Why my moms old mini-van!?

I wanted to write about a dream I had last night because I don’t want to forget it. I have been thinking about since I woke up and now that I am about to go to sleep I worry I might forget it and it will be lost to time.

The dream was about a woman I used to know. She was a really nice lady whom I haven’t thought about in a long time. We used to be friends in real life but after my ‘Development was Arrested’ I was so angry I became a bit of a bully and was lashing out at anyone and everyone over social media. I sent her some mean messages over facebook; I called her Crip, told her she was a number and told her to fuck off. I have since quit facebook and I suspect I will never see her again.

The dream was actually incredibly lewd… I suppose because I am such a pervert for women but also incredibly intimate. I have never had a dream like that… never. (Haha! Neverland) The dream was a strange combination of lust and love… -It seems weird for me to even mention “love” in a dream like this especially about someone I will never see again but I really did feel “loved”.

The start of the dream (that I remember) was we were having a cigarette together. Talking about stuff. In the dream; I was on the other side of myself so I had no idea where the dream was heading. We turned and got into a my mother’s old minivan (from like 10 years ago) and she got in the back seat, took her pants of and started masturbating. Like really hard! I was instantly enchanted. Suddenly I had this fluorescent water gun which was full of really, really cold lube and I started to spray it all over her naked body. She began to laughing and shrieking and rolling around but didn’t stop touching herself. I had never actually saw her naked and I am not sure if that what she actually looks like but I imagine it’s a pretty good approximation… It was incredibly hot. Then she pulled me on top of her and we began fucking. Her vagina felt like a wet, silky-soft lily. It was only a dream but it felt amazing!

My mind was somehow inside itself so I felt like a prop… As if the polarity of my memory was facing the opposite way, almost like she was kind of making me do things and I was just happily going along with it. We started fucking really fast and hard and she cradled my face and began babbling about all this stuff… It was like she was in some type of orgasmic ecstasy because I began to realize it was mostly incomprehensible moaning and what she wanted me to do to her… All I could really think about at this point was that she must have some kind of magical vagina because it felt unbelievable! Then her words became a long series of compliments, kisses and stuff about my “ideas”… I can’t really remember any of it… When she told me that I “look Native but also not”… I suddenly realized it was only a dream and I began to wake up with her still cradling my face and kissing me. Like I said; the dream was both really lewd but also really sensual.

The dream was very surprising to me because while I knew here she was totally off limits and I never really saw her like that. I definitely thought she was pretty but she was taken almost the entire time I knew her… Anyhow this is clearly just a wet dream and I of do not harbor any unrealistic sentiments over it but I thought it was a really special dream even if it was lewd.

I don’t high-five… but wow that was pretty special!