many people out there come across as being hateful when maybe they are just sick of hearing about homosexuals whining about there civil rights being violated because they didn’t get their wedding cake.

Gay rights have never looked so gay.

I know a bit about how the media works and I would be willing to bet that the gay couple were just looking to make a stand. That’s how they are. Gays need attention hence their use of the rainbow… But instead of getting on with their lives and distancing themselves from a place they clearly don’t belong they had to become gay crusaders and the media was right there to help them along and drag the whole issue out for everyone to see… Once again the “rainbow tribe” is hopelessly histrionic and cannot deal with going unnoticed and its painfully obvious that they weren’t shopping for a wedding cake as they claim but wanted a war instead. I have always been neutral on gay rights up until just now…